Childbirth with her husband

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Conceiving a child — a sacrament, which is attended by two. The birth of a child — the birth family. However, there are still believed that the birth of a child — purely for women.

Today, in many developed countries, joint childbirth and her husband not only considered to be natural, but welcome: as a rule, after such delivery between father and child are established very strong relationships, tender affection. These fathers are extremely caring, sincere hot interest in all that concerns a child.

It is believed that the partnership delivery, and not the mere presence of the husband in the delivery room — the good and for the wife and the husband, and the child, and the family as a whole. However, such births are not for everyone. To ensure that all went well, should certain conditions be met:

  • Condition One: complete trust in the family — spiritual closeness and lack of facilities, the desire to take care of a loved one.
  • The condition of the second: husband should be prepared to partner leave. Preparation takes place in special courses that the couple must attend together. Before birth it is desirable to discuss the upcoming event with a doctor who will accept delivery. Furthermore, husband should acquainted with the literature of obstetrics, watch movies with childbirth. In any case, itshould be prepared for hard work, because he will have to give birth. The husband will have to breathe with his wife (the surest way to make woman in labor to breathe — breathe it himself, looking her in the eye), physically and morally support their favorite.
  • The third condition: husband should not be afraid of blood. To check yourself, it is good to see the tape to childbirth (which can be done at the appropriate rates, or at a midwife, or just buying them). In a pinch, you can be with his wife only on fights and vain attempts to get out of rodzal.

If you decide to give birth together, remember that the psychological preparation of the husband to leave is not as important as the preparation of his wife. The man should be the insistence that the birth of a new life — it's notsomething horrible or dirty, and a wonderful, wonderful, and the most significant and solemn occasion in the life of the family. It is a family, not just women. A man should give their love to his wife, to support her in every way to help, to facilitate her pain.

For a pregnant woman is very important for the support of loved ones — a husband, mother, and full confidence in the doctor, who will deliver a baby. Confidence in these people — these are the three pillars on which rests the confidence of women in the forces. A man should remember that his concern is transmitted woman and multiplied it many times over. So be brave and calm.

Some women find that the joint labor may lead to a weakening or loss of potency in men. Psychologists do not agree. If your husband will not only be present at birth, and actively participate in them and empathize, it will only strengthen and improve your relationship, including sex.

If the situation in the labor unfavorable — dull walls, rude staff, you are "crucified" on the family table — and your husband is confused and does not know how to help you, it can not only lead to the weakening of potency, but also to the loss of his interest in life. In many ways, it also depends on how deep your relationship to the couple.

By themselves, the genera can not be the cause of the weakening of sexual desire, but if the pair already has some serious problems, joint labor may exacerbate them. That is why it is so important to the future pope attended classes to prepare for childbirth, along with the women, and notonly understand what is happening in the birth process, but also know what can help.

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