Since then I believe in fate …


The Jewish Museum in Prague has prepared a photo exhibition about the deportation of Jews from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in Belarus in 1941-42.

The genocide against the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia usually associated mainly from ghetto Terezin and Auschwitz-Birkenau. "Less known is the deportation of Jewish prisoners in other ghettos and forced labor camps in the Baltic States and Nazi-occupied Poland and Belarus", — says the curator of the exhibition It Shpilgalava. During the year, more than half of all Jews from Bohemia and Moravia were sent to those places, 48,991 were killed, only 549 survived.

It is these little-known pages of tragic stories presented to the public at the Prague exhibition "Since then I believe in fate …" The first part of this series, shown in 2005, has been focused on the deportation of Jews from the Czech Republic to the Baltic states. Second, exhibited in 2007, was devoted to the fate of people transported to Nazi-occupied Poland. The third and final part of the series focuses on the stories of those who have disappeared in Nazi-occupied Belarus. Around 7,000 Jews from Bohemia and Moravia were killed in the Minsk ghetto, the death camp Trostenets and at the railway station in Baranovichi. Only 22 people out of those deported survived the war.

"Mosaic story of the Holocaust in Belarus consists of fragments of memories of several prisoners, as much of the material was destroyed by the Nazis. These materials are complemented by the exhibition to local residents and Jews deported from Austria and Germany. Transcripts subsequent interrogation of German soldiers and local staff were also used ", — said the curator.

Richard Hirsch was deported from Prague to Terezin July 20, 1942, where he died

Suitcase Richard Hirsch, found among the belongings of those who died in the camp Trostenets

Death Camp "Trostenets"

Heinrich Himmler (2) and Otto obershturmbanfyurer Brandfish August 15, 1941 in Minsk

Obershturmbanfyurer Walter Rauf was responsible for the supply of gas to the gas chambers

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