Mystery blood terrible Aids


MYSTERY OF BLOOD is a stunning discovery scientists geneticists that found in the blood chuzherodtsev and who they actually own. Modern studies have refuted once and for all religious-Darwinian theory of the origin of mankind from one common ancestor.

Sources: "The method of distinguishing races in the blood." E.O.Manoylov. — VII International Conference "Molecular Genetics of somatic cells," 2009 Report "natural focal induced mutagenesis and its pathological effects on the internal and external features of the human body." — Doctor of Biological Sciences P.Garyaev "Wave Genetics", "blood type. Homoeologous chromosome syndrome, immunodeficiency (SGHID). " — Doctor of Medicine, Professor F. Beloyartsev. A.Tyunyaev RANS.

During the studies the blood of people of different nationalities, scientists EO Manoylov and others have found that when exposed to the test chemicals Slavic blood stays red and the Jews, Arabs, Turks, Armenians, Indians, Iranians — at chuzherodtsev "blood" and becomes pale blue-green. The color of blood is unique to molluscs, squid, octopus and cuttlefish. Today, it is one person can see it with your own eyes. For this reaction, the following reagents: 1% alcoholic solution of methylene blue, 1% alcohol solution krezilvioleta, 1.5% silver nitrate, 40% hydrochloric acid, 1% solution of potassium permanganate. A detailed description of the test set out in Article E. Manoilova "Methods of distinguishing races in the blood." In the USSR, this information was classified as was ruled by these same chuzherodtsy: Jews Lenin and Caucasians Stalin. But the discoveries of scientists ever refuted the myth that all men are supposedly descended from a common ancestor. Indeed, if the Slavs and blacks an ancestor, then why are we all so different? While the blood of all the people outside, the same, the same four blood groups, rhesus same. Official science explain this difference habitat, climate and other factors. For example negros have black skin because they live in Africa, in the tropics. However, no matter how many thousand years no white lived in Africa and Asia for some reason they do not have any black as negros or uskoglazye as Mongolians. In addition, during the drilling operations in the North Arctic Ocean conducted prospecting expedition, oil companies «British Petroleum» and "Gazprom", found a surprising number of the remains of tropical plants and animals. Thus, scientists have proved that even 13 thousand years ago, before the global katostrofy because of which have changed the Earth's poles, tropical climate over millions of years, was not in Africa, and we have in the North. It turns out that negros have a look, not because they live in the tropics of Africa. It is surprising how alien religions (Hinduism, Christianity, etc.) zazombirovali white people, causing them to believe that all humanity allegedly came from one of Adam. Reading their Bible, we never even paid attention to the fact that their blood pressure (s) in fact was not born, and it was created from the dust that is created artificially. Eve was made from the rib, in modern language — cloned. BP (s) and Eve were one, so their children are bred through incest as a snake. That is why the blood of chuzherodtsev when testing is blue-green color, which confirms that their biblical artificial. It turns out that these descendants of BP (AMA), as taught in their Bible, a humanoid, but they are not people.


Myths do not arise in a vacuum. Behind every myth lies a certain reality. Since Chinese myths say that the Chinese descended from the heavenly serpent, Latins are derived from divine dogs, Jews and Arabs created by Jehovah ADS (mA).

Conclusions of the scientists: "It is clear that the different" races "come from different principles, and not from one of the ADA (ma) as inspired us with their Christianity. And we are not alone in the universe. There are plenty of scientific evidence presented in the film Everard Jurquet «Secret Space", a genetic relation chuzherodtsev with extraterrestrial aliens Reptilians, who took over the ancient gods. Just on this earth chuzherodtsy have put us in such a material shell. On ancient frescoes displayed as aliens conduct genetic crosses DNA monkeys, dogs with DNA Reptilians that would bring human creatures, and through them to assimilate people. In unsuccessful crosses obtained snowman, naked mermaid, kinokefaly.


Even in the Orthodox Church of icons of Christopher-pseglavtsa. With its space-based technology and deep knowledge of the molecular structure of organisms, in subsequent crosses, aliens taken out better individuals virtually indistinguishable from humans or externally, or by blood. But these genetic crosses of different types and explains the appearance of black, yellow, and other types of uskoglazye chuzherodtsev or correct to say zmeerodtsev. As predators, Reptilians created religion with bloody sacrifices (Judaism, etc.). U.S. scientists Dr A.Horn and others have found that these snakes, "people" came from the mountains of the Caucasus and the East. Gradually spreading to the north carried the serpent people of religion mixed marriages turning white people in the same serpent people and slaves. So Praoslavnaya Church allows marriage with Arabs, blacks, Jews, and others zmeerodtsami if they are Christians.


But how many Georgians, Negro, Jew, etc. chuzherodtsev not baptized, they turn to the Slavs, our fathers and mothers. On the contrary, today, scientists have found that during sexual intercourse with zmeerodetsem, even in the condom between Biofield partners are exchanged genetic information. This mutation leads to the blood of women and the children born to these women, the blood when testing the same blue-green, even if they were born from Slav.

Killer of our nation


That's why it became stalko scumbags among the Slavs. Such killers Oksana Makar meet again as all Slavic children. But they have impurities chuzherodtsev that copulated their mothers before they give birth to a Slav. Sooner or later, these impurities are manifested in the brutal violence or degradation.

European scientists confirmed this saying that "the growth of degradation and violence in society is proportional to the growth of the mixing of Europeans with the Turks, Arabs populating Europe."

Therefore interracial communication is genocide of white people, which led to the fact that in the world there are 2% of white women

Hard to believe? But once we believed in the Tatar-Mongol yoke, and that we all have long alleged mixed and pure Slavs anymore. Okzalaos And it is a myth. So "DNA tests taken from the Mongol warrior Genghis Khan, most graves show that they were of Slavic race and disprove this scientific fact impossible" — said the Doctor of Biology, Professor of Biochemistry, State University of Kazan (Farida Alimov, etc.). Look UNO uchynyh. "DNA of the Mongol-Tatars" on
This means that no Tatar yoke never had any confusions Slavs and Asians were not. Modern Tatars nothing to ancient Tatars do not have. Even the word is derived from the Tatar Russian words + tata aria, which means that this ancient Aryan ancestors naming pagan Slavs living in the Urals and Siberia. See "Impact of Jewish gods."

Murderers of our gene pool


And to confuse us with these zmeelyudmi, and for that we lied on purpose, that we are all supposed to ADA (ma) that we all supposedly long mixed and pure Slavs anymore. Study of British, Estonian .. geneticists, whose results are published in the American Journal of Human Genetics 2008., once and for all refuted this myth. Scientists have found that "in the genetics of the Russian people no impurities Asian and Finno-Finns. Russian, Ukrainians and Belarussians are one people with a single, clearly defined, particular genotype. " But many Western Ukrainians mingled with their neighbors Ugrians, Gypsies, Romanians looked like chocks and is not genetically Slavs. Now understand the hidden meaning of their religion, which teaches that the important thing is not the nationality, that is, not the origin, not our fathers and mothers, and most importantly the shower. This makes it all uniform and thus opens the way for mixed marriages. And indeed the soul, as the Bible teaches them is at all, even in animals and snakes. Book Bytie.1 24. Therefore the soul is only a hologram, which is at all. Only in the traditions of the Slavs (white people), said that the Slavs were not created, and RA firmed gods. Slavs worshiped gods, and worshiped them as their relatives, calling himself not slaves of God, and the "I AM", which translated from Old Russian. meant "I Bozic." In addition to the body and soul of the Slavs in the first place was the Spirit and With the news. And blood is the material manifestation of the Spirit is, what blood is and Spirit

WHERE corruption, theft and drunkenness?

Historical fact, before the Baptism of Rus in the Slavs had no slavery, no locks that there was no theft, no vodka, smokes, etc. bad things. With the adoption of Christianity as the Jewish religion, the rulers of Russia are Jews and Germans Vladimir Romanov. They — Christian, non-Slavic rulers of Russia introduced slavery (serfdom), alcohol, tobacco, and intermarriage with zmeelyudmi (chocks) in which sexual slavery and pedophilia allowed Qur'an 4:3. In Christianity, virginity at marriage, is not necessary. Therefore, in Russia began to appear prostitutes, thieves, murderers, and drunks. That's what led to the confusion chuzherodtsami, that's who, and how to educate our people became. And today, of all the presidents of Ukraine and the oligarchs who control all the power plants, TV, lewd advertising, enabling them, solder, robbing our people, no Slav, some Jews, Armenians and Muslims Akhmetov. Alien Ukrainian government annually kills 700 tys.ukraintsev (for 10 years, we have declined by 7 million, how many unborn children?) Instead occupy our land of 1 million immigrants per year. For example in 1992. Kiev was one Muslim house of worship, and in 2007 — 1101 house of worship. Already belong to all markets ayzeram etc. And these lumps allow Ukrainians also own markets, restaurants, at home to Azerbaijan, Georgia? Slavs will also have their women, solder youngsters like lumps we do with ours? Why in Armenian, ayzerovskih … kofeshkah in Ukraine working in a store, strippers,

NOT WIFE Azerbaijanis, Armenians, etc., and the wives of the Slavs? Can you imagine that in Egypt or the UAE was an advertisement where the half-naked Arab embrace Ukrainian guys promoting Ukraine as a half-naked Ukrainian women have embraced the Turks, Arabs, advertising their products?

In Ukraine have already started execution of children.

Vite Shemyakin 5 years, a neighbor — Muslim Ibragimov cut the throat, shouting "Allahu Akbar." Crimea Katya ITS ROOT stoned Muslim friends, for a fact that it "violated their Sharia law." And we are told that "crime has no nationality." False. Then why is 99% of girls who were raped chocks is a Slav, not the Muslim, Armenian women, etc.? Official statistics show that with the arrival of migrants increase rapes increased by 79%, as they were more than 70% of all murders. It must be understood that among the serpent people can be neither good nor bad, they are just different, way of life. "They are predators at the genetic level," says Dr. A.Horn. How many wolves do not upbringing, he still has the grass will not. And this situation is everywhere where there is lumps. In Denmark, two of the three rapes involved Muslims. In Norway, in 3 of the 4. In Russia, this has meant that, as shown by "Ren TV," millions of Muslims come to pray in Moscow, forcing the Slavs take off your shoes and have openly threatened to "fill in Moscow blood" if they will not set their Sharia. When asked why they behave, lumps respond that "they are at home, and that Moscow was built not Russian, but Allah."



show of the Turkish news as millions of Muslims in Turkey, which are so politely serve you in hotels, pray for Basayev and asked his (al) Lahav, to Basayev's Islamic "paradise." Basayev raped 12 year old Slavic children, cut the woman's head and the assassination of 180 children, seized a school in Beslan in 2004 A 3 mil. Russian annually travel to resorts only to Turkey. Multiply the cost of the permit is the billions of dollars. Go to their restaurants, do give them money which lumps are the masters of our country.
When Ukrainians allowed that their mothers and grandmothers, as the dregs of society were in the transitions, the markets have chocks, chocks under the stele of Ukrainian, and Ukrainians are silent and allow
all have their future wives, while
Ukrainians — a nation of slaves, and hos Gaitan has already become the face of the Ukrainian people.


Instead of the Christian shrine, which was our Slavic Perun CHURCHES


1. Would Naga (serpent people) of our future wives?
2. The Jews were in power, solder and corrupting our people they?
3. Would be murderers and thieves are still alive, but still at large?
4. Slavs would be beggars and slaves on their own land? NO.


What would chuzherodtsy could rule with impunity in Russia,
Christianity inspires us: "Resist not evil," "humble thyself," "will be rewarded in the afterlife," "not take revenge", "do not judge (chocks and hos)", "struck in the right cheek, turn to the left", "love your enemy , "" subject to the authority, whatever it may be, all authority from God "1Petr.2 18, turning the Slavs into willing slaves.

MYSTERY Kingdom of Heaven

All Christians are waiting for and believe in the promise of God kingdom of heaven as something mysterious and indescribable. However, the Apostle John the Theologian in Revelation ch. 21 with mathematical accuracy the kingdom of heaven: "I saw the holy city — the new Jerusalem. He came down out of heaven from God. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them .. The city was square, its length equal to the width. Angels measured the city with his rod. The length of the city was 12,000 steps (25 km). Its width and height equal to the length. "(Ie, a cube)
how can the Kingdom of God have the dimensions and shape of a cube?



Icons depicted on ancient UFOs. For example, "Trinity holds the Earth"


Is the ball with an antenna and a stopper at the bottom similar to Earth?

The Bible is God's description of the phenomenon prophet Ezekiel chapter 1. on an object with complex mechanisms "wheels in the wheel." The phenomenon was accompanied by noise, smoke, fire. For the ancients it was a miracle, but today so fly spaceships. In the Egyptian frescoes found in the temples of Maya aircraft.

There is a lot of evidence that aliens have taken over the ancient gods, and their space knowledge for the miracles of the saints. Watch documented in the film "Forbidden History. Ancient Prisheltsy "




In the Bible, God commands YOUR eternal slavery with pierced ears Exodus. gl.21 and
Bloody human and animal Sacrifice Byt.17 10,

— "And the Lord called to Moses and said to him, to the children of Israel, saying, If any man of you bring an offering to God, he shall kill the bull before the LORD for the priest shall bring the blood and sprinkle the blood all around on the altar (imagine this bloody orgy) and remove skin of the burnt offering and cut it into pieces, and the priest shall burn all on the altar of burnt offering, the sacrifice is a sweet savor unto the LORD. " ie Garel smell of meat and blood pleasing to God! This once again proves that all these religions is not a god, but the snake-comers who created these predatory religions disguise them a few words of love of neighbor. Now I understand why.


Abraham's willingness to kill and burn their children to sacrifice to your God, Christ calls the highest faith.
Abraham himself was married to his own sister Sarah Byt20 12, and his brother Lot copulate with his own daughter Genesis. gl.19
Your gift of God rejects Cain brought of the fruit of the earth, and the bloody sacrifice of Abel — lambs takes. Byt.4 3.
Visiting your God of Abraham Trinity, eating meat and drinking milk lambs as a snake. Being gl.18

But Christians are so zombified that find excuses and these abominations.

In the Gospels, your Christ and God the Father is the one God. In.10 30, is why Christ the same sets of slavery: "Slaves, obey your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling" Ef6: 5, 1Petr.2 18, 1Kor.7 21, and blindly obey authority "whatever it was not. " Rim.13: 1. because "I am not come to destroy the law but to fulfill" Mtf5 17.

In the Gospels, Christ is the same SETS bloody ritual — Cannibalism

— "Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, ye have no life in you" In.6 53. Even if it is said in a metaphorical sense, why Christ intentionally cause people to think that they drink his blood and eat his flesh, doing so as cannibals. Moreover, according to the Gospel, we must constantly drink the blood of his Jewish God, "that would have life" 1Kor.11 23, and "who does not drink his blood adequately, become" weak, sick, and many sleep "1Kor.11: 30. Some vampires. Orthodox Church misleads people calling this sacrifice "bloodless" For "the consecration of the bread and wine, the bread is proposed to, transubstantiated, translates, transforms the very real body and the wine into the blood of the true God. Still believe that the consecration of the bread and wine are not the best bread and wine, but the body and blood of the Lord, under the appearance and form of bread and wine "Epistle of the Eastern Patriarchs of faith Chl.17.


Because your God in the Bible says that "he would dwell in the thick darkness" 3Tsar.8 12.


— He trampled the nations in anger, so that their blood is sprinkled upon his garment Isaiah 63.
— He causes his nose and ears cut off, and take your daughters Iez.23 25
— He is your fear and awe your loop and network for the people of Jerusalem Is.8.
— Thus says the Lord of hosts: Now go and smite Amalek, and not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass. 1Tsar15

PS Scientific studies have shown that the Slavic blood when tested reavktivom Manoilova not dissolve the reagent remains red, the reagent is slightly purple hue. Blood shall we say an Armenian or Turkish before your eyes and become pale blue-green. Then you realize that before you something strange. We are not only different nations, we have a different nature.
For this reaction requires only Manoilova reagents that are in the public domain — the Internet.

The reagents are:
1.) 1% alcoholic solution of methylene blue;
2.) 1% alcohol solution krezilvioleta;
3.) 1.5% silver nitrate;
4.) 40% hydrochloric acid;
5.) 1% solution of potassium permanganate

The reaction is as follows: to 3 cu. cm is not heated emulsion 3-5% red balls, or you can directly into a clot, add volume by 3-4 times the amount of saline solution and stir with a glass rod that was not very thick emulsion. Add 1 drop of the first reagent and shake, add 5 drops of reagent second — again shake, then — 3 drops of reagent and also the third shake, then — 1 drop 3-8 drops of the fourth and fifth reagents.
You can check it yourself.

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