Leonid Ivashov: In Syria Our homeland is at least in general and correct, but very passive position

In the media reported that the head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition announced his readiness to lead talks with Vice President Farouk al-Shara. The question arises: who is sovereign, who is offering to talk? In fact the case, it acts on behalf of external aggression, on behalf of the West. Naturally, Mr. Shara — pochetaemy man, diplomat, but this statement is an attempt to split the control of the Syrian Arab Republic. There is President of the country, and if the authorities would negotiate, then it will specifically determine the composition of the delegation and its head. These conditions should be rejected, and I hope that this ultimatum will cut off the Syrian administration.

The fact that external military intervention is obvious

Necessary to agree on an immediate cessation of hostilities, the termination of armed robbery, and then have — on elections, political settlement, and so on. And no ultimatums. It was then that would be a success. The opposition, at least, to put one candidate for the talks.

In my memory, the opposition arises even fourth favorite, and it is unclear who will be tomorrow. This so-called "opposition" is far from unambiguous, is not united and does not represent a political force. It is illegal armed groups.

The fact that external military intervention in Syria is obvious. There is no civilian war. On the one hand, there is a war for their own sovereignty, the right of the Syrian people to determine their own destiny, and on the other hand are mercenaries from all over the world. There is and political turncoats, who at the behest of the West are doing everything to kill a prosperous Syrian government, which they already have gained. Burgeoning Syria turned into ruins, the population nischebrodnichaet, the refugees and the victims of this anger. But thanks to the support of Russia and China Syrian people running Bashar Assad persevered.

You can warn you that we will stop all cooperation with NATO will withdraw its own ambassador

Put up a brand new team of Barack Obama with this defeat? Will there be any way to find a political settlement to save their face? It was then that the political process will gain momentum. If you will be moving in the direction of the destabilization of the entire region, the Syrian people have tight enough. It will be something similar to Yemen, where militants have dominated, fought in Afghanistan, "Al-Qaeda" and other terrorist organizations.

At one time there were Lebanese action, and there are parallels with the events in Syria. The scenario is the same. Principle — the "divide and rule". Divide society on various grounds, and then manage, though not direct order there, although not stabilize, do everything, so there was always a fire. Threw up a little firewood, and everything starts to fall apart.

Our homeland generally takes the right attitude, but very passive. In the Russian Federation there is a lot of leverage: the two-sided case with America, and bilateral affairs NATO and the UN Security Council, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and so on. For instance, one can warn that we will stop all cooperation with NATO will withdraw its own ambassador, etc.. There is also another point that we do not use: some statements by officials of Western countries, in my opinion, one can described as encouraging outdoor anger. But all these questions are not put us in the UN Security Council.

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