Wings of Motherland

About the new Russian Air Force

Fighter-interceptor MiG-31

Regarding the strategic aviation should be aware that this is the only component of the strategic nuclear forces, which can be applied both in the nuclear and in the ordinary war. Apparently, it is necessary to recognize the false concept of a supersonic bomber (like the Tu-160), as its flying characteristics now, and even more so in the future, there is no guarantee the breakthrough of enemy air defenses do not provide, as it should, they are simply worthless and only lead to a sharp increase machine prices while lowering the combat

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Drilling of the unique in the extent of gas pipeline across the river Kuban

On the linear part of the South-European gas pipeline in the area "Pysarivka-Anapa, km 570 — km 768.5 'unique construction began on the length — 1507 m — underwater crossing of the river Kuban.


Customer — OOO "Gazprom Invest", the general contractor — LLC "SGM", a subcontractor — LLC "Podvodtruboprovodstroy." To implement the project method is selected jacking. This is the most nonpolluting way to pass water crossing, which is not harmful to the environment, which is important for the Kuban River, which supplies water three pond and rice fields

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The wings are short

U.S. Air Force faced a lack of combat aircraft

U.S. Air Force faced a lack of combat aircraft, which in the coming few years will only increase. Partly to blame — the creation of a prolonged programm the F-35, serial supply of which is constantly delayed, coinciding with the write-off service is already obsolete aircraft. Out of the situation can be only one — the purchase of additional fighters, but the military did not agree to it because of the need to cut costs.

The severe shortage of

According to the forecast of the U.S. Air Force in the coming

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BCD activist Ales Halavan fined 875,000 rubles

Society The sentence Vitebsk activist received a mail. But the agenda on the process, he said, he did not receive

District Court Judge Pershamaiski Valentine Kismyaroshkina recognized Ales Halavan guilty under Article 22.9 of administrative and activist sentenced a fine of 25 basic units for the illegal distribution of printed materials.

The event, which has become the subject of litigation occurred on May 4. As the Ales Halavan, He was detained on Prospect Builders, where he handed out to passers-publication produced by the BCD. In the first Pervomay police department did not make the protocol, as the police noticed that

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Start of production of lecithin on the production complex is ZAO Community-Soy

In June 2009, the production complex JSC "Community-Soy" was put into production plant for the production of lecithin and started producing products. Production capacity is up to 8 tons per day of soybean lecithin, high quality food in different kinds of containers from 200 to 1000 kg

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Tell the truth

The Company's tagline of "Tell the Truth" from the beginning seemed suspicious to me. Embarrassing naivete made their populist steps adbrehvanne annoyed about the "pot", something not given to believe in the sincerity of collecting signatures for street Bykov. Too directly fed and allusions with Solzhenitsyn yes Havel. However, after, again as the voices of those who sincerely believe that the 2011everything will be in area, it was thought that the infection dissent too strongly rooted in the body of our opposition, and until recovery is still far. In addition, the company joined the people I truly respect and I,

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Began broadcasting Russian Public Television

The new federal channel will appear automatically at noon Moscow time on all the networks of cable, satellite and IP-broadcasting in the territory of the Russian Federation. It will open a 25-minute news release and the program "Big Country. "

In the first transfer talk about life outside the capital. It will generally be typical channel: According to its general director Anatoly Lysenko, "the emphasis in the preparation of the broadcasting schedule will be given to the States."

On the first day is also scheduled to run documentaries and feature films: "Perhaps", "Movement of the

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Winged battleship

"Father of Nations," coined a new technical term

Is it possible to "cross" the tank with a plane? Long years the very idea seemed absurd. But in the end there were all the same here, in the pre-war USSR, the spices that were able to solve such a "technical puzzle." Among them was Nicholas Sklyarov — Russian veteran of the industry, almost 70 years worked at the All-Union Institute of Aviation Materials, and more than a decade developing new kinds of armor.

Correspondent had a chance to meet with Nicholas Mitrofanovich and find out from him the unknown details

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In Egypt, found the biggest meteorite field




With the help of photographs taken from space satellite, a French-Egyptian team of scientists has discovered in Egypt, the world's largest meteorite field. As said in a statement on the website of the German television station "N-TF", the scientists found in the Egyptian-Libyan border more than 100

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How to explain the miracle of 1 season 4 — 6 Series Watch Online

Heroes travel to different countries of the world, from time to time sends them to the very edge of the world. Their main task is to study the enigmatic and mysterious cases that do not understand the logic of the human and the first sight are resistant to the laws of nature. But the heroes to come and that would understand and explain everything scientifically. Surely everyone asking for themselves the question why there is one or another event. The tape will be fascinating though what the inquisitive person

Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology


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