Belarusian diplomats prevents domestic economic model

Society Studying the heads of diplomatic missions of Belarus, who are working outside the country, was completed today in Minsk. The results of nearly two-week sessions led by Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov.

He sent diplomats to the active solution of national problems and stressed that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not in words but in deeds should be the foremost agency for external borders of the country." Minister Martynov summed up the problem that now seem most relevant. As before, the main one — the promotion of Belarusian products to foreign markets. There is even a special strategy

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Who is stronger: Air Force or Navy aircraft?

If a whale nalezet elephant who gets sboret?

Associate incomparable — a very joyful work. Question from the title of the article, despite the light color dibilizm, is under a deep base. This question was asked in connection with the sudden emergence of figures about the introduction of carrier strike groups in local wars.

Perhaps, we will begin our discussion with the famous "Desert Storm." For a role in the operation against Iraq, an international coalition lured 2,000 planes, the base of which were strike aircraft the U.S. Air Force tactical aircraft, including:— 249 fighters in the air

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Belarus Investment Forum will hold on November 17 in Frankfurt

Society This is the director of the National Investment Agency Victor Kovalenko. It is assumed that the format of the event will be the same investment forum in London in 2008 and last year the Belarusian Investment Forum, which was held in Minsk, BelTA informs.

According to Mr. Kovalenko, "in This year, in Germany, we work well together creatively (and this is logical — gaining experience), offering potential investors the most significant investment projects. "

The panellists Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov, Minister of Economy Nicholas Snapkou.


financial, banking


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It starts with the reconstruction of the 220 kV Varvarovka in the Amur region

The group of companies "Indastek" has started to work on the expansion of the 220 kV "Varvarovka" in the Amur region. Work carried out in the framework of the investment project to increase energonadezhnosti grid complex Amur, where the construction of the cosmodrome "East". The customer is the JSC "FGC UES" Russian.

The forthcoming enlargement will be renovated of 220 kV. In the course of construction works is planned modernization and construction of the four-fifth cell voltage of 220 kV. Will be installed 10 sets of disconnectors 220 kV, 15 phase 220 kV current transformers, voltage transformers 6 phases 220

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Realization of the project to create picosecond lasers for cutting materials

In nanocenter "Tehnospark" (Moscow region). Starts implementing a project to create a picosecond lasers used for cutting materials and product labeling, for example, cases of smartphones, tablets and microcomputers.

Laser cutting of metals

Investors in the project are the trinity nanotcenter "Tehnospark" and Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center. Both nanotechnology center, created with the participation of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO will invest in the project of approximately 35 million.

Marking Technology picosecond lasers was developed by Russian scientists, physicists Paul and Alexander Polynkinym Tselikov at the University of Arizona. To further the implementation

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Who burned Kiev recently Napoleons invasion?

Until now, a mystery that was a prerequisite for a fire that destroyed a provincial town.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Pechersk was the only place not affected by the "Great Fire". But burning wood chips drifted up to the Mariinsky Palace in the Royal Garden

In today's mass consciousness fire in Kiev in 1811 completely erased by later events. Blown in September 1941, Khreschatyk and Assumption Cathedral surpassed the previous dark glory of the Kiev disaster, when suddenly burned down the entire hem! And in the XIX century, one of old, "Napoleon", the fire well remembered. After all, hem and

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Mystery blood terrible Aids


MYSTERY OF BLOOD is a stunning discovery scientists geneticists that found in the blood chuzherodtsev and who they actually own. Modern studies have refuted once and for all religious-Darwinian theory of the origin of mankind from one common ancestor.

Sources: "The method of distinguishing races in the blood." E.O.Manoylov. — VII International Conference "Molecular Genetics of somatic cells," 2009 Report "natural focal induced mutagenesis and its pathological effects on the internal and external features of the human body." — Doctor of Biological Sciences P.Garyaev "Wave Genetics", "blood type. Homoeologous chromosome syndrome, immunodeficiency (SGHID). " — Doctor of Medicine, Professor

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BNF collects action group

Society To have the middle of September as part of the initiative group to collect signatures in support of the presidential candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Gregory Kastusiou 1300 — 1400 persons. This instruction was given on July 24 participants of the meeting Sejm (Sejm did not take place due to lack of a quorum.)

As the Secretary of the Administrative Board Vladimir Labkovich on today part initiative group includes more than 380 people. August 1, there will be more than 500, and by September 1 — 1000.

Labkovich added that 85% of members of

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In the list that appears Belarusian stores drunks with photos

Another nail in the coffin of the opinion that the introduction of Prohibition allegedly would not be good. In Belarus, the police sent out several villages to shop a "black list" of buyers of alcohol, which got rowdy, drunkards and hooligans. To experience poselchan already eyeing with interest the residents of nearby villages. Positive results of the measures — this report.

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Who controls Russia?

The Central Bank of Russian Federation with its creation day or 13 July 1990 and the real time is a non-profit entity, reporting to State Duma of the Russian Federation and chairman of the board and the State Banking Board. According to Article 22 of the Law "On the Central Bank of Russian Federation"

Bank of the Russian Federation shall not provide loans to the Government of the Russian Federation to the lack of funding of the federal budget … Bank of the Russian Federation shall not provide loans to finance the budget deficit municipal budget funds,

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