White-headed Duck yes Grisha. Celebrate or not


At this time, yes Savca Grisha arguing about the celebration of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.



In twenty years, the distance,How slammed the wallAs our independenceAlready belongs to us.But the authorities holidayDo not believe this day,But most of the latticeAll cast of people.

White-headed Duck:

Do not be nervous, Gryshulya,ETA us not with his hands.July was the thirdAlready republic day.

The people of Alexandria praznik,Not that he — for the buck.Good and their differentSeems to be missing.Navstrechu pervamayu,Syadzmo nayabraWe are opening the doorAnd shout, "Hooray!".


What is May Day?What nayabry?No they do

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The new combat vehicle for airborne

Recently, on the proving ground of "Kurgan" the first public demonstration of a new machine for the Airborne Troops — BMD-4M.

 Photo source:photofile.ru

It was the "first sign" in a series of samples of armored combat vehicles, designed and produced by a team of Concern "Tractor plants".

 Photo source:narod.ru

Airborne combat vehicles produced in Russia at the Volgograd Tractor Plant, and BMD-4, adopted by the Russian Navy adopted a few years ago — is no exception. In fact, the Russian paratroopers still learn new techniques in the army. Notice of the presentation of the new machine

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Light tactical vehicle Saratoga» Navistar

Foto.Novinka Navistar: Saratoga — easy tactical armored car. Photo: Navistar Defense

As part of the yearly meeting and symposium of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) company Navistar Defense unveiled light tactical car. Such a vehicle would be crotch link in the modernization program notes developed and improved highly maneuverable Multipurpose Wheeled ton (HMMWV), upgraded with enhanced abilities ton (MECV) and the upcoming Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

10-ton vehicle has a payload of 3.2 tons, including 4 passengers, also the arrow, which is located in the armored and protected from explosions cockpit.


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Belarus will again ask for money from the IMF

Society This is learned after today's meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Mikhail Myasnikovich."But this process is quite lengthy, — said the prime minister. — In June, will be the next scheduled mission of the fund. Although we do not These questions we will discuss, but depending on the report, which can be prepared by the IMF mission, we can anticipate further developments in relation to this authoritative international organization. "


loan, the IMF

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Easy to medium machine gun from the «General Dynamics» chambered in .338 Norma Magnum

Gun presented by the company «General Dynamics» as «LWMMG» in the late spring of 2012 at the joint exhibition of arms «NDIA». Now gun at the stage of creation and testing of prototypes, the forthcoming fate as the approximate price is not yet known.

LWMMG created around the concept of «overmatching capabilities», adopted in the United States, which leads to an advantage of capabilities of new weapons over the same armament of possible enemies. In accordance with the concept of a new machine gun — one hundred percent new instrument, although it has some similarities with a machine gun

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Even today, July 29

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rains …

….and wind. Temperature: 19-23 C.

Do not pass:

At the National Press Center press conference on the topic "On Pension Security of the Republic of Belarus".

In the CIS Executive Committee meeting of the expert group on launching a project of the Interstate Council for Anti-Corruption.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas meets with representatives of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the reconciliation process in the Middle East.


In 1883 was born of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who

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The new library opened in Murmashah

The permit for entry into operation of the facility, "Library — cultural and recreational information center" Berth "in the village Murmashi, said the regional Ministry of Construction.

Work on the reconstruction of the built-in and attached part of the house number 18 on the street in the village of berthing in order to change its functionality implemented since 2011 by the budget of the Murmansk region and the municipal budget GP Murmashi Kola area.

In a cultural information center provides space services to readers, book storage, holding cultural events and service-domestic purposes.

September 28, 2012 received permission to enter the

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In the Arkhangelsk region launched the project Climate Change and Water Resources Management

In the Government of the Arkhangelsk region held a coordination meeting, which was the start of a new international project "Climate Change and Water Resources Management: the objectives, the joint solution."

As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, a project was initiated at the beginning of last year through a partnership of the Government of the Arkhangelsk region and the Working Group of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council for the Protection of the Environment and is financially supported by Nordic Council of Ministers.

The goal of the program is global — to contribute towards a comprehensive strategy to adapt to climate change

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North Pacific is about to cease to be the Arctic


U.S. scientists predict that it will happen within 10-20 years.

Climate scientists have long said (and objectively prove) that the polar ice is melting due to global warming. Politicians make their conclusions from this: the authorities of Russia, the U.S., Canada, Norway, Denmark "Pillars plots" in the Arctic Ocean, proving their rights to the hydrocarbon-rich seabed. Today, in many places it is still covered by a thick layer of not only water but also the ice shell, but the ice each year is getting smaller, and very soon, the scientists predict, in the

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The danger of solar flares

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, University of Kansas Adrian Melot, together with Brian Thomas of Washburn University, put forward a new explanation for the mysterious "events Charlemagne," which has received its name in honor of his winning the collision with the Lombards in 774-775 years.

This phenomenon was discovered in 2012, is an abnormal surge in the concentration of radioactive carbon-14, located in the tree rings of the time. A theory that the perpetrators of this — the cosmic rays. According to Adrian Melota, they found out that if this was to blame

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