Letter of unusual man




Ladies and Gentlemen! I am writing to you with a very interesting and an eye opener

In Germany, in the city of Halle lives an unusual and very

wonderful man his name is Jacob Tsiperovich.

Tsiperovich Jacob was born in 1953 in Minsk, graduated from high school, then worked as an electrician in the various organizations of the city of Minsk and his entire life until 1979 was no different from life the same as it is young people.

In 1979, as a result of severe poisoning his heart stopped, and contrary to all known medical terms it for an hour in a state of clinical death. An hour later, the heart working again, but in itself it came only a week. When he awoke, he realized what had happened to him that something strange.

He could not even lie down. He had only to take a horizontal position,

as he was immediately some force to throw up, and no effort is impossible

to overcome this state of .16 years Jacob spent in a state of absolute insomnia that from the point of view of medicine and of all our knowledge about the person completely neveroyatno.V 1995 he began studying yoga and meditation with other oriental he managed to get his body to make a horizontal position, but no more than 2-3 hours. Besides six months he could not speak, it was paralyzed. Something strange was going on with the body temperature, it did not exceed 33.5 degrees. Six months later, it had fully recovered, but his voice was completely different, as if it did not. Another has become even thought. . Brain was packed with strange and mysterious knowledge, and the whole world was very different. Then there were other oddities, it is inexplicable and incomprehensible. He stopped feeling my body all the time it felt as if it were in free fall, and most unusual, all things suddenly become easier than they were before. He jokingly could rearrange a huge closet full of things or be wrung from the floor 10,000 times, or how many times the little finger toy pick-pound dumbbell. There were so many strange things that he now finds it difficult to list them all. For example the whole thought process took place in the poetic form. Then began a very strange perception of people, Jacob as if he were reading their thoughts, but not literally, as if they were read aloud, and on what that other, reach the normal level of understanding. It's like he got into a shell of a man who spoke and began to feel everything as well as he did.

When Jacob over 40, he suddenly realized that the time for him to stop.

This was particularly noticeable when he met with his classmates, and those at the sight of Jacob came into complete confusion, it is not something that looked youthful, it does not change at all, not in the slightest.

Jacob now 51 years old, but it looks like the pictures in 1975.

What is it and how to explain it? Perhaps this is the only case in the world where science fiction has become reality. Or is it a reminder to people that they know little about yourself.

Sincerely, Alexander Kasyanov

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