Since then I believe in fate …


The Jewish Museum in Prague has prepared a photo exhibition about the deportation of Jews from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in Belarus in 1941-42.

The genocide against the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia usually associated mainly from ghetto Terezin and Auschwitz-Birkenau. "Less known is the deportation of Jewish prisoners in other ghettos and forced labor camps in the Baltic States and Nazi-occupied Poland and Belarus", — says the curator of the exhibition It Shpilgalava. During the year, more than half of all Jews from Bohemia and Moravia were sent to those places, 48,991 were killed, only

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The new recreation area appeared in Vladikavkaz

New recreation area on the banks of the river Terek opened Monday in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia)."Today in Vladikavkaz was solemnly opened another recreation area for residents and visitors of our capital. This segment of the embankment length of 600 meters in the area of the bridge Pozharsky", — the press-service of the City Hall.

At the opening of the waterfront in this place was the sculpture of a boy with car camera, which, like white-water rafting, jumping over the parapet.

The author of the sculpture was a young sculptor Ibrahim Hai, whose works adorn parks have Vladikavkaz.

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Lego Star Wars

From childhood, we were close and clear word Lego. Who among us, as a child, did not collect this recognizable in the world designer? Surely those in the current time and will not be. So it was curious to collect from the various figures, some model of a house or a ton or more of something nibudt more exciting. It took a long time, but lego, as before, is very popular. The most famous design manufacturers Lego at the present time is the Lego Star Wars. But first things first.

As we have seen, designer "Lego" has long since captured

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The fate of People's Will will be decided later

Society Today, the Supreme Economic Court stayed the proceedings in the suit of the Ministry of Information to discontinue the "Narodnaya Volya".

At today's meeting of the preparatory judge Elena Mayorov ordered the suspension of a claim of the Ministry of Information. The reason was the appeal wording in the same court of appeal notice from the Ministry of Information on April 15 this year in connection with the publication of the article "Show and tell Goebbels-TV."

Harry Pahanyaila

According to human rights Harry Pahanyaila, Now the court has "legitimate and rational solution", as it is obliged to suspend

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The new anti-aircraft missile RZV-MD at the MAKS-2013

Colleaguesaidpvoin his LiveJournalreports, which is being held in Zhukovsky, Moscow next aerospace show MAKS-2013 JSC "Corporation" Tactical Missiles "(Tactical Missiles Corporation) in the pavilion at the exposition D9 introduced a new anti-aircraft guided missile RZV-CBM development of" GosMKB "Vympel".


SWenitnaya guided missile RZV MD-development of "GosMKB" Vympel "with TPK in the exhibition MAKS-2013. Zhukovsky 28.08.2013 (c) Said Aminov /

 As is easily seen, the abbreviation RZV-MD stands for "rocket" surface-to-air "short range". According to official data presented Tactical Missiles Corporation, anti-aircraft missile RZV-MD is designed for air defense of ground forces in all

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The Chinese have built in Minsk Chinatowns

Society In Belarus arrive first group of Chinese construction workers to build the multi-residential developments.

This is the head of the Citizenship and Migration Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Alex Runner.

The official also said that the work permit in Belarus received 600 Chinese citizens. This was petitioned two entity from China, which carry out investment projects in the Republic of Belarus.

The Chinese will build a complex "Swan" and "Chinatowns."

MIA explained resolution that demanded the construction of additional manpower.

Mysteries of vanished islands




Legendary Atlantis is actually Ireland, said Swedish researcher

The legendary island of Atlantis really exist, and that is the Republic of Ireland. Such a hypothesis put forward in his book, a Swedish researcher Ulf Erlingsson, the newspaper "Irish half."

He argues that the ancient description of Atlantis

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New private life of mine Novodzerzhinskaya and the new heroes Stakhanovites


In 2010, the mine "Novodzerzhinskaya" was leased to a private investor since April last year SLC "Leased enterprise" Mine "Novodzerzhinskaya '" — a structural unit of the Scientific and Production Association "Mechanic". This partnership is one of the most illustrative examples of successfully attracting commercial investment in the sector.

Thanks to the arrival of the NGO "The Mechanic" was prepared by a new horizon, charged lava, the problem with the transportation of coal to the surface. The company has saved the state of 2.4 million hryvnia per month of state, which previously received, as well

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Light aircraft (whether or rebirth)

At the moment, they say a lot about the revival of Russian aviation. The fact that the last case moved forward. The fact that in a short time light aircraft will be the same commonplace in our lives as well as passenger cars. But do not hurry the action. There still is a lot of ambiguities.

Nedavneshnee past Russian light aviation.

Many aviation enthusiasts still remember the time when the small aircraft used in this country only for pilot training and for training athletes. Well, in civilian aviation, they took quite insignificance fraction of the total number of aerial

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