The new, fully automated substation Jubilee opened in Astrakhan

JSC "IDGC Holding" has opened a new, fully automated electric substation "Jubilee" in the Kirov district of Astrakhan. The new substation is of great economic and social importance of customer service throughout the central part of the city of Astrakhan.


Also open Center Network branch of JSC "IDGC of the South" — "Astrakhan". Only two operators control 13 thousand units of overhead lines, 136 substations. Investments amounted to 850 million rubles.





Photos of Maxim Korochenko

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New epidemic — now comes to us GOAT FLU

The spread of swine flu is gradually declining. However, disturbing reports are now coming from the Netherlands — there is a new flu epidemic begins — goat. The disease is transmitted only until the animal to person, but it has become a cause of the disease goat flu more than 2,300 people. Six have died. [Cut]

As directed by the government, which is seriously concerned about the scale of the epidemic, the destruction to be about 20,000 goats and sheep, which are the so-called messenger of virus fever Q. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, the

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Pilot-Cosmonaut Leonov: Authorities destroyed the training of pilots and now wish to hire guest workers heavenly

Doubts about the capacity of the Russian Federation foreigners remain a global aerospace favorites, recently re-aggravated the start salon in Farnborough, it seems, are not without foundation. Russian pilots have complained that the government systematically destroying the branch, to create 10's years. There are even doubts will soon come to the point in space will send guest workers. But the country still needs astronauts — gallakticheskie troubles have proved that automation is not able to change the person.

The system of training pilots, engineers and professionals by the Military Space Defense was virtually destroyed. Such a world view expressed in

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New equipment for demining

The latest technology and equipment for military engineers demonstrated at a conference on mine action in the suburbs. See watch the video on the site RIA, looks like a form of "soldier of the future" for the field engineer and mine detection radar.

A new form of combat engineers is a ballistic suit that weighs about eight pounds. This new product, according to developers, can be worn as casual wear.

"The whole body is protected by the sapper, and in a zone of vital organs are plates ADP. This is a high modulus polyethylene, which holds the

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Detained for national symbols

Society In Borisov for the distribution of the Belarusian national symbols were arrested Two activists "Young Front"Anna Sharuba and eager to settle.On Sunday night, they were decorated with national symbols of the city.

Activists of the police drew up reports on administrative paper for "violating the rules of the device settlements." In the department of the detainees were fingerprinted and released after three hours.

"Young Front" campaigning "Our town", which started on May 14 2010 the anniversary of the 1995 referendum on changing the state symbols of Belarus.


Young Front

Occult world rulers

March 3, 2012 20:23

Mystical knowledge has its origins in antiquity. Esoteric tradition says there since the days of Atlantis occult centers, which are operated by people and events with black magic. This was the secret of education, silently, but rather actively interfered in the political and economic world processes.

At the beginning of XIV century French King Philip IV the Fair was defeated Templars, which existed from the XII century, and with enormous power and influence. King attracted enormous wealth accumulated by the Order. In addition, he found that the Templars dangerous to his power. Support he gave

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Russian aircraft killed without firing a shot

Commission of the Public Chamber of catastrophes in the sky: Russian aircraft "killed without firing a shot"

Against the backdrop of the recent tragedy in Indonesia, where during a demonstration flight crashed latest Russian airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100, the Russian experts once again raised the question of the deplorable situation in the domestic aviation. On the eve of the Public Chamber Commission on issues of national security and socio-economic conditions of military personnel also discussed the state of military and civil aviation in Russia and came to the conclusion that the Russian aircraft actually died, writes "RBC daily».

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Funny BAZhinki 2010 in Volozhin forest

Society The Belarusian Association of Journalists, 30 — 31 July for the third time spent summer festival "BAZhinki" on a forest farm in the Volozhin Borok forest. Camp Bazhan collected about 30 journalists from independent media in Belarus forest estate of artist Ales Elk.

Participants of the "Bazhynak-2010"

Olga Babak invites you to "BAZhinki-2010"

Presentation of the teams. On once were all Indians

Jeanne Litvin, chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the first Squaw "Bazhynak"

Organiser of most performances of "Bazhynak" Andrei Alexandrov

Vladimir Dziuba with a team — to win the

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Test pilot of dry Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan celebrates the 50th anniversary

ARMS-TASS. Now 50 years old honored test pilot Colonel Sergei Bogdan. He was born in 1962 in the town of Vol'sk Saratov region.

After graduating from high school, Sergei Bogdan entered Borisoglebskoe VVAUL and graduated with distinction in 1983. Prior to 1987, he served in the Leningrad military environment in the Su-17, and then, until 1990 — in Mongolia. With the withdrawal of troops from the country, the regiment was transferred to the Navy and relocated to the village Guards near Simferopol. In 1991, from the post of deputy. Marine squadron commander separate Attack Aviation Regiment with the rank

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Friendly products to watch

Our health is constantly in danger. The reason lies in the GMO, pesticides, growth hormones and the entire periodic table. All are seeking "nezapyatannoy products." On the shelves of supermarkets, we give preference to products, the title of which is the prefix "eco" and elect products on the market from farms. And for those products, consumers pay huge amounts of money. But does it make sense?

Food and products

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