Leonid Ivashov: World in the XXI century

The first decade of the XXI century can be considered the decade of unrealized hopes. Failed excellent plans and aspirations of the majestic powers and regional entities. U.S. plans were not realized in building a unipolar world, the EU has vanished hopes that the "soft" America in the face of Barack Obama will give Europe the opportunity to free the American tutelage and enter the first role in world politics. China has no more desire or even the ability to comply with the call of Deng Xiaoping: "hide our capacities" and "wait a comfortable event." It seems that this "case"

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Malady was taken to the boots

Society An activist of the "Young Front" Stanislaus Romanovich drafted. It will serve as a near Minsk in the Special Forces.

In the spring of Stanislaus Romanovich expelled from the Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. He argues that for political reasons, being engaged in social activities and did not conceal.

On the eve of the winter session came to him by representatives of the State Security Committee and insisted that the guy has collaborated with them. R. refused. Soon, he was expelled from the university.

In the rector's office argued that the reason for deductions — a bad study. The

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Leonid Ivashov: There is a replacement of the characters — Russian officers, change on the Pussy Riot

For several months last hearing in the case of a military coup in the Urals, although federal media drew attention to the story in the old days only. It is tightly woven with criminal proceedings against a retired GRU colonel Vladimir Kvachkova who once was acquitted on charges of attempted murder of Anatoly Chubais. Investigators believe the Urals coup meant local cell "kvachkovtsev" from the "people's militia to them. Minin and Pozharsky." The actual members of the organization who walked to school on military training who have written plan of insurrection "Dawn", treasured weapon, witnesses appear in court, and the

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The new super-heavy launch vehicle and its prospects.

The project to create super-heavy launch vehicle (LV) "Community" using the technology of the Soviet program "Energy-Buran" as part of cooperation between Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine requires a comprehensive study of the deep, says researcher CCH "South" (Dnepropetrovsk) Jury Moshnenko.

Commenting on the request of the agency "Interfax" uttered by the president, principal designer RSC "Energia" (Russia) Vitaly Lopota on Monday proposed the creation of a tripartite co-operation of a new super-heavy launch vehicle "Commonwealth" Yu.Moshnenko expressed confidence that the project is promising and could become the basis for building a mutually beneficial co-operation between space complex.


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Moscow and Minsk are set against their own people on the neighbors

Society The closer the presidential election in Belarus, the more are the worst quarrel between Moscow and Minsk, Western observers say.

As written in the pages of Russian English-language edition "The Moscow Times" Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics Peterson Anders Aslund, among CIS countries worst relations with Moscow — with Belarus, once its most solid ally and most authoritative (except for the Russian) state in the Europe. Both countries have recently repeated the meaningless gas war and more war on words in the media. This behavior is typical of authoritarian regimes that set up their own people against their

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New / agricultural machinery in the Trinity area of the Altai Territory

From the beginning, agricultural technology parks Trinity area replenished appliances — farmers have acquired more than a dozen new tractors, four combine harvesters. Total investment in the modernization of agriculture district from January to June amounted to 88 million rubles. With over 40% of them from the purchase of machinery and equipment for animal husbandry, noted in the Directorate of Agriculture of the Altai Territory.

Total in the first half of the region's farmers have invested in the modernization of agriculture 2.4 billion rubles, including 749 million rubles. — In the purchase of equipment for livestock and other types of

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Battery time




What mysteries are fraught with ancient pyramids?

Long before Einstein scientists spoke of time as a fourth dimension, a dimension of space. A curious phrase attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus: "It can not be my disciple who does not know that distance and age —

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Climate change threatens California Hydropower

California scientists who conducted the study of the effect of climate change on production, demand and price of hydropower, said he expects a significant change in the quantitative and temporal characteristics of the flow of water in the state. Because of the dry and hot climate state will receive less rainfall, with most of them in the form of rain, which significantly affect the operation of hydroelectric plants.

Distribution of hydropower in California. On average, about 15% are in California produce hydroelectric power is a cheap and relatively clean source of energy. About 75% of high-yield energy stations,

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Unusual rains

About 350 years ago, for the first time in France was marked by unusual rain. In the vicinity of the French town in the summer of 1608 was rain. Rains and met before on this site, but this one was unusual in that the raindrops were very similar to a drop of fresh blood.


These droplets were visible throughout. Churchmen immediately came up with a phenomenon explained. They believed that the rain sent people for their sins, and broadcasts about the end of the world. But their

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What is it?

Rheumatism— A disease that develops gradually and imperceptibly. It occurs after a streptococcal infection and inflammation is the connective tissue that is present in all organs and body systems. The first involved the heart, blood vessels and cartilage.


"Start up" special bacteria disease —beta hemolytic group B streptococci A. Once inside our body, they can cause a sore throat (tonsillitis), pharyngitis, lymphadenitis. However rheumatism This may be a consequence of infection only if a person has a certain immune system defects. According to statistics, only 03-3% Of people who have had an acute streptococcal

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