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 Due to the fact that "Loginza" did not work for quite some time, in consequence of which I could log in and post news. And therefore I have accumulated a number of news stories, in particular the Kamaz 

1: Kamaz helps children with cerebral palsy syndrome

General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogoghin attended the report meeting of the Charitable Fund "Children of cerebral palsy."

President of the Foundation Tanzilya Egorova reported on for the past year and talked about the interaction of its leadership with the Board of Trustees. She expressed special thanks to the leadership of "KAMAZ" for help and attention, which the company has a "Children cerebral palsy." The warmth she thanked and KAMAZ, not staying away from the problems experienced by families with sick children are growing. "We do what we must, — said in his speech Sergey Kogoghin. — And I'm sure everyone who contributed to this worthy cause will be rewarded handsomely."

Charitable Fund "Children of cerebral palsy," the chairman of the Board of Trustees which is Sergey Kogoghin, was established in November 2004 to help patients suffering from cerebral palsy. In the spring of 2007 there was a project "Emerald City", in which Naberezhnye Chelny plan to create Russia's first specialized clinic rehabilitation cerebral palsy. The first contribution to the fund of the project were chelnintsev donations of $ 12 million. Most of that amount — more than 7.5 million rubles — KAMAZ assembled by listing the charity account a day's wages.

Board of Trustees of the Foundation "Children of cerebral palsy," then it was decided to devote part of the donations for the treatment of sick children. During the existence of the project, hundreds of children with cerebral palsy, received an effective care and treatment in major hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and other cities of the country and abroad.

Despite the economic difficulties, "KAMAZ" continues to support the Fund. So, 2.5 million rubles., A listed company in 2011, helped take a full course of treatment 84 sick children. Unfortunately, the "KAMAZ" remains the only company in Naberezhnye Chelny, which over the years has provided ongoing assistance and support to the Fund. The rest are usually limited to individual stocks.



2: KAMAZ presented a new truck rescuer

Today, in the Krasnodar car center took delivery of KAMAZ truck "KAMAZ-65115" Cossacks of the Kuban Cossack Army Vladimir Sokurov.

B. Sokurov with two friends to save the inhabitants of Krymsk during the August floods, lost his truck. Upon learning of the incident, General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogoghin together with the trade union committee decided to purchase a new truck for a Cossack, the press service of the company. Then, however, should be clarified that the car is not presented with the chief executive. Buy KAMAZ truck V.Sokurovu helped raise the money to the charity care for the residents of the affected Krymsk.

The hero could not believe in the fact that his act will be so highly valued by people, whose powers are "KAMAZ".


3:AVTOTSENTR KAMAZ PRESENTED ON AGRO-2012 two new grain truck

Two completely new grain truck on the chassis KAMAZ-53215 farmers Avtotsentr KAMAZ presented together with the Ukrainian manufacturer of bodywork LLC "Zernotrans" at the XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair "AGRO -2012", which was held Sept. 5-8

Exhibition-Fair "AGRO-2012" — one of the key events of the year in the agricultural sector of Ukraine and Autocentre KAMAZ took a most active part, showing the latest developments in the transport of agricultural goods.

New grain on the chassis KAMAZ-53215 has a volume of 29 m3 body and was present at the booth KAMAZ Autocentre in two versions — with rear and side loading. This grain production Ukrainian company LLC "Zernotrans" ( designed to transport crops to long and short distances and can be used in the train.

On the stand Autocentre KAMAZ also represented a new generation of agricultural dump KAMAZ-45144-061. Tipper has an increased capacity of 14 tons and a large body capacity 19 m3. Two-way discharge can be discharged in a space is limited.

For the record

Car center KAMAZ ( was created in 1981 as part of the development of the service network "KAMAZ" in Ukraine and is a subsidiary of JSC "KAMAZ". Today the auto center is an official dealer of "KAMAZ" Automobile and Parts Agent in Ukraine and the official service center "KAMAZ". KAMAZ auto center provides a full range of services for the sale of complete KAMAZ vehicles and spare parts to it, as well as the maintenance and repair of trucks. 



4: PLANT KAMAZ engines be equipped with Euro-4

Work continues on the equipment of the engine plant KAMAZ equipment designed for the production of components for the engines of Euro-4 standard. In June of this year, two German machining centers were installed and running in the shop of aluminum parts of the engine plant.

Another two processing centers will be put into operation in early September in the workshop series of small businesses. This equipment has already arrived at the factory. Total for the production of parts and components for the project of Euro-4 provides for the purchase by the engine plant 38 pieces of equipment. It will be used to release the flywheel counterweight, front cover, crankshaft, collector, wrenches and software.


5: NEW INSTRUMENTS not give a supplier of components, metals and polymers CHEAT KAMAZ

The research base of the Technology Centre "KAMAZ" has several new modern devices that allow for in-depth analysis of materials, the press-service of JSC.

Acquisitions made by the company as part of the course to improve the quality of cars, are designed to improve the efficiency of decision-making. New technique saves time engineers and researchers, facilitating their work and has better ergonomics — in contrast to the instruments made 15-20 years ago. All devices are computerized, with the Russian version of the software.

Device "Spetromaks" is designed for rapid analysis of the chemical composi
tion of steel, alloys, cast iron, aluminum and copper. Electron microscope of "Teskan" with optical zoom from 40 to 1 million short specializes in fractography — gives a comprehensive description of fractures of parts, allowing the shape of the structure to determine the cause of the destruction. It also enables the quantitative analysis of the damaged areas, finding in metal "extra" metallic and non-metallic inclusions, carbides, etc. His help is invaluable in determining the causes of defects. In addition, the microscope is capable of delivering targeted recommendations perpetrators appearance of marriage: the suppliers of metal, polymers, components, and plants of "KAMAZ" to organize corrective action on technology.

According to KAMAZ engineers, with the help of new devices "KAMAZ" will make it easier not only to deal with the defects, but also for suppliers to develop special characteristics, in accordance with ISO / TS 16949, which will greatly improve the quality of cars.

According to the chief engineer of JSC "KAMAZ", the director of the Technology Centre Ravil Khisamutdinov, Kama automobile plant, like other major car manufacturer has actually created a modern research facility that meets international standards. Technologists are convinced that without extensive and reliable research development, improvement and implementation of new technologies is simply impossible.

6:KAMAZ salary increases by 5% for the second time in a year

From 1 September 2012 to "KAMAZ" will be indexed wage rates and salaries of employees by 5%. This is the second and planned salary increase this year.

The corresponding order-decree was signed by Director General of JSC "KAMAZ"And the chairman of the trade union committee of the enterprise, according to the department of public relations of the company.

Increase wages is in accordance with the collective agreement, according to which such an indexing should be done twice a year. January 1 "KAMAZ" has increased by 5% salary and wage rates to employees of the company.

On the average salary in the company did not report, however, according to the company over the past year knows that before the summer increase in 2011 and increase in January of this year, the average salary of engineers and craftsmen car plant to start the second quarter of 2011 sostavlayala 17460 rubles. That 45% more than the year before. The workers increase for the year resulted in 43.1%, the average wage is 16,706 rubles. Mainly due to the growth dynamics of the March increase: the engineers from February this godazarplata increased by 22.9%, from the workers — by 24.9%.

At the foundry and forging plants salary engineers increased since the beginning of the year with 13592 to 17442 rubles, the workers — with 13010 to 16743 rubles. On the Press and Stamping Plant: from 12710 to 16373 rubles. — The engineers, with 12269 to 15459 rubles. — The workers. "KAMAZ-Diesel": from 12513 to 16330 rubles. — Engineers from 10726 to 15130 rubles. — The workers.




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