Date of end of the world is found in the second Mayan calendar

November 29, 2011 9:37

Komalkalko ruins. Photo: From the website

So, the apocalypse is inevitable? MONUMENT 6

End of the world, supposedly naprorochenny ancient Maya on December 21, 2012, is haunted by the panic-mongers: after the finish — almost a year later. Fears injected and publishers publish the book with frightening names — "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl", "Apocalypse 2012: The scientific study of the end of civilization", "The Revolution of 2012: Preparation." Many people are really scared, thinking that Maya foresaw the end of the world and thus completed their schedule a specific date. Search Google

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Gomel. Technique opposition returned, but not all

Society Homel KGB returned the civil society activists and the regional office of the United Civil Party selected in January during searches of the computer.

Vladimir Katsora

"In total we have returned 10 computers — both private and those that were in the office. We refused to take only copier that was somehow defective. The staff council promised to bring it to working condition — and then we'll take. There was another funny episode to one of kamputatav was not a mouse. It turned out that one of the security officers gave it to the use of his son —

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A child of five to seven years

Age Five to seven years is called pre-school senior. And really — how grown up your little one! He himself feels it and constantly requires you to get you recognized his abilities and capacities, asserting itself by inventing this whole new ways.

However, in psychological terms, this age considered to be more or less calm this time of gradual and orderly development. Perhaps this is why, when the child turns five to seven years, the parents begin to miss the gentle and touching the baby and thinking about the second Chad.

It seems, there is not now such

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WWF Russia has launched a website to raise funds for the protection of polar bears

The "Click for help" at running in the Marine Mammal Protection Day, aims to draw attention to the threat of polar bears and to find the means to protect the animals from poachers, according to the developers — The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the advertising agency BBDO Moscow.

Day to protect marine mammals and whales Day is celebrated on February 19 in 1986, when, after 200 years of ruthless extermination of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) imposed a ban on whaling. Currently only allowed aboriginal whaling exclusively for the needs of the indigenous population, as well as the

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The company «Elbit Systems» began supplying UAVs «Hermes 900» customers in Latin America

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The new school opened in the village of Siwa Perm region

A new school was built in Siwa due to regional and local budgets. The discovery of such a modern school in Siwa confirms that the regional authorities are banking on the development of this area. The new school will provide an opportunity to develop more active area, here attract good teachers on the job.

And it is a signal for the region to build more new schools to solve one of the most important issues — teaching children in one session — said in his opening Viktor Basargin.By the way, with the commissioning of the school

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Greetings from the dead

January 10, 2013 10:11

After the death of people continue to sort things out and fall in love.

Lovers tickle nerves remember how watching the film "White Noise", afraid to lift up the phone and see the noise on the TV screen: what voices from the other world to break into broadcasting. The plot of the thriller — the absolute mystery, but there are enthusiasts who claim to establish contact with "the next world" is quite real. In their archives — thousands of votes held by the departed people. Special equipment helps detect messages from the "subtle

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Underwater solar panels

Science does not stand still, and alternative energy sources wherever they are mounted and what is just is not used. But there are places on this earth where it is particularly difficult to produce energy. For example: the ocean. For such purposes the U.S. Navy developed solar panels that can produce energy at a depth of 9 meters!

In the Research Laboratory of the U.S. Navy developed solar panels with a wide band gap. Such batteries are best suited for efficient production of sufficient energy for electronic sensor systems to

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The new school opened in Podolsk (Moscow region).

Another school building down the street, General Smirnov Podolsk acquired their owners. Here from the village Dobryatino moved gymnasium number 7. The new building will be taught 500 students.According to the headmaster, the conditions for learning created in this educational institution, surpassed all expectations. With the financial support of the administration of Podolsk all fully-equipped, built a large sports stadium.For children with disabilities have special elevators. For elementary school students living in Dobryatino by the decision of the head coach is selected to reduce the travel time.

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Egyptian cross on the field




At the beginning of August in the town of Matsku (Matsqui, British Columbia, Canada), a local resident flew his fields when he discovered that the camp of the symbol, which is similar to the "Egyptian cross." Education is a circle, flanked by two half-moon. Education is located

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