Lev Sapieha returns to Lepel

Society In the city of Lepel (Vitebsk region) soon will be a monument to Lev Sapieha, famous politicians, diplomats and guardian of Art, one of the most influential public figures in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Name Lev Sapieha most directly linked to the history of Lepel, which was first mentioned in 1439 as the village and the estate on the island of Lepel lake.

In 1563 the settlement was a town (now the village of Old Lepel). And in 1586 Lev Sapieha founded three kilometers away in the village of White Township or New

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The only source of optimism Sidorsky — is a strong heat. Overheated …

Society Belarus in 2011-2015 intends to increase the amount of foreign direct investment of up to $ 7 billion a year. This was stated by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky July 21. According to Sidorsky, the rate of foreign investment "is constantly at $ 1-1.5 billion, which, unfortunately, is not enough for effective economic development. We first introduce the measure of foreign direct investment on a net basis in the amount of up to $ 7 billion annually" . Is it possible to multiple times to increase the amount of investment? Why is the main investor of the Belarusian economy may

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The construction of the Baikal woodworking complex in Buryatia

August 28, 2013 in the village of Ilka Zaigraevsky district solemn laying of stone to mark the construction of the "Baikal woodworking complex" — the first stage of implementation of priority investment project in forest development of the Russian Federation.

The project is made by the company "Forest Exchange".

The next step will be the construction of one of the largest in Russia for the production of OSB mills — wood boards that make up the basis for the development of mass timber construction. The planned capacity of the plant will be 236,000 m3

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Who will build a Russian Mistral?

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation October 26, 2010 has announced a tender for the supply of our Navy amphibious assault ships. The competition shall be conducted in private, and the invitation for the role it has already sent to several companies. Despite the fact that these names are unknown or companies or projects they exhibited, nor the terms of the tender, can with some confidence — not competition. The fact that the Russian Defense Ministry as before gives preference to the French amphibious assault ship vertoletonosnomu-document class "Mistral".

Specific requirements for the new units, the Ministry

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Possible consequences of the ruling of the International Court of Kosovo

Society The International Court of Justice today, after months of consideration of complaints of Serbia issued a ruling that the proclamation of Kosovo in February 2008, independence did not violate international law. Today's decision by the court in The Hague, the browser parses RL Yuri Drakakhrust.

Drakakhrust: First of all, it should be noted that the court has a consultative, advisory. But the authority of the court, a long, comprehensive examination of the case attaches to weight more than personal opinion. It seems it was the first time in court, the legal order of the international community in the face

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The construction of a 10-storey residential building for Shipbuilders

"Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky "started construction of 10-storey apartment building on the street. Frunze Zelenodolsk for factory workers.

The apartments will be made available to employees of the plant on favorable terms, the total number of apartments — 132 pcs., Including: one-bedroom apartments — 52 two-bedroom — 56, three-room — 24.

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The melting of the Arctic ice disappearing habitat of polar bears

Basking under a clear sky and quiet in the sun, which brought a wonderful warmth in the Arctic Ocean, the polar ice cap shrank to a record low for the month of July sizes, resulting in a further reduction in the area of floating ice.

This month, the average size of the Arctic ice cover was only about 8 million square kilometers. This is about 210,000 square miles below the previous record set in 2007, as evidenced by recent data from the National Data Center for Snow and Ice. It's more than 2 million square kilometers below the set by

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Types and features solar panels for individual power plant

Use of solar energy can save expensive electricity supplied to homes energy companies, and even to make a supply of energy to the power grid if it is provided by local law.

The main component of a home solar power — solar panels or photovoltaic panels, as they are called. Their purpose — the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Solar cell consists of individual photovoltaic cells, which are connected together, provide the necessary battery power. Currently on the market you can find five types of solar cells with different materials making up their items.

Solar panels of

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Who will follow?

This year has brought us a lot of losses. In summer, we were shocked by the catastrophic death of the deputy chief of the Head Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of 52-year-old Major-General Yuri Ivanov.

October started more disastrously. Gen., past Chief of Intelligence Glavkomat Interior Ministry, 47-year-old Victor Chevrizov committed "suicide" for shooting himself in the head with a pistol premium right in the entrance.

October 29. Balashihinskiy District, Capital Region. Vorachivalsya home from a meeting of the staff on the rally to protest against the "military reform" Serdyukov Gen.-Lieutenant Dubrov GK The house, in other

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Planet of Dinosaurs. Chronicle liquidation

April 28, 2012 15:08

Several years ago, the Western paleontologists made incredible discovery, which turned all the scientific understanding of the life and death of the most mysterious creatures that have ever lived on the planet — the dinosaurs. Excavated near Canada, they found a cemetery of prehistoric reptiles, more than three thousand fragments of skeletons.

The examination results shocked scientists. It turned out that the dinosaurs did not die as a result of a collision with stronger monsters and not become victims of global cooling, and were destroyed by some unknown type of weapon.

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