We do not only at the poles, but we are working on it (project-RA, mob. Dosimeter for smartphones)


In the summer holidays, few people are surprised than ever! And all because our brain climatic circumstances is at fiestas and in anticipation of a completely different experiences. For example, from the warm rays of sunshine and blissful sensations from the sea, ocean or river water on your body.    

However, the scope of the start-ups have good news, which is that the project "-RA" exists in spite of his most implacable critics, and even progress in its development. And now everything is in order.

In the 20 days in June 2012 to have successfully ended PMEF — St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where the composition of the delegation's 22 companies from Technopark "Skolkovo" organized by the Foundation of the same name, the project-RA held a public bride. During the two days of the Forum visited our stand and listened carefully to the author of the project-RA is more than 100 people of different nationalities from all over the world. All interested in the question of when and how many devices-RA of "Intersoft Eurasia", as the operator of the project, set to release on the market. My answer was succinct: "Many and soon!" Sometimes asked about the price and where-RA can be bought in a hurry. To which I replied briefly, sometimes confused, "Ask in drugstores that is in the mobile phone stores in your city. Or, to be sure, make out a pre-order for the device-RA directly to our site www.do-ra.ru . "

Over the entire period of stay at the SPIEF-2012 at our booth there were some absolutely real investors. They in turn have expressed their desire to invest in the project-RA, while leaving their business cards. Now we will talk to them in Moscow, combine with their own desire to understand the investment, with non-resistance to the parties as they used to say the classics of the genre.      

In early June, a dozen samples-RA DHL mail flew to Japan for the marketing of the local market, the stipulated three independent Japanese companies. And, one of the companies specialized in the sales of dosimeters-radiometers in the local market. The first results are encouraging for us and quite briefly as follows. If the device-RA produce cheaply and efficiently, for example, that would cost the gadget on the Japanese domestic market is not more than $ 50 (4,000 yen), it would have bought so many smartphone owners. There was even the order of numbers of potential buyers, from 20 to 27% of the current number of owners of smartphones. If the device is not in the retail cost of more than $ 100 (8,000 yen) per share, it could acquire no more than 10% of smartphone owners in Japan. And if-RA will cost in the retail of $ 125 (10,000 yen), the market for sales would have been around 5% of smartphone owners. Although there are other, more precise variation of marketing that can be detected only by sales of devices boarded-RA in Japan.

In Japan Takemori Corp. has tested against samples sent to DO-RA.Classic. Tested programs DO-RA.Soft, appearance samples DO-RA, and the accuracy of the dose rate (background radiation) device DO-RA compared with various household dosimeters foreign-made counterparts. DO-RA.Soft program was rated 8 out of 10 possible points, the accuracy of measurement is also 8 out of 10 points. But in appearance score was not high, only 4!? And no wonder, because the body of the DUT-RA was made on a 3D printer in China and is actually a one-off in the classic sense of body parts of products produced in this way. It was suggested that the body DO-RA should be reduced by 25-30% in height. For us, it's actually not a problem, because the available samples-RA today, filling the electronics housing is only for a total of 50%!   

Understanding market size and attractiveness of Japan for our devices-RA, we began the design documentation and processing of natural samples actually already designed devices DO-RA.Classic. Which had previously been developed for a series of smartphones iPhone-4, 4s. The new solution is DO-RA.uni more versatile and is designed not only for the operating platform and iOS line of devices: iPhone-3, 3Gs, 4, 4s (possibly for iPhone-5), as well as for the iPad, iPad-2, iPad- 3, iPod Touch and MacAero. That is, the new solution devices DO-RA.uni is equally suited not only to all the above devaysa of Apple. In the case of DO-R.uni for iOS device will not need the power supply in the hotel, as it will consume little power these devices from the board of Apple. Now we need to, to improve, to develop a CD, to collect, test, tested, certified and establish mass production of devices-RA, to ensure optimal delivery logistics in Japan, with high quality and cheap! In general, the task is not easy.

In general, the unit DO-RA.uni original layout and connection methods, complemented litiypolimernym power supply and audio jack (for different operating systems and models of devices have different configuration of connections) will work with all key mobile software platforms like, iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME , Blackberry, Bada, Symbian, etc.

In late June, p. , we have summed up the results of Internet downloads emulators family of DO-RA.Soft on a personal Soup: App Store, Android Market and WP7 Market. The following picture, in relation to platforms: on Android — 8.000 downloads on iOS — 2.500 downloads on WP7 — 800 downloads. As a result, more than 11,000 downloads emulation software, it's a good sign! And surprisingly, the emulation software downloaded by the user devices in virtually all countries of the world from Russia and the CIS, the USA, Japan, China, Mongolia, Chile, Malaysia, to a number of EU countries, the African continent and the Middle East, Australia and so far there is no TO -RA on the North and South poles, but we are working hard on this issue and!

In this connection, we wish to express to all of our clients enormous gratitude for having to check on their devaysakh our DO-RA.Soft!? In the meantime, this family of programs DO-RA.Soft operates in the emulator, at the time, when we finish the completion of design documentation for DO-RA.uni. But as soon as we release the device, and you put it into your audio jack devaysa program for 2 seconds will turn the device-RA to the running tool in the form of a mobile indicator of ionizing radiation with the functions of the dosimeter-radiometer. That's how much time is needed for DO-RA.Soft switching and bringing into operation DO-RA.uni.   

The programs DO-RA.Soft our programmers have made a lot of changes and additions and is being tested version of the DO-RA * 2.25 operating platform for iOS devices from Apple. A feature of this version is an updated measurement mode to the low natural background values (dose) of ionizing radiation.

It should be noted that the main progress-RA can be achieved, of course, after the Grant-1 under the Fund "Skolkovo". Now, it seems, we are in the final stages of design documents for the next grant. We thoroughly and thoughtfully describe the process of the next stage of development-RA in the form of road maps, enlarged and detailed cost estimates, will agree, approved and signed the contract contracting, seek out and order parts, and do much more. 

However, like in the saying: "At Skolkovo hope, but those who help themselves!"? My colleagues from Tokyo began monitoring the production sites in Japan, to produce a test batch DO-RA.Classic for the local market and its demands, the features and nuances. After all, today for this purpose has almost everything: design documentation for the device DO-RA.Classic,
the certificate of conformity to the peripheral measuring device DO-RA, various design solutions DO-RA for every taste and color, RF patents protecting the rights of the inventor and a burning desire to to act swiftly.     

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