Yu.Krupnov: Were in the same situation as the June 22, 1941»

NATO base in Ulyanovsk — the result is not treachery, and incompetence

The story of how quarreled Yuri (large) with Dmitry O. (Rogozin), Russian literature enriched unlikely, but in the history of this controversy has all the chances to get to this point already.

Signed at the end of June with. , the decision of the government of the Russian Federation, according to which the loads for the combined forces of the Western coalition in Afghanistan will be sent through Ulyanovsk not only on land, and in the air, shook the indifferent public. Naturally, that the base NATO may seem in our area, just bad fit in the head, so it's incompatibility with all previously sounded, well, at this point, too, the rhetoric. Suppose still debatable question whether immediately protested against the deployment of the European missile defense units near Russian borders and really open up a staging post for the delivery of the South American fighters popcorn and toilet paper, but the ruling definitely shows that the question of arming. In this light begins to look juicy and status of a "transit point". And look to the natural question arises: what did we then so annoying NATO base in Kyrgyzstan? After air base at Manas is now called as the "Transit Center U.S. Air Force."

In this light, it is even wondering how long it will keep the official propaganda of the defense, suggesting citizens that what they behold the front of you — not a brothel, and hospice. Interestingly, both in the news video sequence Channel will comment loading on board something painfully reminiscent of NATO weapons? Will said that the case is specifically on this military base? .. But as long as the appropriate offices of the strategy for, disputes spill out into blogs and blozhiki. That's Dmitry O. Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister for defense and salting in the past of in the NATO abhorred: what it is, he says, "one large" raised the fur fly here? Yuri himself Kroupnov, which is the same creator KM.RU, took up the challenge in his "LiveJournal" and invited the self-criticism of the format of direct television debate to establish the truth.

In an interview with columnist KM.RU Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, movement and regional development, a favorite of the "Movement of" Yuri explained the essence Kroupnov own debate with Vice Prime Minister Rogozin:

— Do you offer Dmitry Rogozin to resolve the dispute in open debate in a personal conversation, not through conversation on blogs?

— No, I did not offer a personal conversation. It was he who first became in his "Twitter" to write some weird stuff, I brought them in my journal. I decided to organize a small party than for personal space, it is better to live within an hour, objectively and on the merits without having to go to the individual, to discuss this really a very fundamental question.

— Do you believe that Dmitry Rogozin sincerely mistaken, or is it — a conscious position, and it is essentially all well aware of, but says the right thing to read?

— Dmitry Rogozin not mistaken: just, unfortunately, had no jurisdiction in the matter of NATO bases. That is, I am, to my chagrin, made a discovery here is that the man was sitting three years in Brussels, as Russia's ambassador to NATO, and, as it turns out, does not know what NATO has base that is generally modern military base, which the U.S. has a military doctrine, which defines the situation in NATO, does not know about the brand-new generation of military technology, which is in Chicago (so-called. "smart defense"), does not know about the global impacts and their transport logistics base, and the fact that the planned base in Ulyanovsk certain point in a single transport and logistics system plays the most important role.

Well, just a man that is called, not the topic. And it would not be creepy if Rogozin, for example, for all that was behind the counter, or a taxi driver. But it's not just one way or another part of the government in charge of the defense industrial base issues, but also acts on the topic. And so, in this situation, I conclude: either Dmitry Rogozin really knows some secrets about something and is willing to tell such people in the open air, or the just nothing to say.

— It is not so long ago, in an interview KM.RU vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems associated Konstantin Sokolov such persistence Russian authorities on the issue of NATO base in Ulyanovsk with the "Magnitsky list" and recalled the speech nedavneshnem United Russia deputy Yevgeny Fedorov, who testified to the tight fit Communication of the Russian elite, including the military, with Washington …

— It is true there is much deeper. Perseverance of our government with the placement of a NATO base in Ulyanovsk — it does not even matter any transaction, a "payment" for a new term of Putin or "Magnitsky list". It's much easier: the circles in the leadership of Russian Federation, which is responsible for defense, just incompetent, they can not correct from a military point of view, to evaluate the action taking place in the world. In fact, we are in the same situation as in what were June 22, 1941, when the military government of the USSR in the first hours of wrongly assessed the current world situation. So at the moment. The situation with the placement of a NATO base in Ulyanovsk significantly harder and more tragic than it seems operational control. It's not that somebody is deliberately hiding from us. If Rogozin was hiding something — he would, at least, do not read anything stupid.

And he, unfortunately, says stupid things. Let me give some examples. Another first of March, when discussions began on the proposed framework, our deputy prime minister for defense confused the general direction of flow, saying that in Ulyanovsk Western coalition troops will be sent freight. Say, is it sending toilet paper — this betrayal? Now, when the routes and destinations already announced at the official level, as conscious of this passage? Either he apparently had in mind then, that in Ulyanovsk from Afghanistan will be forwarded to use toilet paper, or what? Well, at official level have already said that the question of armaments.

Another example: in March Rogozin also read that our homeland is interested in, that NATO troops remained in Afghanistan is very durable, and last Friday on the air of "Echo of Moscow", he also said that our country is interested in getting U.S. troops out of Afghanistan … Aware of? Man "sausage", it is completely in the subject, but because it's creepy. This is even more dangerous variety of spies, secret or open enemies transactions.

— Do you already have a blueprint, where exactly do you plan to hold direct debates with Dmitry Rogozin?

— So he's still refuses, floating away to the side, jumps from topic. But he has time to react in his "Twitter" this is my appeal to him in a style that, he says, "First let me show NATO base in Ulyanovsk, and later we will have to talk about it on the air." But it only means that the debate is not ready.

— But Dmitry Rogozin wrote in his, that he was ready to go in August with you in Ulyanovsk and turn up the NATO base there.

— I understand, but in August it will be still in the process of creation, to act, it will start in the autumn. And later, it's not something I have to justify. I was on the air of PCH and laid the situation. Interactive poll showed that 92% of listeners experience and feel that I am right. But the problem is not even about who is right: people just need to explain everything honestly. Question-it is not in Krupnov
a, not for any personal mezhdusoboychiakah …

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