Nevsky Plant laid the fourth multi-function rescue craft project MPSV07

April 25, 2013 Nevsky Shipyard (CEO Vladimir Prudyus) laid the fourth multipurpose salvage vessel with capacity of 4 MW project MPSV07 (yard number 704).


Customer — PKU "Management of the contracting program of development of sea transport," the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.   The designer — Marine Engineering Bureau.   The vessel is built Nevsky Zavod, in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Development of transport system of Russia for 2010-2015".

Among the guests of honor at the ceremony of laying

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Tajikistan where to put their independence? ..

We continue the series of articles dedicated to how the former republics of the Soviet Union being developed with the independence and use is indicated in their declared freedom for their own development and prosperity. A little earlier, "Military Review" came out materials on the economic and political achievements of Latvia and Moldova. Now make out such a government as Tajikistan, is shown in the geopolitical map of the world September 9, 1991.

Prior to the release of the Russian Union of Tajikistan was in it as a republic since December 1929. If we talk more precisely, it is

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Mogilev: Arrested for Internet freedom — the freedom to

Society The accused police officers in carrying out unauthorized activities nineteen resident Mogilev Valentin Lobachyov — free. In the Leninsky district police department of the regional center, he spent about an hour.

According Lobachova, the police were alerted and the record of the inadmissibility of not re-authorized by the authorities of the shares.

"The police said they will not judge me. They behaved well with me. Though some felt the cruelty and prejudice", — the "free" immediately after his release Valentin Lobachyov.

Valentine Lobachova accused of organizing an unsanctioned rally for the free development of the Internet. He had

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Invisible Russia’s infrastructure boom

Despite the crisis in Europe, Russia's booming infrastructure upgrade is underway as part of the modernization of the dilapidated roads, railways, bridges and ports.


The Russian government spends 60-65 billion dollars on large projects, but they are hard to see when you come into the country. If you drive in China, the government expenditure are visible at once, and almost every regional capital svezhevystroennymi full of skyscrapers and shopping malls. In Russia, the regional centers such as gray and low and only slightly colored in bright billboards. This is because the Russian money did not go

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Where to go MRAP?

In the military there is the usual rule. You can not resist the enemy in the open field — start partisan. Mine the road to ambush the enemy and fired from a great distance. You can not even try to put a clear strokes. The main thing that you did not get a bead on the enemy, but dealt him some damage. By such methods in the past 100 years there has been not one war. And until that time, a strong participant in the conflict was obliged to delay or force from the front to fight the guerrillas, as

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Police stopped the protest in Mogilev

Society July 24 was to be held in Mogilev rally "For free development of the Internet." A group of residents gathered to protest against the presidential decree № 60 "On the application of the Internet", which came into effect July 1. On the square in front of the former building of the House of Culture and Leisure in the street Chelyuskintsev 64a came about 30 young people. A 17-hours they tried to start protest: Unfurled a banner "Freedom to the Internet", dressed in T-shirts crossed the figures of the sixties

At this point, they were approached by two police

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The incredible true story

His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, picking at his wretched field to his family died of hunger, he heard screams coming from the swamp. Farmer quickly threw it boring thing and ran to see — who yells so. A little boy yelled, drowning in mud. Clearly the farmer saved the poor. The next day, a luxury coach drove up to his shack and stepped out onto the dirty yard fashionably dressed for those years aristocrat and introduced his father saved a little boy.

— I want to repay you for saving

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Price applets production and operation for 50 years fighter F-35 continues to decrease, Defense News reported on September 18. Joint Managing applets F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan U.S. (Christopher Bogdan) confirmed that the current estimates this cost to be 857 billion U.S. dollars compared with the previous $ 1.1 trillion is a great victory achieved in the last two or three years , said Bogdan Conference on Aerospace Air Force on September 18. But taking into account the inflation to be within these 50 years, the number may vary. Speaking earlier in the day, the executive vice president

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Sun and cooled the Siberia Europe

Cold winter of 2009-2010 in Russia can be explained by the reduction of UV radiation from the sun in the 11-year cycle. A study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

In December 2009, the Copenhagen UN summit was held to discuss the problems of climate change and, in particular, "the successor to the Kyoto Protocol": a document that limits greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming. In Russia at that time were cold "at 30 degrees," which gave rise to the skeptical remarks about the summit, "they say, what kind of global warming can be discussed if there

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GMO foods Americans do not want to have, and we?

Recently in the United States banned the growing of genetically modified sugar beet. Experiments have shown that even rats die of sausage, which is GM soy in Russia, so far not all packages are marked to indicate the content of a product of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But what if such a certificate, — not to buy at all or do not pay attention? With this question, "AIF" addressed to Irina Ermakova, international expert on food and environmental safety, doctor of biological sciences. IE: — The food guinea female rats, my colleagues added genetically modified soybeans — the one that

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