Who is dancing on the ruins of the Polish Airbus?

New very sharp gains momentum situation around the Polish aircraft crash near Smolensk number 1. Conspiracy version of the catastrophe still intensely exaggerated by certain persons, the main "hero" in the middle of which is the brother of the deceased Polish President — Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Sovereign Kaczynski, not trusting any of the conclusions have worked and continue to work commissions, continues at least comfortable about what to declare that the Tu-154 plane crash near Smolensk in the spring of 2010, which killed many members of the higher authorities of Poland, was, if I may say so, initiated by the Russian

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Our quiet heroes

Prosecution: Spouses of spyware Anshlag real name Alexander and Olga

The names of Andreas and Heidrun full house, who appeared before a court in Stuttgart on charges of spying for Russia are Alexander and Olga, and their underground name was Pete and Tina, a court spokesman said the Prosecutor General of Germany Wolfgang Sigmund.

The prosecution believes that the names of Andreas and Heidrun Full House, as well as the maiden name of Freud, are part of their legend. No relation to reality, and data about their biographies that spouse more than 20 years

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Our synchronized swimmers won gold in the technical program teams at the World Cup in water sports

Russian synchronized swimmers were the first group in the technical program at the World Aquatics Championships, which takes place in Barcelona.

Spaniard won silver, losing to Russians more than two points. Bronze — the athletes from Ukraine.

Group. The technical program

1. Russia (Vlad Chigireva, Daria Korobov, Alexander Paskevich, Elena Prokofiev, Alla Shishkin, Maria SHurochkin, Angelica Timanin, Alexander Zuev, Michaela Kalancha, Anisya Olkhova)— 96,600

2. Spain — 94,400

3. Ukraine — 93,300

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For the purchase of public transportation Minsk will spend 138 billion rubles

Society Until the end of the park metropolitan passenger transport increased by 106 buses and 41 trolleybuses, trams 7 and 30 subway cars.

About This was announced Director of Urban Management "Metropolitan transportation and communication" Valery Shkupratav.

At the same time have to limit the volume of write-off vehicles.

Until the end of December subject to write-off 200 buses, but to stop work even hundreds unlikely.

Number of buses, manufactured on the line, it is necessary to increase due to the rapid pace of housing construction in neighborhoods Sukharava Rock Hill, Masyukovschina, Brilevichi. Transport operators must

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Who are Russian?

When the conversation is about the Russian, immediately raises the question: "Who are Russian? On what grounds do we distinguish from other, non-Russians? '. And immediately begins a dispute, we wandered into a maze from which hard to get out. Need a common thread of reasoning and good will of the interlocutors — the desire to find a common language, and not overpower the dispute.

In general, the question of what ethnicity (in this case Russian character) is very complicated. There are no rigid boundaries and definitions, there are many levels of hard, so you need more to explain

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Our pricked ski home

Biathlon. 2009 World pricked our ski home — 13.02.09 8:43 — TEXT: Maxim Domchev Photo: ITAR-TASS [img = http://www.funportal.info/smiles/smile70.gif] Catherine St. George, Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko left Pyeongchang after the doping test B was positive. Now the entire trio will be disqualified. On Friday, at a press conference, representatives of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced the results of the investigation in the biathlon doping scandal and named three representatives of Russia, which will now be disqualified. As expected, it is the leader of the World Cup Catherine St George (pictured), Albina Akhatova and Dmitri Yaroshenko, who had already

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Lukashenko: Ammonia, Urea, nuts, cows, bulls — all this is nothing before man

Society Belarus is not going to abandon our principles and privatization of socially-oriented economy. This was stated by Lukashenko at the meeting on the prospects of JSC "Grodno Nitrogen", BelTA informs."The principles of privatization in the country are declared, they like someone or not. 20-25 there are conditions — follow them, and we will negotiate. But most importantly — pay money to people to raise salaries and taxes in the budget, do-effective production, and then to any host, we will have a conversation, "- said Lukashenko.

"Simply put: the essence of our policy is that all the ammonia, urea,

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How to meet the Russian in Russia, and Tajiks and Uzbeks. Feel the difference

Number of working-age Russians in 2025 decreased by 10 million — without the influx of migrants no one will work. According to Romodanovsky, increase the size of the young population in Russia is possible and thanks to our compatriots abroad. And while many Russian refugees from the former Soviet Union are facing serious difficulties — for years without documents. Officials say — quotas are not enough …

PS: then someone else points to Latvia, he says, it violated Russian law. In Russia, it appears to Russian are much worse than in Latvia. There's even non-citizens have rights,

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Letter of unusual man




Ladies and Gentlemen! I am writing to you with a very interesting and an eye opener message.

In Germany, in the city of Halle lives an unusual and very

wonderful man his name is Jacob Tsiperovich.

Tsiperovich Jacob was born in 1953 in Minsk, graduated from

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A pair of genes off and people will live 800 years!

Scientists have found a way to extend the life of organisms, by which one, in the long term, be able to live out up to 800 years, if not years bolee…

Researchers at the University of Northern California announced that they have managed to increase the lifespan of yeast bacteria tenfold, and that the methods by which they have achieved this amazing result can be used and for the people. The secret is — the removal of the two genes and reducing calorie intake. Scientists have already started testing a

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