Lukashenko demanded an end to the import of agricultural machinery

Society "We need to stop buying imported equipment. These pranks with imported equipment necessary to finish," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

"They are three times the skin will descend for the supply of spare parts (…) Supply of spare parts for imported agricultural machinery is out of time, whereas in the harvesting campaign every hour expensive," explained Belarusian leader, Interfax reports.

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Non-combustible boxes for transportation of ammunition established in Russia

Moscow Machine-pilot plant (MMEZ) holding "RT-Himkompozit" has made a heavy-duty non-combustible container for the storage and transportation of ammunition, the general director of holding Sergei Sokol.

"Tara holds inside temperature not exceeding 170 degrees for 15 minutes of intense flame impingement. Rugged design allows it to drop a box of ammunition from a height of two meters onto concrete without affecting the content, "- said the Sokol on Friday at the 2nd International Forum" Engineering Technologies 2012 "in Zhukovsky near Moscow. According to him, the strength and the heat resistance of these products is achieved through the extensive use of

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Ku Klux Klan: A History of the White Movement

History of the United States of America, the country's young enough, contains a number of dramatic and hidden pages. One of the most critical moments in the history of the country was a plainclothes war that broke out between the free North and the slave owners of the South. It began in 1860, when things between with 2 sides strained to the maximum. In the North, there are many influential parties that supported the conduct meaningful democratic reform, one of which was the abolition of slavery. Abraham Lincoln led the movement, which and was elected president. But the conservative

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Groenewald in the dungeons

Society July 24 opened in Grodno exhibition of the results of the international art plein air on the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. Paintings on display in a private gallery "Tyzengauz" that in the dungeons "curve official"-curved tower, erected in the time of the last king of Poland. It stands on the square Anthony Tyzengauz.

Plein Air has established unrecognized Union of Poles, with the financial support of the Consulate General of Poland in Grodno. The opening was the Consul General Andrzej Khodkevich.

The head of the Artists of the Union of Poles Stanislav Kichko explained to us

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Non-combustible stone wool ROCKWOOL defended Olympus skyscraper in Grozny

According to the results of examinations of non-combustible insulation to prevent the spread of fire in a fire at the highest skyscraper in the republic of Chechnya. For the ventilated facade insulation in the construction of residential complex used Olympus board ROCKWOOL Venti Butts. Stone woolROCKWOOLdefended the supporting structure of the building and the interior. "inside of the building, technical rooms and 288 apartments from the fire were not injured. Intact, as experts believe, there were also structural engineering "- the newspaper Kommersant.Nachalnik expertise of the Department of State, territorial planning documents and project documentation of Chechnya Zaynalbek Zakrailov

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Assad to visit Belarus

Society Syrian President Bashar Assad to visit Belarus on an official visit on July 26-27.In early June, the Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov visited Syria. During a meeting with Martynov Assad confirmed that he is ready to come to Belarus.

Syria Belarus interested in projects in the fields of engineering, agriculture and education.

Belarus is interested in investing in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad Bashar al-Assad has served as president of Syria in 2000, actually received it as an inheritance from his father Hafez al-Assad.

For the position prepared elder brother of Bashar al-Assad, Basilio, but 1994 he died

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Puppeteers Third Reich

Background of the Nazi rise to power in Germany is now well known. Hitler exit the political arena was the result of a confluence of a number of socio-economic, foreign and domestic events. Russian and zabugornom researchers also identified the main sources of the ideology of the Third Reich, the Nazis are aimed at creating a "racially untainted by the state" and the conquest of "living space". On this topic not long ago in the "Red Star" made a serious article Doctor of Military Sciences Sergei Pechura ("Anglo-Saxons and German Nazism", May 11, 2012).

Yet some "white spots" in

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Vedagor meeting with readers in the suburbs

Ask me (Volumes 111-120) Full Movie

Witches, love potions, komploty from the evil eye — the riddle of the Middle Ages. UFOs, poltergeists, travelers in time — Undercover today. Each issue "Unexplainably, but the fact is "dedicated to the anomalous phenomenon. Real people talk about encounters with paranormal. Leading Sergei Druzhko comes to them in at least some corner of. He listens to their stories, and consulted with spices. Then, in the capital's studio, Sergey analyzes the situation and offer their own conclusions. Sergei Druzhko not only leads aaplet "Unexplainably, but fact"On TNT. He decides what will be the theme next gear, meets with scientists,

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Heavy or on the shoulder of the art Companies Nauli Tau

"The company Nauli Tau", specializing in complex rigging jobs, confirms its competence in the transportation of bulky goods and announces a new approach to pricing in this segment. Price will be calculated individually, it is necessary to stipulate a specific case manager.  The main activity of the "Company Nauli Tau" is the filing, moving, unloading industrial equipment. For rigging work using your own equipment. Tech company certified. One of the areas of the company is the rigging of oversized cargo. To perform this test requires trained personnel and special equipment. The company owns all necessary for the implementation of

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