The famous Grad will change the newest Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

Legendary "Grad" will replace the new multiple rocket launchers

Starting this year, Russian Defense Ministry will purchase new multiple rocket launchers "Tornado-G", which over time have to change the BM-21 "Grad", who is in service since 1963. In the Main Command of the Army claim that the new girl system, clear properties of which has not yet sounded, efficient predecessors.

On armament Artillery Army received new multiple rocket launchers, said on Mon official dealer of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging for ground forces Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov.

"In 2011, for the equipping of units of combined arms formations of the Army will be made purchases of new rocket systems multiple rocket launchers "Tornado-G", which should change the world-known systems "Grad", — he said, "Interfax".

Vlasov said that the technical abilities brand new rocket system "much better their predecessors by increasing the power of ammunition, as the introduction of automatic guidance systems and sighting survey and navigation that allows you to operate autonomously."

"System" Tornado-G "was created for the destruction and oppression of open and covered manpower, armored vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, command Fri and other purposes. Equipping these systems — one of the capacity Building Ground Forces on a distant enemy fire damage in modern combined arms combat, "- said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

Legendary "Grad" will replace the new multiple rocket launchers

Note that the 122-millimeter rocket system multiple rocket launchers BM-21 "Grad" is in service with Russian / Russian army in 1963. The firing range depending on the type of projectile 20-40 km. Area covered by about 15 hectares. Is in service with more than 30 countries around the world.

"BM-21 — a very ancient system, — Said the director of the newspaper's gaze on ordinary weapons programs from the Center for Policy research of Russia Vadim Kozyulin. — It has already been removed from service even in the Ukraine. Meanwhile in Libya demonstrate how important to have modern weapons. We have great behind. It is necessary to correct this line. This is a natural process. Okay, what the plans are. "

"Buy new MRL seems to be relatively small amounts — presented in an interview with The eyes first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov. — Substitution, respectively, will go slowly. At first they will have more fundamental connection, then — other. Themselves "Grad" will be displayed on the storage base, but it is a matter of many years. "

According to the views of the professional ability of modernization "Castle" has come to an end: "Multiple launch rocket system is long out of date — said Sivkov — BM-21 long-lived, as his fighting ability can be improved when equipped with more modern projectile, more sophisticated system management. If the equipment has a large resource of modernization, it can keep in service for a long time. Apparently, the BM-21 has exhausted its own modernization resource. "

"He has a resource on the market of third countries — said Vadim with all this Kozyulin. — Not much on the technical level advanced African countries with delight acquire it for their own local conflicts. "

"If we talk about the Russian Armed Forces — said Kozyulin — in the event of war, anything goes. For example, the conflict in Georgia to use them would be possible. They were used in Chechnya. But the focus on them is not worth it. If the question of modernization, it is the first that is easy to upgrade. "

Open sources of MLRS "Tornado-G" reported very little. Based on anecdotal information, it is the caliber of 122 mm. In 2006, the head of the Missile Forces and Artillery (MF & A) of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Zaretsky said that this system is 2.5-3 times to overshadow the "Grad" combat effectiveness.

Also, for certain it is unclear chassis built "Tornado-G". Mentioned MAZ-543M, but, as the experts, it is very languid machine that can carry a 300-millimeter "Tornado-S", but installing it on 122-mm system does not look so reasonable ("Grad" mounted on a lighter, more maneuverable "Ural-4320" and "ZIL-131" — approx. Gaze).

It is also unclear what the benefit of groups will do puzzles "Tornado-G". BM-21 operated by the infantry and armored divisions, which were abolished as part of the transition of the Armed Forces on the new look. "Today, it is about the team, which should be a universal self-contained unit may be new MRL will be given to each team," — said Vadim Kozyulin, noting that with certainty read about it sooner.

Some sources report to bikalibernom disposition "Tornado" — Tipo MLRS can lead fire 122-mm and 300-mm or 220-mm and 300-mm projectiles. There is no proof of this disk imaging.

In 2009, the head of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Army of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Bogatinov told "Interfax" that specifically reactive systems multiple rocket launchers "Tornado C" together with the missile systems operational tactical missile "Iskander-M" will be the basis for the technical component of the missile troops and artillery.

"The ongoing optimization of the RF Armed Forces, the transition to a three-management system and brigade structure spetsefichesky way affected the Missile troops and artillery. A changing of the technical component of troops. Here, first, highlight the missiles operational-tactical missile "Iskander-M", multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-S", — he said.

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