Night raids lesser demons




Lucky Fong

I remember as a child my grandmother constantly grumbled: "Do not put a pillow on the table — this match will be … Do not methylated in the house, after seeing guests, the road they will be bad. " What nonsense, I thought then. Today,

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Aboriginal paintings in Russia A. Klimenko

Aboriginal paintings in Russia Andrei Klimenko. Film of Paul and Natalie Tulaeva Gudylinoy.

We must prepare for climate change, says scientist

Example Ural meteorite shows that humanity must be prepared not only to the gradual, but also to the rapid changes in climate caused by natural factors, according to the founder of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology of Roshydromet and Sciences, Academician Yuri Izrael.

Scientists have known cases of sudden changes in the Earth's climate in the past, in particular, by the fall of large meteorites. According to one theory, the fall of a large asteroid 66 million years ago led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

"Chebarkul meteorite … makes us think about what could happen, that

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What our children eat? watch online

Children's diet is characterized by all the vices of adults: too much fat and carbohydrates, lots of fast food, harmful soda, chips and other "contagion." How is the reform food in schools?In the near future ancestors beating the alarm — the cases of poisoning of children. But other than that there is and many other prirekany related to nutrition: smaller portions, manufacturing of semi-finished food. Incidentally, according to the reform of the power to decide what to feed the kids will not be the director of the kindergarten and the control power plant, which supplies food. To find out

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The victory against the demolition of private homes

Society Residents of the suburban village of Victory, which, according to the decision of the Gomel authorities went to the regional center, protesting against the plan to demolish part of the city executive committee of private homes and in their place build a four-lane bypass road.July 30 about fifty villagers Winning the spontaneous meeting of collected signatures for a collective letter to the chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee Victor Piliptse. Handling read Sergei Rogov:

Sergei Rogov, read a joint letter to the chairman of the city executive committee

"Development settlement victory since joining the Gomel not happen. Contrary,

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Russian folk costume

Photographs from the collection of Lydia Melnikova "Russian folk costume: Touching the springs." Collection of Russian costume — the result of repeated enograficheskih expeditions to areas of the Irkutsk region.


Collective "Watercolor" in Russian costumes Contemporary dance collective Watercolor. Head Natalya Borodikhin

Kursk and Kharkov province. Russian costume end of XIX century Before going to the fashion show of Russian costume

Choreographic group Watercolors Russian traditional feminine and girlish clothes

Siberian gatherings in OTsNTiD, July 2008. Fashion show of the collection of "Touching the Spring" Lidia Melnikova. Costume Kharkov province.

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The new school opened in g.Skopin (Ryazan region).

August 24 in Skopin ceremonial opening of the new building of secondary school number 2.

Construction of school number 2 was launched in 2010 Skopin in a long-term target program "Social development of human settlements in 2010-2014" at the expense of regional and municipal budgets in the amount of 235 million rubles. The school will train 750 students to work 84 employees, of which 48 — teachers.

Fliers telling about the arbitrariness of the commanders, suspended from flying

The resounding scandal in the old elite and the Lipetsk aviation center, where several military officers. How should one of a number of readings, the command of fleecing his own subordinates, demanding roll back to the officers' bonuses. How many dresses to take off?

For the fact that journalists have heard and recorded the stories of the elite pilots of the famous Lipetsk aviation center, majority of votes in the hall. Check-in part of the chairman of the commission of the Public Chamber to monitor the activities of law enforcement agencies Anatoly Kucherena gave the long-awaited opportunity to speak

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Shambhala in China?

January 18, 2012 14:10

We are almost ready to reject the assumption of the existence of the real geographical Shambhala, agreeing that it was primarily a "palace of wisdom within us", a special type of perception of mystical knowledge, for readability, located outside the limits of our consciousness and "placed" somewhere in the Lost Hills.

Always difficult to believe that the greatest mystery, the most ambitious and surprising revelations of esoteric knowledge within us, in a non-realized, "minimized" form. But — a push, a sudden stimulus, and we've already hit our consciousness terrific insights and are not able to believe

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Where the CIA knows your address in Moscow: curious facts. Continued Part 2

Guards that "Citigroup" has got off relatively easy. A fine of $ 212 million on a turnover for 2004 of $ 86.2 billion and net income of $ 17 billion — is too light a punishment for money laundering and harsh treatment of creditors — themes that while the United States is perhaps the banner of a political campaign. Was not between bankers and the U.S. government any agreement unknown to the world, for example, that the Corporation will deserve forgiveness additional work on the Central Intelligence Agency? In this case, observers note that the expansion of the "Citigroup"

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