Fishermen on the Volga attacked a flock of piranhas

In the district of Saratov in the Volga fishermen caught large piranhas. Fish actively resisted and tried to attack the fisherman, but have ended up on the shore. A few hours later at the same place at the bait pecked another piranha and a half times larger. It undershot the line and returned to the Volga. Fisheries in panic — caught piranha weighs almost a kilogram. In order to gain that weight, she had to live in the river at least a year. The capture of two large specimens in one place says that in Saratov was got a pack of predatory fish, "the Komsomol truth".

As you know, piranhas can not survive where the water temperature drops to 4 degrees, but in a place where fishermen catch predators, the river flows into the collector, so that the water does not freeze out there all year round. Biologists said that if the piranhas get into unfamiliar environment, they have instinct, they begin to eat and gain weight. So perhaps that caught piranha lived no more than five years in the Volga, as one might expect from its weight and smaller. But the question is that the river is alive and breeding populations of predatory fish, almost none.

Interestingly, in the Rostov region in May 2011 in Salt Lake fishermen also caught piranhas, weighing 2.4 pounds. Since spring 2012, the lake is scheduled to open summer water park, the news was taken very rapidly. Few people want to see tourists coming to rest on the Salt Lake, a victim of bloodthirsty piranhas.

Note that climate change and, in particular, the temperature of the water in rivers and seas make ponds Russia more and more dangerous for tourists. In August, there were three in Primorye shark attacks on swimmers. Vladivostok beaches and surrounding areas have been closed to swimming. According to scientists, a whole flock of Primorye settled man-eater, who had to withdraw from the Russian coast in the autumn, when the water gets cold. However, a few days ago in the area of Vladivostok was fished baby white shark, and it shows that he was born in the local waters. So the man-eating shark occupied Primorye long.

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