Already weekend, July 24-25



…Unfortunately, even up to 36 ° C.

Do not pass:

July 24-25

"Knight's Fest-2010" — a holiday of medieval culture in Mstsislave.

July 25

Feast of poetry and song "Rakutevskoe summer — 2010." Beginning at 12.00. (Train Minsk — Maladzechna station Usha departure from Minsk: 8:29, 9.14, 10:01, 11:23).


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Crimea.


July 24, 1783 Simon Bolivar was born, fought for the independence of the Spanish colonies in South America (d. 1830).

Born July 24, 1802, Alexander Dumas, French author renowned globally historical adventure novels.

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Roubini cube leads to Iran?

Secured by economic announcements from the United States of America have stood the first days of the New Year. While Russian parliamentarians are in their own long New Year holidays, overseas legislators began to work up a sweat over zakoproektami, designed to bring to reality the dream at least some located close to the power of the Yankees at least some curbing tireless South American debt. At present, the eminent counter U.S. government debt indicates the value of 16 trln.353 milliardov.578 million 521 thousand dollars and continues to stubbornly replace an old number to the new with amazing speed.

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No mechanical switches and polymorphic

Any mechanical switch, whether the switch in a table lamp or switch currents of thousands of amps at power plants, works on the same principle: its metal contacts close and open, the switching circuits. And, apparently, in the field of electrical engineering can not come up with anything new.

However, the engineering thought is not static: in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region developed a polymorphic switches, the principle of which is different from the "classic" and opens the designers of systems management opportunities.

Says Director General of Research and Production Enterprise "Tenzosensor" Ph.D. Vladimir Nikitin and his deputy,

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Society It Pasteur, utaymovnik anthrax and cholera, has developed more than a hundred years ago, a miraculous vaccine, after which the number of vampires in the Old and New Worlds began to decline sharply. Famous heroes of legends were suddenly reduced to the normal patients and found themselves in a dull turn to Dr. Pasteur and his disciples. After it became clear that the roots of ideas about vampires vervolfav, vahtarov student dormitories and other werewolves do not grow from somewhere, but from a disease called rabies, or hydrophobia, which scares mankind from the time at which it can remember.

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Not competition, but the expansion joint. Project 2020 is already a reality

So the fall of 2011, Russia and China reached the final stage of negotiations to establish a long-haul aircraft project.

"We've come close to a discussion of the project to establish the long-range wide-body aircraft, — Told Alexander Zhukov. — Chinese partners have long been thought to whether to enter into a collaboration, and we are now close this deal. " Or exercise a success. However, first things first.

Back in October 2011 the first. Here's how the project was evaluated perpektivy experts.

"None of the major projects is not created countries in splendid isolation,

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Kubat Rakhimov: Steel Road in China — Kyrgyzstan choice of civilization against the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan

Outline: The main gauge railway standards. Source: Wikipedia.

Map: Distribution of railway track standards of the countries of the world. Source: Central Intelligence Agency. CIA Factbook — 2006. Highlighted in green Russian standard of 1520 mm, which is consumed in Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia, Finland, partly in Afghanistan and Slovakia.

Interview a professional in international transport issues Kubat Rakhimov REGNUM: The

REGNUM: The Kyrgyz government has declared its intention to build a metal hard road of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan. How do you rate this project? What are the pros and cons?

First, let's clarify — often referred to as the

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Unparalleled reactor started in Dubna

start of the IBR-2 after upgrading

In Dubna started an advanced pulsed reactor IBR-2, which has no analogues in the world, the adviser to the Directorate of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Vladimir Ananev.

"IBR-2 — is setting a record for the intensity of the neutron flux per pulse and technical solutions that make it possible to get it. It is included in the European program for the development of neutron diffraction and is the only high-flux pulsed specialized research neutron source, not only in Russia but also in all the

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In the Sea of Galilee found their Kitezh-grad


Giant monumental stone structure found at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Scientists are puzzled: why and how long ago it was built. Suggested that it was erected on the land as a place of burial, but after a while it was under water. The mysterious object is a cone-shaped pile of unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders, and weighs approximately 60,000 tonnes, which exceeds the weight of most modern warships.

The height of the mound reaches almost 10 meters in diameter — about 70 meters. For comparison, the diameter of the outer

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Avtukhovich transferred to Ivatsevichy colony


May 6 The Supreme Court sentenced Autuhovich to five years and two months of imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty must be transported and stored five rounds of rifle hunting.

Volkovyssky entrepreneur Autukhovich last night transferred from the prison number 1 in Minsk in Ivatsevichy colony BelaPAN human rights activist Aleh Volchek.

Volcheck believes that the translation Autuhovich to Ivatsevichy significantly complicate the possibility of helping him dentist, as there will not be a specialist. Volcheck not rule out that the reason Avtukhovich could again go on hunger strike.

Recall Avtukhovich a long time

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What distinguishes the West from the bride



According to the tribal traditions of the Slavs, West — it's a girl, learning all the tricks of the marriage, that is, Veda / knows, in the future good mother, a good housewife, loyal, wise and loving wife. Only after the acquisition of such knowledge girl she had a chance to become his wife. Brides marriage did not take, and if taken, then this thing called marriage. It is no secret that the integrity of the atmosphere and to raise a family is almost entirely dependent on the woman. At Vesta

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