The aliens had a disco Romanians




Alexander SUN

Unidentified flying objects in the sky Romania appear with surprising regularity. Since 55 years ago (according to official statistics), first reports about a certain ease, without asking dissect a heavenly distance, so you can immediately start a very real record. A case occurred recently in one of the villages, is worthy of mention, not only in the annals of … It happened late at night. Kristinesti hamlet in eastern Romania emptied in minutes. At first glance, it could be said that the raid on the village made a small estate of the vampire race Dracul, but it was much more serious … Near the village appeared in the sky bright multi-colored beams that move randomly and quickly.

Village residents panicked. They decided that it was not planned raid alien monsters and fear have fled their homes. Police arrived at the scene, has not been able to figure out what was wrong. Militant representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in the area were observed, only could be seen in the distance bright disco lights in the open air and the sounds of music. It's having fun on the Ukrainian border …

Police to urgently Romanians returned to their seats. One of the participants of "incident" described how everything really happened: "The whole village poured out into the street. We did not know what to do, when suddenly the aliens land on our farms.'s Memory surfaced scary legends UFO have repeatedly landed in our area in the whole village stopped clock, the other case — the animals began to act very strange … We were terrified. When we were informed that we were able to avoid the invasion of the aliens, our happiness knew no bounds! " It turned out the legend that UFOs frequently visited by the inhabitants of Romania. The most glaring example — in 1974, Transylvania. Many people then even had time to chat with the crew of a UFO. The aliens were humanoid, tall, with long blond hair. They gave people a little box with 64 gold plates, covered with cryptic writing. Then they do not have time to read, and their fate was handed over to the security services.


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