Leonid Ivashov: Putins Russia lips announced departure from the pro-Western vector

First, it should be noted that as a result of the visit of a large delegation of government and business representatives in Iraq Russia, headed by the Prime Minister of the country — a reversal of the pro-US Iraqi politicians to pro. For the majority of Americans are invaders and destroyers of their country and the main opponents. Now, these sentiments are transformed into public consciousness in real politics. The Iraqi administration has committed a sufficiently courageous act: despite the pressure, which is probably from the United States and its satellites, it tries to survive and build an independent foreign and economic policy in particular. Because there was a natural turn to Russia.

The fear is that the Americans will impose sanctions

This should be linked to the fact that our homeland is now the mouth of Putin's announced departure from the pro-Western vector of development of the Eurasian. Apparently, all of this needs to be linked, and this is — quite a substantial increase to our overall potential of Russia. I was at a roundtable Business Council Our homeland — Iraq with the role of the Prime Minister of Iraq, and there is Russian business invitation from the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the business come to change the South American and British companies. There is extensive gates are open.

On the other hand, Iraqi and Russian sides have a realization that the business will be difficult to work without security. Danger is very great, because in addition to business-The project addresses the issue of military security. Because Iraq has turned to his own classic partner of, with a view to purchase modern types of weapons. This — also a courageous act of the Iraqi side. Naturally, there is a fear that the Americans would impose sanctions perhaps against Russian or Iraqi companies. This fear is not necessary.

Need to run a comprehensive collaborative processes

In this regard, necessary engaged not only in trade, and the massive geopolitical analysis of the processes that occur in the world, a situation that is emerging in the region, to predict the situation and plans to launch brutal counter policies, plans combat destruction of the Near East. Here are needed geopolitical analysis, forecasting and planning security, which was proposed me as president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems at the round table.

Parallel processes to run in-depth cooperation. 1st — culture, education, science together in mutually beneficial areas of joint activities and sports, etc.. Business hard to make friends, it's — Competitive environment but all parallel niche for interaction and cooperation. Then Iraq become our partner, and later — and ally (first in the field of security) in the Middle East.

Syria can break, Iran can stir up and destabilize

We can say that the result of the successful visit of the Prime Minister at the head of the delegation was the agreed position on Turkey and the Syrian events. It is very essential. I note his statement on Turkey. He blames Turkey's brutal policies. Our homeland and this says about that already says Iraq. Without this visit to Iraq kept a low profile. There is also another point. Certainly, support for Iran's principled Iraq.

In my opinion, a joint position on Syria is read between the lines and the situation around Iran. Syria can break, Iran can stir up and destabilize because now be picking up forces prepared together with Russia to carry stabilization in the region. That is currently being done.

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