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It sought to perfection Helena Rubinstein

In "The Science of Love" Ovid strongly advises ladies (he calls them virgins) will never engage themselves in front of men. "It is better not to see you at the dressing table" — recommends singer tender passion, as well as the author of the poetic treatise "Powderers face." And then he explains why: "Do not lose courage surprising, seeing as the wine must, smearing Maiden face dripping warm on his chest!" If this argument to its logical end, that is all you need to engage only in some reservations, fenced off from the world, which is inhabited by so easily timid individuals of the opposite sex, a high wall. In general it can be said that today, these arguments just to its logical conclusion and communicated. What is a modern spa, as that's not such a reservation. And the fact that usually in these institutions are both men and women, the strength of comparison does not detract. After all, nothing in the world does not eliminate the sex difference (and therefore sex drive) as an all-consuming desire for improvement.

By the improvement of not only the body but the soul. After all, culture is "self-care" even superficially, but very fully expressed in the ideology spa as such, assumes their full interaction and interpenetration. In general, "self-care" — a very ancient motif. Its funny story illustrates Plutarch that the citizens of Sparta provided helots care of the earth, because it preferred to spend time on the "care of themselves" and to exercise, that is simply charging. A charge is almost equated with the physical charge of the spiritual as well as body and soul were considered as communicating vessels that communicate with each other as sorrowful and joyful states.

Spa also offer spirituality — from mandatory meditation to a symbolic act of watches at the entrance. After all, they like the ticking of the deadline. But still we go there, we do not for spirituality. We need visible or sensitive results: which replaced the stress state of serenity, dropped pounds, tightened muscles or overcome illnesses. This article begins a series of articles on the spa. We have tried to select and test the ones that provide both medical procedures guaranteed quality and are able to provide the client with a high level of comfort. In anticipation of starting a business, it was decided to start the season with relaxation.

This is La Ferme Thermale d `Eugenie. Near the village is a garden stressed species
La Ferme Thermale d `Eugenie is located in the town of Eugenie les Bains in the French department of the Landes (Landes). From the nearest airport — in Pau (Pau) — go for about an hour. However, you can take a helicopter from Paris. The very "thermal farm" is like a supplement to the rather remarkable hotels Les Pres d `Eugenie and Le Couvert des Herbes and the apartments La Maison Rose and L` Auberge de La Ferme aux Grives. Hotels "Kommersant-Weekend" intends subsequently to write separately — they deserve a closer look. But now our subject — namely spa, the more often in Eugenie les Bains thermal come for the farm.

And the spa, and a hotel owned by a married couple — Christine and Michel. Christine is engaged in dressing rooms and actually Ferme Thermale, and Michelle — the famous chef. His restaurant in Les Pres d `Eugenie has three Michelin stars. But the main achievement he believes La Cuisine Minceur Active — light cuisine, so to speak, "Slimming" kitchen lies, however, in line with the tradition of French haute cuisine. We can say that it is a dietary creation of Mr. Gera puts its mark on the spa, which also had a "Slimming" hue.

But we are not talking about a hard weight loss — such, in the first place, as you know, not too has to relaxation, and, second, would be contrary to the general concept of institution that is the main therapeutic agent finds perfection.

List of treatments offered at the farm, defiantly short. All of them emphasized traditional: jets, mud wraps, mud and aromatic baths, hammam, and a few more. However, crossing the threshold Ferme Thermale, you immediately realize that it's not about what the procedure, and in fact with what care and the atmosphere in which they are held.

For example, such a familiar thing as thermal hydromassage shower, here is different in that marble table on which you lie down under a jet spouting, slightly warmed. Similarly, his warm and procedures for mud wraps (white mud kneaded on thermal water). And you do not immediately wrapped in plastic covers, as is usually the case, and the first in the linen sheet.

All procedures are divided into thermal and gerbalnye, "thermal" and "gerbalnye" offered alternate days. The basis for most procedures is the thermal water of local origin, as well as extracts of plants grown in their own gardens and greenhouses. "Thermal" a day in addition to massage showers, and wraps includes a hammam, a bath with underwater massage, mud pool "effect of the Dead Sea," directed thermal massage (this is where you "shoot" from a hose) and "thrust" massage (when out of the same hose, but from a different nozzle on you spewed thousands of the finest water jets).

On the day of "herbs and plants," offers much of the same procedure, only flavored herbal essences, Put a marble bath with petals floating in it, and instead of sponges will sachets will make full body massage with herbal oils and, most importantly, will pour you "steam thermal shower with aromatic additives. "

This procedure consists of the following: you are placed in a shower cubicle and the like through the hole somewhere around your stomach, again directed from the hose to have a jet mist consisting of water vapor and lavender (it relaxes), carnation (this Conversely, invigorate) or needle (it has a sedative effect). The feeling is that these tiny droplets immediately penetrate into the pores and almost as immediately begin there somehow perfect act. After the procedure, asked not to be wiped. Wipe does not want to.

In general, everything is done efficiently and with a watchful attention to the customer. But it's all so would have remained a small set of professionally designed procedures, if not the most spiritual component with which we began. At La Ferme Thermal spirituality reach very real ways: the high arches of a building, reconstructed from authentic farm of the XVIII century, a real fire in the fireplace — and not just in huge decorated with antique cabinet Aptekarsky break room, but the room where taking thermal and floral procedures mosaic walls in the hammam, a bathrobe eggshell color that you give in exchange for your clothes, and that is being reflected by hanging on the walls of the old mirrors, looks props later Fellini films.

This entourage erects between hours and minutes, is home to the La Ferme Thermale d `Eugenie, and the real life of the wall, which would have considered sufficient even Ovid Naso. But he, of course, would have found reprehensible spectacle condensate vapors of lavender, which irrigate the virgin face dripping on a warm chest.

Price one day sessions € 120 hotel rooms Les Pres d `Eugenie and Le Couvert des Herbes cost from € 260 to € 500, diet lunch from Michel Gera — € 55.

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