Russian people are waking up!

Russian people are waking up!Russian people are waking up! It is a reality to be reckoned with now over! Russian people are waking up from the mental sleep, during which he tried to destroy all conceivable ways. Russian people are waking up …

In late October, in Volgograd, a round table on "The genocide of the Russian people" — an event whose value is difficult to overestimate. This round table has caused a lot of different opinions, but clearly showed: the genocide of the Russian people — real, hide from him in his private, warm little world will not be able to anybody, however, like sit quietly in a corner on a "none of my business …". As it turned out — would get everyone would get anywhere, would get dozens of different ways …

October 22, 2010 The Round Table is in Volgograd failed to reach full agreement on the way out of the circumstances, but this is not surprising. After all, many of us have yet to realize that much of what they believed for many years that was valued and repeated — just lying shell fatal intoxication, behind which tenacious hands of murderers and their accomplices.

For all the people are still in the mind-numbing sleep of reason, the awakening will be a heavy hangover. They have yet to learn and understand what is happening to our country and the world — is War against Russia and the Rus. It started yesterday, and not at all in the last century. The numbers killed in this war is estimated hundreds of millions. Dying before our eyes, our great country, one of the largest countries in the world. And this fact will have to realize all of us.

Reduction of the population of Russia and a half, two million people a year in the last decade has not passed hidden, and has left a bright trail of blood. A perpetrator of premeditated murder was not just obvious trail led us to the masterminds and perpetrators of genocide of the Russian people. Highlighted their names. Revealed the tools of destruction — instruments of genocide. But the most "merit" in the track that it is so hard hit in the eyes by its very existence, that any person who denies the facts of the genocide of the Russian people, automatically fall into the category of either fools or enemies.

Knowledge of the mechanisms for genocide gave common forces in Russia are very reliable tools and evaluation criteria of everything and everyone. Assess the social organizations, political parties, legislative attempts deputies, any actions of officials and everyone else was easy. Using these criteria, it is easy to assess not only the case, but also words. For bezsoderzhatelnym verbiage not hide, however convoluted it may sound. The clear, thick line that separates comrades from enemies held.

The destruction of the Russian people by Jewish financial traders and their local henchmen did not begin today and even yesterday, but it was in the past hundred years, it was particularly brutal and bloody.

It's no longer a secret that the so-called "Great October Revolution" and the civil war, which killed tens of millions of Russian people, the First World War and the Second World — World War II, have been completely designed and conducted by the Jewish financial mafia money from USA. The same mafia activity continued destruction of the Russian people, when the Yeltsin government, under her leadership, held in Russia a number of "reforms" his hands "specialist consultants" of the CIA. It was then, were running on full power everything, including hidden, tools of destruction of the peoples of Russia.

Economic slavery of the 90's, when the entire population of the former Soviet Union lost their life savings, was the first blow. Then began the deliberate destruction of the national economy — manufacturing, agriculture, light industry, food processing and other industries, the elimination of jobs and the creation of conditions that have led to significant poverty of the population. All this was done by means of economic "reforms" under the auspices of the World Bank, IMF, World Bank and other international institutions in the service of the Jewish world financial oligarchy. We need to remember that without the direct complicity of the then ruling elite of Russia to hold this would be impossible.

Russia for centuries in a state of incessant wars. All of the "international community" is not just team up to destroy our people. Browse enough history to understand — the share of each generation Russ for the past centuries fall out its own war. Desperate to destroy our great nation in open combat, were lit and still continue to burn, flashing bloody outbursts, national and ethnic conflicts. Today, no one, it is no secret that the artificial inciting racial, ethnic hatred is bribed by the media and specially trained groups of provocateurs funded by western intelligence agencies and private organizations carrying out their activities in all regions of Russia under the guise of international humanitarian and environmental funds and programs.

Under the same slogan launched its humanitarian work in the territories of the former Soviet Union and a major project to reduce the "human cattle" — International Planned Parenthood Federation — IPPF, International Planned Parenthood Federation, The former "League of birth control." In Russia, it is represented as the Russian Family Planning Association, or RAPS. IPPF is lobbying "sexual health" and "reproductive rights." The first involves the promotion of sexual freedom and safe sex, including in schools. Deviations — homosexuality, transsexuality, sex change etc. — Are presented as the norm. Promotes "reproductive rights" — granting women the right to legal killing of children — abortion. Already, through the promotion of abortion, Russia loses 6 million babies! And it is — according to official data! Also, the term "reproductive rights" is defined as "voluntary" sterilization, thus it serves as the most "effective and safe" method. Unfortunately, the data on the "voluntary" sterilization in Russia we find, though, as the achievement of, IPPF indicates a figure of 166 million women worldwide. Draw your own conclusions.

Against the background of the above, does work historical information and ideological tool of genocide. for the country, instead of the formation of love and devotion to the country, formed contempt and hatred. Downplay the role of Russia and the Russian people in the history of human civilization. All this is done with the help of gross fraud and misrepresentation, traces of destruction and artifacts about the real history of Russia and the Russian people. Vengeance is perverse propaganda of Western "values" instead of the normal, high moral and ethical standards of old, inherent to the Russian people. All this forms the distorted character traits and behaviors in the younger generation, and actually — leading to its degradation.

On top of all this is happening against the background of a completely different attitude towards people of other nationalities living in Russia. For example, in contrast to the people of Russia in Chechnya, for some reason the local population does not pay for any gas or electricity. We will not forget that the Russian in Chechnya almost gone, which means that payment for municipal services used by residents of Chechnya, rests on the shoulders of those who live in Chechnya, ie on us. General theme of the Caucasus — a single patient and a big topic. Today, even many Russian do not remember what the Caucasus — it was originally Russian territories, and if digging deeper, the Russian city of Kiev-1 was located near modern Pyatigorsk.

Rescuing the same Chechens, Armenians, Georgians, Russia provided them to stay their ground and paid with their blood for the fact that these people today still live on. It would be nice to remind those same Chechens that in the early 19th century, they had only 300 families. And the Chechen people has survived only thanks to shed Russian blood.

Who removed the facts from the textbooks? Who needs to mature in the Caucasus festering boil? What speaks today on the street, at school, in the family of a boy from the Caucasus? He already prozombirovan their exclusivity in relation to the Russian. But we all remember that election — the lot of the victims who have come under durilka Zionism. That Zionist lackeys are trying to set fire to South Russia, and they do so under the same motto in 1917. The events of August 2008 — another proof. Bandit operation of Georgian troops conducted with the full support of the U.S. and Israel. But even such a well-known fact already trying to erase from history.

Active tampering stories actively began in the era of the Romanovs, when the newly formed, pro-Western principalities were separated in pieces balances the enormous Russian Empire. Russian Tsarina Catherine II of Muscovy in 1775 completely obliterated the old boundaries that, millennia-lived, with the help of military forces throughout Europe, and invited the western, not Russian, historians began to intensify the work of the "new Russian history," pre-erased all mention of the Vedic Russ civilization from almost all sources, which were able to reach.

Those on whose orders acted Romanovs knew: the distortion of history — a great tool for future slaves doing, just need to convince: Russ slaves were always there, they were born slaves, slaves existed, and share them for ages — slave. In support of the "correctness and firmness" of the words, in captured Byzantine church officials waved their censers before Russ henchmen Jewish God Jehovah. Doubt his slave share ruthlessly destroyed. Inquisitorial bonfires blazed not only in Europe. Russian blood gushed out, so that had to think of the Tatar-Mongol yoke (See "What is covered Tatar-Mongol yoke?").

Technology falsification of history is not forgotten, and in full use today. Stultification begins in the early grades. In addition, the school is implemented in full literature and educational methods aimed at the corruption of the younger generation. Comes to the fact that the sauce a healthy lifestyle promotes stealing, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction. And, with the consent and approval of the Ministry of Education. This approach was the cause of what is already out of the schools are very poorly educated people. A good education for simple and low-income residents of Russia becomes unavailable, and despite the fact that it is in the former USSR and the best in the world, and free.

Today in school textbooks disappear proven by hundreds of years of teaching experience Proven and materials of the best Russian and Soviet teachers, and in their place are introduced, the so-called progressive, Western techniques, in fact, mutilate the psyche and thinking of the child. Unfortunately, slavery ideology, imposed by our teachers, just like everyone else, still prevents many of them holistically to see the goals that implement their hands enemies of Russia. Disgruntled parents school programs fall under the scope of new gangsters — the guardianship. Fortunately, October 8, 2010 juvenile laws in our country has suffered defeat. This is a wonderful victory of the patriotic forces in Russia. Our efforts were not in vain. Now an urgent need to dispose of school textbooks Soros and Manuals from companies Nestl? and the like.

It would seem, and here Nestle? Though the industrial food giants and multinational biochemical corporations, such as Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow Agro Kemikal others busily crawling to us on all sides, using Russia not only as a source of raw materials, but also as a platform for marketing Genetically modified food — GMP.

To date, a bona fide scientists have absolutely no doubt that the GMP can be used and are used as a means of depopulation (murder) of the population. Reports at our round table once again confirmed the validity and fairness of these allegations, citing the numerous experiments of independent scientists around the world. The fact of the injury of the GMF is equally obvious as the fact that the legal right of the transgenes are in the same hands, which is an ax designed rusam.

Our country is turning into a sparsely populated desert. This is especially evident when you see what remains of the villages. The fact that they are trying to pass off as a natural process of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, in which, supposedly, need villager disappears, is actually called target release farmland, and passed long ago in the same U.S.. This gangster American technology is called: "Agribusiness in arkanzaskom style". First, under various pretexts, the conditions can not people live in rural areas, schools are closed, hospitals, jobs disappear, farmers are put in terms of inability to work the land and produce healthy food. Villager literally squeezed out, lived out there, and released wasteland engaged crops and transgenic livestock chemical AgroComplex.

Probably all remember that in the Volgograd region began to ache, and bees are dying, it is a clear indication that our fields have emerged plants with modified genes. And the bees — it's only the "first signs" of impending catastrophe. Around the fields with transgenic disappears and the flora and fauna, dies biological diversity of wildlife, and there are only patented biokorporatsiyami plants.

The fact that today is going to land in Arkansas, knows almost every American. These previously fertile land today infected waste agricultural production and are transmitted through ground water, killing around both nature and man. It is this threat to us. Why carry weapon of genocide from afar? With a few years and a few corrupt officials and genocide earn utmost. Well done in Canada, where bribes appeared only millions of dollars not to investigate the safety of transgenic plants to humans. Probably for the same reason, and Russia recently abolished the mandatory certification of food, and the information that we now eat is entirely dependent on the integrity of manufacturers. If their greed common sense will prevail, the deadly poison in the guise of food we buy for their own money.

Today, one of the most important tools of genocide is modern medicine, including one of its branches — compulsory vaccination of the population. It is well known that "To date, there is no evidence that allegation, what immunizations and vaccines were a tool to overcome infectious disease outbreaks in the past. Also not identified and are not scientifically justified their use in this … "On the contrary, all indications are that it is through vaccinations is realized fact weaken immunity and destroying people.

Probably come as no surprise that the most important interest in conducting mass vaccination exhibit pharmaceutical companies. And despite the fact that a number of statistics, and in Russia, these statistics is hidden, points directly to the fact that the complications of the disease and mortality by orders of magnitude higher in persons vaccinated than those who refuse vaccinations. And it is not a joke. Pharmacological mafia earns billions of dollars on mass murder and weakening health, and by hook or by crook tries to discredit those physicians and scientists who dare to question the usefulness of vaccination. We say nothing about the fate of those doctors and scientists who are honestly and openly:

"The vaccination is nothing good there! This is — an instrument for ill health, making money and success in killing … "

All this allows the Jewish financial mafia and their minions work to ensure that today's victim of genocide weakened prozombirovana are killed vaccines, poor quality food is poisoned, so to finish it — a piece of cake. What? In one of his speeches Adolf Hitler against the Slavs, said: "… No care, only vodka and tobacco …" It is known that Hitler was our implacable enemy. Who, then, can call those who, like him, are struggling today promotes "cultural drink," smoking and "relaxation" soft drugs? Who should we call those who now produces or imports into Russia, alcohol and tobacco? This topic has been discussed in a separate, very interesting report.

Of course, if we want to survive and remain human beings, you should start with yourself. You have to understand that the justification of "our" weaknesses — it's just a pre-planned actions of our enemies, that they have done everything possible to ensure that we have put in your mouth first cigarette and first tried "grass", so we raised the first glass. And we were not able to "get off" before they even come up with persuasive words to justify "our weaknesses …"

They came up to us by history, in which we are only in the 9th century, "got out of the dugout." It is they who continue to destroy all traces of our millennia of existence on this planet, inventing fake states and countries, just to hide the truth. It is they who form opinions about Russian as a drinking nation, forgetting the sober riots that suit the Russian people, who did not wish to be destroyed overseas poison. This they are doing everything possible to ensure that the supports of Slavic genetics disappeared.

They clearly know that only Russ are up to the muck, and they are very scared of this, especially today. Paranoid dreams of our enemies about the total murder Russes, to their great regret, were not fulfilled. And now everything is different: they for all will have to answer and to pay the full price! They already know and so terribly worried. Fearing retribution, in his agony, pushing enemies in Russia laws aimed at suppressing the national consciousness and resistance. They go to the direct destruction of political opponents under the guise of nationalism and extremism.

Round Table in Volgograd showed once again — Russian people are waking up, He sees evidence of genocide against him, he is ready to think about his own future is open and loud, and that he has no ban.

The day before the Round Table to us without any reason refused to rent the hall. In our conference did not want to include representatives of the local authorities. A party functionaries "Fair Russia" honestly reported This topic does not interest them! However, there were also honest journalists and politicians, and respectable public figures, who see the current situation and are ready to resist …

The truth is increasingly stepping on Russia. These Round Tables have been in Moscow, Kirov, Izhevsk, in Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka. All it means is that the truth will not be hidden and not swing. And even if today we do not immediately find a common ground with other patriotic organizations, but the union on the basis of opposition to our destruction — is a great force that is moved close to the Rus. And our enemies are afraid of the most. Will remember as the 6000th Army Cossack Kharakternyky erased from the battlefield 300000th army of Turks. This — as an example. After genetics "Kharakternyky" asleep in each Rousse …

Round Table "The question of the recognition of the genocide of the Russian people"


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