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I waited Jiang Kanchzhena in the lobby, where he stayed span from Khabarovsk to Simferopol. Recognized him at once. Not only because of the specific appearance. But also because in the 15 years that we have not seen Kanchzhen almost unchanged. Well, older, of course. Five years at the most. Son identified: "Dad, look you in the same age." And, perhaps, made me compliment our guest thinner portly me, and gray hair on his head is smaller. And he was exactly 20 years of age or older. That's what a regular rejuvenation!

Kozlokrol and pshekuruza
15 years ago, when we met with Jiang at the first All-Union conference on parapsychology, scientists have argued about it, rustling newspapers and magazines. Someone thought he was a prophet of a new era, someone — a charlatan. Photographs obtained by non-genetic hybrids they went from hand to hand, to the delight and disbelief.
Well, in fact, as you can relate to the chicken flat duck's beak and webbed, like waterfowl, between the claws on the feet, if it is known that the chicken does not cover the duck, and a rooster with a duck tricks never before seen? At the same time, Jiang is not a geneticist, a virtuoso who could spend the most delicate operation of permutation of units in the DNA molecule. He achieved this miracle of nature differently: irradiated chicken eggs biovolnami ducks.
No less a sensation at the Academy selhoznauk produced bushy stalks of corn cobs with multiple radiating from a single "spike" as the wheat grain.
And all this circus performers in the arena of science was not enough! Here cucumbers grown from seeds irradiated melon: yellowish fruit, egg-shaped, with a taste and aroma of melon.
Pregnant rabbit 'bombarded' wave beam, taken from the goats — and rabbits on the upper jaw grew crooked teeth-shaped goat horns.
Capital academia is kept on these experiments proud silence. Only the distance from Moscow boldest scientists decided to test and approve experiments Jiang: Novosibirsk academic-physician V.Kaznacheev gathered advanced workshop involving 130 scientists from five different institutions. Their approving the conclusion of Jiang and today is in the folder as a safe-conduct, fear of accusations of witchcraft, and in connection with the evil spirit.

Student Head of Lab
In high school Kanchzhen as many utopian in the 50's, interested in robots and space technology itself was a decent radio technician. Leafed through the mountain of scientific and technical journals. In one of them had read about the experiences of rejuvenation with soda baths, which followed Lepeshinskaya then fascinated almost all Soviet intelligentsia. Competent Jiang did not believe in the soda bath, or in yogurt Mechnikov, but the very idea of rejuvenating the body on fire seriously. So much so that, having thrown your favorite radio technician entered the Shenyang Institute of Medicine.
Only, unlike his fellow students, physics is not abandoned, but continued to study it. In those years, addicted to the idea of constructing an artificial brain. Jiang realized that at the intersection of neuroscience and cybernetics can find an approach to the mystery of life.
He then read that a living cell fission emits ultraviolet light. But this part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. If around any cybernetic system always is the electromagnetic field, it must be operated around the brain.
By high rates of medical school Jiang convinced: bioelectric field of a living organism operates in the microwave range. Inquisitive student teachers began to pull, let us measure the radiation of the brain. Came with their ideas to the rector. He took them seriously — he sent his work to check the Institute of Atomic Physics. From there she was sent to the Office of Science of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the highest in the era scientific body.
Jiang was summoned to Beijing, where for a week with him the award-winning scientists. He was given the latest book on the theory of DNA, only recently established by that time. The idea of the relationship of the student bioelectromagnetic field to the information in the fine structures of the body, is so pleased with the commanders of Chinese science, that they took an unprecedented decision to create at Shenyang Medical College laboratory to test the hypothesis Jiang.
After graduation, remaining as an assistant at the Department of Pathophysiology, continued to investigate the genetic effects of biofield. And in 1961, a young scientist built the first in the history of Biotron — a device for transmitting bioizlucheny from one organism to another. It was then, under the wing of Mao Zedong, one of the pillars of the global Marxism, there was a disgusting bourgeois chimera — chicken chicken with duck webbed paws.

Yuri, double con red empires
In the first half of the 60th China Red Guards were gaining momentum. Jiang was reminded that his grandfather was a wealthy, while his father and older brother did not sympathized with the revolution. When it was decided to classify the study Jiang's leadership, he realized that it was just a cover for an upcoming deal with it, the lab will inevitably be closed. Settle in another place renegade from Marxism, of course, will not allow.
Then Kanchzhen decided to escape from China, which has already blazed a ruthless fire "cultural revolution." But where to go? Free Japan and South Korea are separated seas, India — snow peaks. There remained only the Soviet Union.
In June 1966, began the first massacre committed by the Red Guards. And in September, taking advantage of holidays, Kanchzhen moved north. He entered unnoticed into the border zone to parting with nelaskovoy home had only four hours away. But he was detained.
For attempting to cross the border Jiang was given four years of hard labor.
After his release, looked into the university laboratory is not, the installation was broken. On the scientific work is not out of the question. Jiang got to take care of the pigs, and then cleaned the toilets.
His second attempt to cross the border in the 71 th year this time was successful. Kanchzhen knew that the risk is greater than the first time: the time has come steeper, and if caught with a repeat offender will not stand on ceremony.
But fate was kind: the Soviet border guards handed emaciated, had spent a week without eating Chinese in Khabarovsk, where he identified only two years of work in the timber industry enterprise.
To learn more or less explained in Russian, Jiang took his Russian name and patronymic — now his name is Yuri. Probably kept going naive Chinese, namesake of the all-powerful head of the Lubyanka will get not so active.
Upon the motion of the Moscow Institute of Oncology, where Jiang's work know, it was a laboratory assistant in the Khabarovsk Medical Institute (a medical degree was in China — about the work of the profession had nothing to dream.)

Silent genes talking?
Only in 1986 a fugitive in China rehabilitated, allowing relatives to request a duplicate diploma and send it to Jiang. In Khabarovsk, he proved that he has mastered the technique of acupuncture, a doctor and enrolled in the railway hospital.
By the time he re-established the Biotron at home and experimented with plants and animals.
Jiang made in practice: in the microwave range is transmitted hereditary information. In the DNA chain is known to be active genes — from 1 to 5 percent. The remaining 95-99% — the so-called silent genes. Why do they even need not known. Jiang implies: they are included only in the fetal period. So, experiments on biotron allowed Jiang to believe that microwaves excite silent, timeless genes that are awakened to an active life. And already they synthesize young squirrels.
By irradiating a first biotron mice, then himself, then many patients, Jiang received the effect that he calls rejuvenation: after a month of regular exposures sprouted wheat germ, peas, corn, barley, sorghum — in short, diverse edible crops — the physiological age of the patient is reduced an average of five and a half years. This eliminates many chronic diseases, increases immunity, sexual function returns.
In 1992, a Russian citizen Yuri Tszyankanchzhen (do not laugh — it is written in an official document) has received a patent for a way to change the hereditary characteristics of the biological object and device for directional transmission of biological information. Four years later — another patent, where it is written: "The process of rejuvenation." A year later — the third patent for a device called "Biotron Jiang."

How to chew apples of youth?
Of the 600 men, regenerate in 15 years biotron the direct participation of Jiang's, I had a talk with one. Eugene P. Ishchenko — Professor of Law Academy, the man, as they say, quite sane.
— I met with Jiang in 1990, and in 1992, when together with his friend on a business trip to Khabarovsk, underwent rejuvenation. I was only 46 years old, a year before I came out of a kidney stone, sand, and remained small stones, after working on his doctoral dissertation weakened eyesight, prescribed glasses. In Khabarovsk, I spent thirty nights under irradiation. At first, my friend and I were treated to experiment with skepticism. But already during the course of his chest noticeably blackened gray hair. I'm at the end of the course the ultrasound showed absence of sand and stones in the kidney, no glasses needed a few more years. According to my subjective assessment, five years in Khabarovsk I just left. For a month, conducted in the laboratory Jiang, we have seen children with cerebral palsy who are after the course of treatment at the Biotron, began to run, to dance, to laugh, a girl with scabs on the skin due to neurodermatitis completely cleared the skin. Regional prosecutor's office at the behest of the then head of the region, which is called the land of the snout — only to find a basis for initiating a criminal case against Jiang. But did not find any patient who would after treatment, Jiang became worse.
But still, is it Rejuvenation? Or simply a beneficial effect on the body? Are we to say about the turn back the subjective time of the organism? These are the questions I asked a world-famous explorer of psychic phenomena, Doctor of Biological and Medical Sciences Alexander Petrovich Dubrov, a quarter-century familiar with Jiang Kanchzhenom.
— Jiang — MD, a talented scientist and inventor. I am convinced that Biotron should be widely promoted as a panacea for the rehabilitation of patients after an illness. But what are the mechanisms to achieve a positive effect on the impact of biotron living objects — a multi-faceted issue of the scientific research that Jiang, in my opinion, for various reasons, can not hold their own. Need a reliable medical statistics, need deep physics research that Jiang calls bioelectric field, we need collaborations with eminent Russian scientists who study the wave nature of the genetic effects. Only after all of these studies, we can once again raise the question of the possibility of rejuvenation.

Moskovsky Komsomolets on 04.10.2004


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