Resident Evil. All five films.

In the giant underground laboratory to the will of the dangerous virus breaks out, instantly turning its victims into ravenous zombies. Just one bite or scratch their terrible claws man to become crazed hog flesh. Sent to a secret military complex, teeming with horrible mutant animals and hungry monsters, special forces group, joined Alice charming and brave police officer Matt. They have only three hours to destroy the virus before it spreads across the earth …

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Resident Evil 5 RETRIBUTION

Deadly T-virus, created in laboratories corporation "Umbrella", continues to capture the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh-eating zombies. The last hope of mankind Alice is introduced into the heart of the most secret research base of corporations and learns more about his mysterious past. With no escape routes, Alice continues to look for the perpetrators of a global catastrophe. Challenge, which it hosted in Tokyo, New York, Washington, and even in Moscow, in the end it leads to an exploding consciousness revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she believed the truth. With new allies and old friends, Alice will fight for survival and escape from a hostile world. The countdown started …

Category: Feature films

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