Legend of the Caucasus — Baklanov-hero! ..

Legend of the Caucasus - Baklanov-hero! ..
"Highlanders! If you are afraid of Allah
as Baklanov, it has long been
could be holy. But do not be the same
cowards. Persevere in the struggle, and
skirmishes with the enemy more than you
doing it until now. "
Imam Shamil.

Cossack General Jacob P. Cormorants, one of the most colorful characters of the Caucasian War last century — a sullen-foot athlete, a tireless pursuer Highlanders and Turks, the enemy of political correctness and "democracy" in all its manifestations. He, like many of his contemporaries was producing military victory for the country and created the glory of Russia.

Future storm Caucasus was born March 15, 1809 in the village of Gugninskoy (Baklanovskiy) Don troops. Yakov Petrovich was brought up on the streets of his native village with the children ordinary Cossacks. By the age of sixteen Jacob learned to read, write and count, but it is best to have learned a lance and sword, shoot straight and became a dashing horseman.

In 1826 he began his military service, he enlisted in the Cossack sergeant regiment Popov. By 1828, Yakov Petrovich received epaulets cornet. He took part in the war against Turkey. He distinguished himself in a city of Bourgas. In the battles Jacob Baklanov was brave, daring, sometimes excessively passionate.

In 1834, the regiment Baklanov was transferred to the Caucasus. Specifically, the Caucasus during the service brought Yakov Petrovich biggest fame and has promoted the rollicking Cossack become a brilliant military officer. Under the supervision of the commander of the Kuban band G.H.Zassa Baron, whom he had always called his teacher, participated in almost all the expeditions and battles. For boldness and fearlessness was awarded the Order of St.Vladimir fourth degree. However, already in the first harsh clashes Yakov Petrovich could just lay down his unruly head.

In July 1836 he became interested in pursuit of the enemy and ended up with a small detachment of armed to the teeth against the Highlanders, the superior strength of the Cossacks three times. An hour Baklanov managed to repel the attacks of more than 10, and then he ran in coming to cheer their own fighters news that comes to them reinforcements. In fact impending storm, thunder and the clever commander gave out shots of Russian artillery. The decisive event was a success — the Circassians in shambles fled. At other times, producing and exploration once again lying in wait, here he dumped 2-enemies with a shotgun, and after it was put under the horse, dismounted and hacked to death four Chechen sword and was able to dodge the shots of their comrades. Saved from certain death, Baklanov immediately returned to the command and was able to firmly cover up his own squad after crossing a mountain river Elbe. Then in the mountains began to spread rumors about the unspeakable giant-Cossacks, who does not take a bullet.

In 1845, an army sergeant Baklanov was appointed commander of the 20th Regiment of the Don. It must be emphasized that the regiment was at this point a very low combat capability: the Don Cossacks, unaccustomed to the conditions of mountain warfare, yielded a linear Cossacks and the Cossacks in general was on temporary work …

Cormorants could not accept such a situation. First, he returned to the system of own regiment of Cossacks. Established a strict control over the content of stallions (could screw up for drunken oats) and gun. Also introduced the teaching of the Cossacks and Sapernoe artelleriyskomu business and intelligence agencies. The regiment was organized by the seventh weaving, where, under the supervision of Baklanov learned junior commanders and their bellies for the team especially unsafe Affairs — a kind of "special forces".

Well, almost everything else Yakov Petrovich found a sudden and extraordinary solutions. So, he gave the order to hide the statutory form to the best of times, and the regiment moved on uniforms and weapons only trophy property. So Makar, after some time, the 20th Regiment was wearing a Circassian, and the Cossacks were paraded in front of each other expensive daggers, swords and good Circassian rifled muskets.

In a fight Baklanov was terrible. In difficult Minutka combat situation he hands his sword in the first rushed forward on his own stallion. His famous "Baklanovskiy hit" cut through the enemy from the crown to the seat. Baklanov was uncompromisingly stern and merciless to the briefs and read usually blundered Cossack, showing big fist "chickened out again, you see this is my fist? I love you this very fist and smash!" But for bravery encouraged in every possible way and in their ability to economize the own subordinates, teaching with all this: — "Show opponents that Dumka not thy life, and the glory and honor of the Don Cossacks." For serious nature, courage and powerful health (Baklanov was wounded more than 10 times), it was called "Ermak Timofeyevich." Cossacks adored proud and valued their commander. In one battle, Jacob P. necks in vain aimed fire mountain riflemen. Do not hesitate with his body shut-known scout Plastun Skopin, who had by that time three of the cross of St. George. The bullet shattered his shoulder, but Baklanov was saved. For this feat Skopin was promoted to officer rank of cornet.

Regiment Baklanov not miss the tiniest ability to fight with the mountaineers, as well as cause them damage in the form of a punitive expedition, ambushes, burned village, trampled crops or cattle stolen. In general, Yakov Petrovich mountaineers repay them in kind, and its 20th regiment soon became a model partisan connections. With an extensive network of agents in the middle of the Highlanders, in which he squandered almost all his salary, Baklanov could outperform their predatory raids.

In this situation, the mountaineers of the attacking party had to be defensive. Now it was already not an attack on the Russian Cossack villages and settlements, and about how not to become victims themselves baklanovtsev raids. In his declining years conqueror of the Caucasus has calculated that under his leadership the Cossacks requisitioned Chechens have 12 thousand heads of cattle and 40 thousand sheep — is striking proportions.

The administration was ecstatic about the results achieved and did not direct attention to his guerilla. For achievements in the war with the mountaineers Yakov Petrovich was awarded the Order of St. Anne 2nd degree and a golden gun.

People and horses at Baklanov shortcomings in the provisions have not experienced, and the commander, a staunch supporter of the idea of self-sufficiency troops could just outsmart the most treacherous mountain people, who unsuccessfully tried to hide their flocks of voracious army of the 20th Regiment. The other day, Easter 1849 Yakov Petrovich gave his Cossacks great gift. Break the fast as it was nothing — an old supplies of mutton were eaten, and their herds Chechens hid from prying eyes. The efficient Baklanov during majestically post personally scouted all the hidden trails and light prazdnichka recently made a successful raid for cattle.
Legend of the Caucasus - Baklanov-hero! ..Scattered natives had no choice but to suspect Cossack commander in friendship with Satan himself. Highlanders and dubbed own arch-enemy — Dajjal (Satan), and considered it charmed by death. The view alone "Shaitan-Buckle (Leo) suggests their magic and superstitious nightmare — two feet tall, powerfully built, a pock-marked face, big nose, bushy eyebrows, thick longish mustache, sideburns passing in that eerily waving in the wind, and in kumachovye shirt — he was in their eyes and the living embodiment of the messenger of hell. Even his fellow citizens could not Hanadiv on the invoice Yakov. Creator recognizable memories Alexander Nikitenko outlined his appearance as follows: "… Baklanov on his face as if printed this program that if he ever played the fourth of her, it was worth 10 times hanging. "

His demonic reputation Yakov Petrovich strongly supported. One look at the Cossack leader came Chechen elders — they could not wait to see what happened to them is a real war accomplice demon. 1st Baklanovskiy species was quite suitable for the memories, and when our hero met guests in vyvorochennye coat, with a face smeared with soot and continuously rotating eyes, no further evidence was required.

The Highlanders were convinced that "Shaitan-Buckle" can only be destroyed with a silver bullet, fired at him and such, but they did not take Cossack.
Recognizable in the middle of the Highlanders arrows Gianni, specially sent by Shamil, swore on the Koran to lay the hated "Buckle" with the first shot, and boasted that at fifty paces breaks the chicken egg, had heard about it on the two-meter Cossack Highlanders quietly answered that Baklanov and a fly hit the steps with 100 fifties. Duel took place on the hill by the river Michiko. Yakov Petrovich began to Dzhanemom for horses. At the crucial moment of the Chechen sniper hesitated and made two inaccurate shot. Cormorants, without dismounting, took aim and shot a relaxed competitor bullet between the eyes. When Baklanov, turning the horse began to descend from the mound in the Russian army thundered cheers! .. Chechens, waving his cap and ran out into the rubble, thrashed her hands in the air and sounded frantic, "Yaksha, Buckle! .. Malodets, Buckle! .."
Since that time, the Chechnya has to walk a saying used to doomed braggart, "Do not you want to destroy Baklanov?"

Not the least nightmare induce the Highlanders and dark banner of the 20th Regiment. On a black silk cloth with an embroidered on it dead Adam head (skull) and 2 crossed bones beneath it burned gilded inscription of the "Sign of Faith" — "I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the age to come. Amen." The Banner was Baklanovskiy icon of the 20th Regiment and was hallmark of desperate fighters. Jacob P. until the end of his own days not part with this military camp relic. One witness said: "Wherever the enemy is not beheld this terrible banner fluttering high in the hands of a stately stems, a shadow following their commander, — there was a terrible and ugly mug Baklanov, and inseparable from her inevitable defeat and death to any who got in the way. "

At the end of the service, it is now known in the whole of the Caucasus of the 20th Regiment, at the personal request of the Chief of the forces in the Caucasus Vorontsov aimed Emperor (Vorontsov — Minister of War, "Tell dear prince, sir, I beg him to give us Baklanov ") Baklanov was left in the second period. He was entrusted with the management of the 17th Regiment of the Don.
Cossacks love to own leader was so deep, that together with him were many commanders and ordinary Cossacks of the 20th Regiment. Soon 17th regiment is exemplary — and again fighting, reconnaissance, ambushes …

July 28, 1851 Baklanov was awarded the Order of St.Vladimir third degree for their distinction in the defeat to the Highlanders Shali clearing, and on November 16 of the same year it was announced high distinction in favor of the extermination of village-Dakhin IRZA.
In February 1852, on the orders of the chief of the left flank of the Caucasus band Bariatinskii prince, with a group of 3 infantry battalions, 4 guns and own Cossack regiment, Baklanov finished clearing of the river Kura strengthen Michiko. At this time, the prince spoke of the fortress Baryatinsky Surovoi to Avtur for the upcoming follow-through tremendous Chechnya and Maior-Wheel in the Kur River. On February 17, Baklanov with 2 hundred square meters of own regiment left for Kochkalykovsky range. The scouts brought news that Shamil from 25 thousand army is behind the river Michiko against glade to cut Baklanov working path. By focusing the night 5 companies of infantry, six hundred Cossacks and 2 guns, Yakov Petrovich was able to fool the care of Shamil, made his way through with a detachment of his line, with no roads, at the feral area and joined the Prince Baratinsky at a time when the latter is more than just having to support when passing through the forest. Commanding right around the same time aregarde prince, Baklanov made a number of new feats, for which he was granted the Order of sv.Zhoru grade 4 and promoted to the rank of Major General.
"In recompense the good deeds of courage and bravery rendered against the Highlanders on taking the fight to the place appointed for the crossing of the Chechen detachment of troops, and the application of perfect assemblage of Shamil's defeat."
April 10, 1854 for distinguished service rendered when attacking an enemy position at the village Gurdali and perfect scattering cavalry Shamil Baklanov was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav first degree and was appointed head of the cavalry of the Caucasus Corps.

In 1855, Baklanov was focused on the Caucasian theater of the Crimean War. At the storming of the fortress of Kars Baklanov was wounded, but remained in stroyu.Za distinction and courage in the assault of enemy positions, he was awarded the Order of St.. Anne 1st degree, and in 1860 was promoted to lieutenant general.
During the Polish uprising in 1863, Baklanov was appointed commander of the Don shelves in Vilna environment. In Poland, Yakov Petrovich worked in very different ways than in Chechnya. He expressed himself cruel, but extremely fair boss. It is not contrary to the provisions of confiscated property insurgents indiscriminately, but by the ability instituted custody of young babies Soslani Poles and kept them for the property. Governor-General of Poland Muravevu, Baklanov bestrashno said: "You and I will be able to give a tribunal, and not to dismiss the petition, but I will say one thing: my purpose was to do so, so that the name of the Russian army has laid down no spots, and my conscience says I headed for of success. " Such a response has caused appreciation Muraveva.

Legend of the Caucasus - Baklanov-hero! ..But boldness was not the same — an old warriors worried unhealthy liver, and in 1864 a large fire in Novocherkassk deprived of his house and the property. Since 1867, Yakov Petrovich living out their own age in St. Petersburg — all his generals retired he gave mutilation warriors and the poor. He died February 18, 1873 in poverty and obscurity.

He was buried at the expense of character, "the grateful troops Don" on the nunnery Resurrection Cemetery in St. Petersburg. At the grave monument was raised architect Nabokov, struck the imagination of witnesses on a piece of granite mountains cast cloak, fur hat, sword and Baklanovskiy famous icon of black bronze. October 4, 1911 the remains of Baklanov together with the monument was moved to the capital of the Don Cossacks Novocherkassk.

Under the Bolsheviks mem
ory of a hero of the Caucasian War attempted to erase, like many other heroes of the Russian Federation do not fit into the doctrine of the world of international brotherhood. In the 30 years the monument has undergone partial destruction. Since he stripped his cloak, his cap, sword and a bronze skull and crossbones. Exceptionally, in 1996, the statue was returned to its original form.

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