The Godfather as an expression of personal grievances Kremlin leaders

Russian NTV started filming the third series of the controversial film "The Godfather." There is evidence that the continuation will be aired on the eve of August 16, when the democratic community of Belarus traditionally recalls missing opponents of the regime. What did the authors of the tapes?

On the continuation of "The Godfather" author's work group led by the correspondent of the "Accident" Alexei Malkov, who rented the two previous series. Exactly a year ago, when journalists were preparing the film, security services detained them in Minsk, questioned, and forcibly deported from Belarus.

Alexei Malkov declined to provide details of the work on a new series. In the first part was a lot of repetition, and it is not known how much of the original information, will be able to find the authors of this time. From other sources it became known that the film continues to explore behind the scenes of the Belarusian regime, addresses the issues of corruption among senior management. The authors promise to show that "no idea what even the Belarusians", not to mention the Russian. Survey conducted on the territory of Belarus and in Russia. Some Belarusian politicians, human rights activists are invited to shoot in Moscow.

But realistically, the efforts of journalists to break the position of the Belarusian authorities? Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky believes that the ability of the media in this regard are greatly exaggerated:

Stanislav Belkovsky

"In my opinion, in Russia there is no real means to seriously affect the flow and power of Alexander Lukashenko. Not Russia and replacement candidates for the presidency, who would in that sense, neither spoke. And I am convinced that the Kremlin does not put themselves to overthrow the Lukashenko regime and its replacement by another leader. On the one hand, Moscow wants to put pressure on Lukashenko to make him certain concessions in the areas that Russia's real interests. On the other hand, the current Kremlin for many years typical tactic of small bites in response, based on personal grievances. And the TV series "The Godfather" should be viewed as a manifestation of it is resentment of Russian leaders, their personal opposition to Lukashenko, rather than as a targeted program to remove him from power. "

Against the background of aggravated Belarusian-Russian relations of Belarus write almost all the major publications in Russia. So newspaper "Trud" prints an interview with the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko. "The Belarusian opposition has refused to bow to Moscow" — the title of the article, which, among other things, raised the issue of possible support Kremlin opposition candidate in the presidential election: "No candidate Belarusian disagreed would be a puppet of Russia. But for the first time 16 years can be expected that Lukashenka will not have a public open support from the Kremlin. And this is a new quality in the presidential elections, "- says Mr. Lebedko.

In turn, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" article "Lukashenko Chamber convenes" states: Belarus, head of environment, in fact, begins the campaign the incumbent president, "The government of Belarus is preparing a program of social and economic development of the country until 2015. document must be approved by next autumn IV All-Belarusian People's Assembly, which, according to experts, will be a major campaign event Lukashenko . "

Russian Yulia Latynina in publitsystka program "Access Code" on radio "Echo of Moscow" so evaluates the effectiveness of the "information battle":

Yulia Latynina

"As far as our information war with Belarus … This, of course, very funny when the two nations find out the relationship with the TV. Though it better than they do with tanks. But you know what is in Belarus? There dictatorship. And if Lukashenko someone killed someone, we do know that it did Lukashenko. however — in Belarus cops who do not take bribes, normal roads in Belarus, Belarus has no big business, but small business is not pressed. Which means that if Lukashenko dictatorship is over, Belarus will be much easier to go to an open society than Russia, where a terrible society overgrown layer slizi law enforcement. "

Belarus continues to subject matter and "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Article "Lukashenko once again hired a specialist to the image" tells us that instead of the former spin doctor of Belarus, a British expert on Bell, now a positive image of the country will form its countryman Peter Selwyn, Lord Chadlington Homer: "The Belarusian president has the unenviable reputation. For the West, it is Europe's last dictator. in Russia it has long been perceived positively, but Now more and more people consider him a greedy blackmailer. With this image is not zaedesh. designed to save the situation known PR man, head of the holding "Hantsvort" Lord Chadlington. "

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