Scientists have found the exact date of the Flood




It was the worst disaster in the world, which destroyed three-quarters of all life on Earth. However, no one was hurt in this case — then people simply did not exist. Cataclysm occurred 200 million years ago. According to the magazine Spiegel, the German-Tübingen scientists have discovered traces of a giant tsunami that was so devastating that his appearance provoked likely meteorite fall.

When the tertiary period drew to a close, the area where today is located the German city of Tübingen, splashing sea waves. The sea was a rain, it acted in a moderate flow. But then peace came to an end. The devastating tsunami struck the hitherto calm water surface, destroying everything in its path. Today about this catastrophe like the 20-inch layer of limestone rock. According to geologist Michael Montenari, he points to the fact that 200 million years ago, a huge wave destroyed many living organisms.

The layer that Montenari found near the town Pfrondorf consists of rocks ranging in color from dark to blue-black. They come across a lot of remnants of the shells of shellfish. Folds shellfish are bulges upward, and this, according to the researcher, a sign that they at one time were washed away huge stream. At first glance it is clear that the layer was formed as a result of strong tide, a geologist says: "Suddenly, in a very short time here struck a powerful energy giant wave."

The scientist said that his British colleagues found that the wave was too great, it could give rise to the eruption of a volcano or underwater earthquake. The tsunami was the height of one thousand to twelve hundred meters and spread over thousands of kilometers. For comparison, the researcher brings an explosion of the island of Krakatoa in the late XIX century. "The eruption nearly destroyed the island. Wave formed as a result of this eruption, four times circled the Earth. Her recorded even in the top ten of thousands of kilometers is the epicenter of events — in the harbor of the Thames.

Huge waves leave the so-called tsunami layer which consists of sand, sludge and residues of living organisms. The tsunami, which was formed after the eruption of Krakatoa, left only semisantimetrovy layer. Thickness found in Germany, is from 20 to 30 cm Given that millions of years greatly compacted layer can be assumed that during its formation, the thickness was three times greater — about one meter. Such a tsunami could be formed by a volcanic eruption.

Today, the biggest waves in the Pacific Ocean reach a height of 50-60 m, and the earthquake limited to nine points on the Richter scale. 200 million years ago, an earthquake was to reach 20 points. For such an earthquake on the Earth was not the physical premises. "Limestone deposits in other parts of the world suggest the direction of the giant waves. Perhaps it was formed because of the impact that came from outer space. Epicenter was somewhere between modern Iceland and North America . fact that it was the fall of the meteorite, scientists can say thanks to the discovery of rare chemical elements, such as iridium. But probably not only guilty of a meteorite crash occurred. probably blow from space coincided with increased volcanic activity, scientists believe . reports YTPO.Ru.


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