Russia: the population will begin to feed the fungal biomass




Mushrooms unusual appearance and consistency of biologists began to grow at Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering. Here, instead of legs, hats and spawn specialists, mycologists raise … biomass.

According to the university, for the cultivation of fungal biomass is used as a familiar and beloved Russians oyster mushrooms and fungus Fusarium, parasitic on the roots of many crop plants. This microorganism is placed in a special medium in which the fabric is divided into individual fungal cells. As such, the mushroom, and continues to grow and gain weight. According to the developers of the new technique, fungal biomass is quite tasty (at least no worse than whole mushrooms) and still quite useful. In particular, the fungal biomass is very high in protein, which by its nutritional value is not inferior to meat, it contains all 18 amino acids. The most valuable for the body so called irreplaceable amino acids, that is, those that the body can only get from the outside (usually people get them from eating meat). In the "split" in the form of a mushroom is much easier to digest than whole mushroom body. On top of that protein from the fungus cheaper meat, so biologists are convinced that the "mushroom meat" has a great future.

Battery News, 05.10.2004 16:02
Source: Mk

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