Belarusian NPP is uncertain, doubtful, dangerous

Society Russia voiced a number of conditions which must precede the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant. Moscow declared that it claims to be 50% of the income from the sale of electricity produced in Belarus, and in another case, the Russian side promised loans will be minimized.

Minsk insists on getting the first loan for a total of $ 9 billion, and then agreed to lead the rest of the negotiations. Experts point out that any zamaruzhvanne process will lead to the loss of Belarus: recently began the construction of the Baltic NPP in Kaliningrad region,

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The new strategy AvtoVAZ!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will show you something that very few people have seen.

Remember, in August, I asked Komarov: Will there be any changes in the strategy of development of VAZ 2020 in connection with the proposed purchase of Iz-Auto? Komarov said then, yes, we are working on it, in the autumn will show an updated version of the Strategy.

And here it is. The official presentation of the document was not, it has not been approved by the shareholders. I was waiting for this issue will make for an extraordinary meeting held on October

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The new launch pad is almost ready


U.S. space shuttles have gone to bed, but Russia continues to translate into reality the plans for further development of its space program. In addition to the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and Russia, will soon see a new launch pad, located in the jungle of French Guiana, on the northern coast of South America.

Already this year, is expected to launch Russian alliance with the European Space Agency's spaceport in French Guiana, where the headquarters of the French initiatives to launch the spacecraft, "Ariane". For the first time the Union will not start from the Kazakh Baikonur

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Leopard in a minefield: Armoured Vehicles of the last generation

The most harmless test driveThe journalists who conducted the test drive Ocelot in April of this year, in one voice say to acclimate them to the cockpit armored car was easy. Seats are placed in ordinary English car: the driver on the right, to the left vehicle commander.

Ocelot or Leopardus Pardalis, — it is a predator of the cat family that lives in Latin America. Because of the intense hunting in the middle of the last century was the ocelot rare animals. His namesake, the armored car Ocelot, developed by the British Army commissioned by contrast, promises to be

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Why is PR-campaign, Vladimir Putin

Society The modern appearance of the Putin-Medvedev Russia, tactics behavior of the current Russian leadership of Vladimir Putin's election campaign analyzes the Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

Freedom: Andrei, you've just returned from a public forum in Finland. Which see Russia those Europeans who still interested in what happens in Russia? Journalist Vladimir Nadein writes in "The Daily Journal" on the Internet: "Europeans are afraid of us. A little scared. But most of pity and contempt. In short, neglect. "

Andrei Piontkovsky: I did not feel such an attitude to the Russian participants of the forum and

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The new ambulance station was opened in Cherkessk (Karachay-Cherkessia)

Ambulance station was opened in the restored building of the city hospital in Cherkessk. Commissioning of the first aid station, which meets all the standards and requirements, will improve the medical care of the population.

The station located in the old building of the city hospital, where for six months was renovated. For these purposes Cherkessk City Hall has allocated 20 million rubles. Health facility is equipped with modern equipment, are created comfortable conditions for work of 150 employees.

In the near future in the same building will be open trauma center. At the disposal of trauma will be

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Scientists have observed the summer about 60 humpback whales near the Commander Islands

Scientists have observed this summer about 60 species of humpback whales during seasonal migration of animals near the Commander Islands, which is almost three times higher than the observations in the previous ten years.

"Usually during spring migration (to the Aleutian Islands — Ed.) There are about 15-20 individuals, and this year, at the end of June, the islands we saw up to 60 individuals. This was the first time in ten years. Likely migration path This year was close to Commander "- said RIA Novosti party year-round in the Commander Islands expedition Sciences to study animals of the

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Mikhail Leontiev: Regular army is waging war on reservists

Vladimir Putin believes that modernizing the armed forces need to focus on the latest trends in the art of war. Such a world premier expressed in his own article published in the "Russian newspaper". Putin says that the unprecedented scale of programs from the arms will claim huge monetary investment. What they said in the article? This and many other in the morning broadcast of "Vesti FM" said political scientist and journalist Misha Leontiev.

Kuzichev: We — the army!

Leontiev: Let me with delight. Now quite a delight — and the theme of

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What is the end of the world

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Heat. Who fights with humans

February 23, 2004 to the press leaking sensational details of a secret group of American scientists report commissioned by the Pentagon. Quote from the document: "It is a fundamentally new situation in which national security is not threatened by an external enemy that can be fought with weapons, and the elements, which can not be controlled."

Based on the data from this report, declassified British newspaper "The Observer" published a frightening prediction: climate change over the next 20 years could result in a catastrophe that will take millions of lives due to global natural disasters. And

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