New equipment for demining

The latest technology and equipment for military engineers demonstrated at a conference on mine action in the suburbs. See watch the video on the site RIA, looks like a form of "soldier of the future" for the field engineer and mine detection radar.

A new form of combat engineers is a ballistic suit that weighs about eight pounds. This new product, according to developers, can be worn as casual wear.

"The whole body is protected by the sapper, and in a zone of vital organs are plates ADP. This is a high modulus polyethylene, which holds the shard at over 800 meters per second, including small arms, TT pistol 9 mm from five meters",
— Said the head of the direction of special programs company-producer remedies Alexander Gelder.

Form equipped with the latest electronics project "soldier of the future." Now the work is computerized sapper — enough to trigger a mine detector.

"The soldier receives the appropriate signal stops at this point, push the button pre-programmed, causing the commander on the digital map is the mark of an explosive subject", — Said the deputy director of the developer Sergei Popov.

Another know-how from Russian developers — mobile radar. It is capable of up to a meter to find mine and mark it (the body of the radar emitted a special ink formulation).

"This detector and jammers at the same time — two in one. Locator can be removed from the operator of 40-50 meters and simultaneously view the area and to detect explosives on an area of 50 square meters", — Said the representative of the developer Vladimir Irkhin.

The conference features dozens of designs for engineers, they all received high praise from the military. The plans Command Corps of Engineers in two years to upgrade its technical base to third.

RIA Novosti / Avrora.Sergey Razbakov, Yevgeny Vasilyev

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