Under the protection of wandering demon

I would like to share one story that did not occur to me, but one of my friends. When I heard it I was 16-17 years old, and it made me just an incredible experience, having sat in a lifetime memory. I told her my namesake Oleg and it relates to dark entity called Wandering Demon .

As I said it was a long time ago, because try as accurately recount what he had heard.

Oleg — the guy who caught the bandit 90 years in his hometown. Some '' brother 'were followed by others, local police are afraid to meddle in some areas of the city, in order to avoid becoming a target. The hero of my story is an incredibly talented artist, his gift slowly burrow with bottles and glasses. In addition, he quickly "Plant" and the first to climb into the fray without fear of any number of opponents, nor their weapons. But all these qualities he found after what happened to him in the late 80's, when he is possessed by a wandering demon …

He was about sixteen, he returned with the partying and just fell asleep in his chair at home. In my sleep Oleg heard his mother is going to work, the front door slam and … clearly saw 2 glowing eyes surfaced in the back of his mind and said, "You're mine!"

When he awoke from a nightmare in a sweat, and the seriously worried man heard in his head, a voice that demanded to comply. It was not his voice, but someone's angry, whiny requiring immediate submission. Oleg tried to dampen foreign mumbling and it had turned out. But not for long. Since then, his life has changed. The next five years around it create all sorts of hell.

At some point he realized that he can not quite get mad at people differently from his abusers something is bound to happen. Something not very good. In the 18-Tb was drafted into the army, he and the man who was sitting in his head, trying to have power over him. There were many occasions when, because of his temper Oleg run up to the old-timers that threatened to triple his dark, broken bones and a lot more of what happened to his co-workers call. But nothing of their threats did not come true. The demon kept him. One day, answering blow offender who promised to kill Oleg, he went to the post. Offended "Grandfather" odnogodok decided to collect and organize my friend retribution directly at the post. But nothing he could not do, because it fell out of the window on the same evening and thoroughly break his bones.

The voice did not disappear, and after returning from the army, but because of his carefree attitude to everything from Oleg, the demon could not break the guy.

Oleg told me that during this period in his apartment constantly voices could be heard the sound of, as if someone runs a little on the ceiling, books fell from the shelves … But the most important thing is that all this is heard and watched not only him. His mother, sister, friends coming to the apartment witnessed something abnormal. Soon, their family began to get round.

One day, while sitting in the kitchen talking with a friend, fell between them, just from the ceiling, potatoes, which are not decayed, and turned to stone from time to time. A friend ran out of the apartment, and Oleg was not even surprised.

He said that if the house had a deck of playing cards, then in the morning she was getting a tune up to the holes. Even if you buy a new and hide.

A lot of things have happened in his life at that time, which I do not remember, and he forgot.
Saying only that some day he woke up and vote no. The demon has left itself. Prior to that, Oleg not helped numerous visits to grandmas, no prayer in the church, ordered by his mother for his health. It all ended as it began: in a dream.

Once a friend of mine told me this story, I was chicken all evening. It is hard to imagine how he lived all this time and not as crazy?

He is now living a normal life, no paranormal activity is watching and incredibly happy about it. What was the nature of this and what it was like — not hard to guess.
Well, that man has a chance to resist the onslaught of dark forces. Perhaps someone still protects us.

This story is not the fruit of my imagination, I really have heard it from his friend 15 years ago. Was the reason for writing the offer to participate in the competition to bid on strashno.com.ua. Let's see what happens.

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