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Race — Childbirth Aces Aces in the country. If, say, an old Latin spelling race was RASA. But note — the countries of Aces. And the country — STATE. It then subsequently changed to CONTRY, which means both the country and the village. And in today's world the concept of race is written now as Race — RACA — is the word now represent the human species. White Race — the white race, black Race — black race, elou Race — the yellow race, the Red Race — Race Red, Gray Race — gray race. A word RASA retained the concept of purity. The notion of purity in what form?

Latin phrase — tabula rasa means white, clean pure sheet on which nothing is written, or how to clean white plate — tabula. And before that always had this form of RASA — in the sense of pure undefiled. It is spotless clean thoughts, clean the Council, act friendly, pure love. Ie without abominations and prevnesennostey. And they have to erase this notion RASA replaced it by another — species — RACA. Wherefore they say, interracial marriage. Although Race on Earth is the one white man, and say white people do not care what oil oily, air or air, water or watery — no one there does not say.

Therefore, these 4 great clans, which had its own structure, and had a single psychogenetically structure, but they were different in ancient homeland, but they were all white. And together to create, co-existed together, and so many people are now asking: how to distinguish between them, and now as they were before?

As they were before the Great chill.

Great cold snap before we take is the time when they moved to Rasen, or as in the West say — in Great Tartary, and then they renamed Rasen in Great Russia. The time between the first and second flood that between destruction of moons. For about 90-100 thousand years.

Da'Ariytsy. Their growth was from 175 to 290sm. Before that could be even higher. Then we will analyze what influenced the decrease in growth. Silver eyes — gray steel.

H'Ariytsy. Their growth from 180 to 360. Green eyes.

Raseny. Height 175 to 285sm. The eyes of fire, but tending to the Aryans, ie to-aria.

Svyatoruss. Height 175 to 300 cm Eyes heaven ie cornflower blue, blue, lake, some incorrectly say blue eyes. Blue is not a color — it's a lifestyle. So blue in our spectrum was not.

Ie so they looked to the Ice Age. And before their resettlement of Daarija their growth was even higher. But note, the environment at that time was different, was not the only one satellite, and there were two, then three. As legends say, was then and the air thicker, thinner, and water, and the people, and if you want to float in the air — hence only in Russian, Slavonic, the language is the concept — ballooning. Ie, mind you, not an air flight, namely ballooning: people can float in the air. In addition, there were three times the satellite, then the gravitational component was somewhat different. Imagine if, now, in our time, there were the dinosaurs. Ie under the current gravity and pressure of the air column, they would not be able to move around — imagine the colossus! They are used to move around in the water, where there is softening. And could not. This means what? The fact that before the pressure of the air column was different, since the air was thicker. So, it was easier to move them. And if the animal was easy, therefore, people have been easier. So surprised that people had such high growth is not worth it. Moreover, that archaeologists found skeletons and 2.85 and 3 meters. In Tibet, found 4-meter skeleton of a man — in the papers. In the 70's there were publications that when an iceberg broke off in Antarctica, found there, as if fresh-frozen leaves of tropical plants, bird skeleton, which resembled an ostrich, but was 4 meters, and the human skeleton 4-plus meters. Ie if such a find, and now, they say, in Egypt toli toli in Saudi Arabia live blacksmith increase of about 2.60-2.80 as it were the tallest man on earth. Nor give the example of the Turks — a brother and sister, he 88 cm, and it — 75cm. ie such a big difference between the growth of a blacksmith and midgets — Turks. So, all can be, and everything has its place.

The above data on peoples races they are not tied to the current environment. Living in today's environment, a person is able to go and dejected look potuplen it into the ground. If potuplen the ground, so what?

Those born after the Olympic 80-year ie in 88th, in 90 years — many children are growing 150 — 160. Now comes degrade growth, reduce — ecological environment does not allow them to rise to the top. The influence of the distorted surroundings.

Plus — we had only one of the three satellites. Besides greatly influenced the fact that after the destruction of the second moon was broken spatial system that is Earth's axis tilt. And now there is alignment. Ie if the axis tilt at impact (ris35) sostavil30-36 degrees, more recently, it was 26-28, now about 21 degrees. Like a toy
Roly-Poly: a gradual alignment axis why? Because there is such a thing as a stray magnetic belt, but no scientist thinks. They say ice caps as narosli, and under the weight of ice is shifted almost 90 degrees, and moves north to the Equator, the Equator — to the north, caps are melting and is changing the magnetic poles. It's like you walk down the street — the rain and then suddenly cold, and you have the ear grows large icicle, icicles, and the weight of your ear slipping on the heel. Ie nonsense. Do not think about the fact that our poles, not only the earth, but all the land of the sun set on Yarila Galactic magnetic poles. And they in turn are set to magnetic poles metagalaxies. Ie, if there was a bank, it goes straight, like Vanka — Vstanka: first, the slope, and then a slow rocking, then the amplitude of the swing is reduced and the speed increases. If before the motion of the magnetic poles believed to 2-3 cm per year, but now there is kilometers. Ie is the alignment of magnetic systems. Ie the nature of trying to rebuild what had distorted people.

Ecology was another, slightly different nature, it is what we call the ballooning. but note there is still another expression: Wear water in a sieve. Can I wear it? Can. It all depends on which cells in your sieve. If the cell is large, then the water will flow, and if the fine, it will linger. And if the very small? Ie, it is difficult to carry water in a sieve, but it is possible if close his cell.

Our body is much percent water. And our forefathers said that it has yacheichno — crystalline substrate. Ie weight, body weight is a relative term, we can say — philosophical. Can 10-year-old child to enter a trance state and to tell him that a 30-pound weight made from pope mache, and the child that a weight is easy, as a weight of the pope mache, throw on 20-30 meters. A grown man can instill that broomstick weighs 300 pounds, and he did not come off the ground. Why? Because the receptors, the point of reproduction of information within a person that acted? Information. Ie, here are all the distances, volume, mass, weight is all we have — the totality of our perceptions. If you change the psychosocial characteristics of the body, it immediately changed from light to very heavy, and vice versa, may be too heavy to soar. Indian yogis have such a thing: when a person relaxes so that the air passes through the body of it, he thought force can lift himself into the air, and hang or hover or fly in the air without wings — one effort of thought. This phenomenon is called levitation. Or create the conditions for the subject and the object will levitate in space that is even inanimate.

Vkratse analyze the system. When the human body is relaxing? When it have strong psychophysical factors. One of the psychophysical factors include human emotions. Suppose dad 3.2-year-old daughter takes the hand and throws it legenky, flies up to the ceiling. But after a few years, my daughter went to school, and back then — jumped dad's neck. And he said, Oh! You have been heavy. Ie held it a little bit, but to take a walk with his daughter at the hands of my father had not. And when my daughter is 20 years old dad may not have even the power to simply pick her up. Although what's the difference — 3 years, 10 or 20 years? It's all the same — a daughter. So? Ie this is my daughter, he spawned. But if the Pope came, say, from a business trip and brought her daughter a gift, and she really glad Pope's visit, because missed, and it will keep her in my arms, and an hour or two as their mutual joy of meeting and it will be as easy as when she was 3. Why? And because the emotional structure daughter relaxes her body, and the pressure of the column of air will pass through the body, and the father in this case will easily keep her daughter's body.

Another example. Young couple comes to rest on the sea. He can carry his beloved in his arms for a long time and without a hint of fatigue. And if — some tense, he did almost blow over, and 10 meters.

Or let's say, they bathe and it starts to sink. Although the term "sink" is not quite correct because people 90 percent water — so can the water sink in water? Man drowns in fear! When he goes to relax — his cell opened, and the pressure of the column of air passes through them. But when the man was frightened, fear closes his cell in the solid, and the person feels like he pinned or nailed to the ground. The same thing happens in the water — fear causes the cell structure of the human body are closed, and the air pressure begins to put pressure on the man and pulls him to the bottom of the stone.

The young man begins to save his beloved. Picks her up and brings the water. So what? He went out only to the knees, and he falls because her body — so heavy that he could not hold it over in his arms. He pulls on her already dragged. They called an ambulance, she came and did not pump out the girl, she died. What happens next? Funeral and six men somehow carry the coffin. And now imagine, before it even at great distances could carry only one young man, and now its hard to bear, and six men. And why not? And because the locks and squeezed horizontally, imagine how much easier to carry a column — horizontally or vertically? Easier vertically. And why not? A pressure per unit area of more — and was easier to bear.

So imagine what was the pressure on each of the representatives of the peoples of Race horizontally and vertically? In the vertical, maybe normal.
Da'Arias lived either in the foothills, or in the floor steppe. Hariytsy longer live in forested areas, and therefore the growth of their 360 — that is, it is not surprising as if they were drawn to the top of the sun to stretch out over the forest. Raseny learning more and more to the foothills and mountains. A Svyatoruss settled anywhere, but chose to settle near bodies of water, rivers, lakes, so their eyes and compared with the color of the lake, the sky.

Mind you, if people race when they first arrived on Earth, they each had some knowledge of its structural system, plus there was also common for the whole race, with time, when they moved — a lot of children, so on the free part of the generic space left. And they carried away with them as a part of knowledge. Of the knowledge of a whole. Something passed them through the generations. But the eCapacity universal common knowledge, as we would say today, the Universal, but for survival of the species also requires the knowledge accumulated by the Born in the area. Say, come on vacant land, and now need to find out — what land, what food is suitable, that is grown, is growing, which fish in water that is here that one can not, notice how the surroundings affect the continuation and development of kind. Therefore, information about the world of nature of the area considered and settled in terms of the nine types of consciousness. Ie mind you, not just a conscious and subconscious, as well as A-consciousness, O mind, Pre-consciousness, over-consciousness, ie, the super-confessed Let them all processed.

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