Underwater Pyramid Rock Lake (United States)

Rock Lake lies 20 miles east of Madison in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The lake is eight, and the width — about four miles away. In 1836, Nathaniel Heyer accidentally discovered in the lake Rock small stone pyramid with a flat top Discoverer Attsalanom named his find and suggested that the monumental building is not less than a thousand years.

Heyer did not see anything special in Attsalane. After all, the indigenous inhabitants of the continent were built around a kind of pyramid, "worship the hills," Barrows. But already in 1862, in some magazines the sensational articles about Pyramid Rock Lake, which stated that Attsalan is much older than the other pyramids. If this pyramid built the ancestors of the American Indians, why she was on the bottom of the lake, formed thousands of years ago? Construction dolzhka be much older than all the tribes!

In 1900, in the area of Rock Lake was a terrible drought. The mayor of the town of Lake Mills, Lee Wilson and his brother Claude Wilson fished in heavily shoaled lake and directly under your boat in the water saw the stone masses. This unexpected finding one is not particularly interested, and 'rocks in the lake' back long forgotten.

In the spring of 1936 a Victor S. Taylor announced that he had discovered on the bottom of the lake Rock 'four pyramids, apparently, Amerindian, built probably by the Aztecs. " On this note pointed publisher Guide B.U.Sonders U.S. doctor who was interested in the country's diverse attractions and organized an expedition to the mysterious ruins. Saunders planned underwater pyramids found on any line, for which he expected date unknown structure. He knew that the Aztecs lived in Mexico, a far cry from the state of Wisconsin, which is adjacent to the Great Lakes on the border with Canada.

Dr. Saunders vigorously advertised its upcoming underwater exploration, but some reason no one wanted to give him the money for the expedition. E.F.Bin geologist Professor and historian Dr. Charles E. Brown, too, wanted, waited for the right weather, explore the ruins in the murky waters of Rock Lake, but they were not lucky — they did not find anything.

Holder of the record for deep-sea diving, scuba diver Max Jean Knowle, also became interested in the secret Rock Lake. In 1937, he crossed in different places lake in a small boat and dragged him along the bottom of the rope on a solid metal disc. With this self-made "instrument" Knowle located underwater objects and made many dives to examine rocks, which ran its "device". Knowle, he said, he found one pyramid in the middle of a lake. He recorded in his diary: "The construction is in the form of a truncated pyramid. Upstairs there is a small square area with sides 1.4 meters. Side of the square base is 5.43 meters and the height of the pyramid — 8.83 meters. Construction obviously consists of smooth stones connected building structure. The stones are covered with a thick greenish patina that is easily scraped off and then opened flat gray surface of the stones. "

Although the giant pyramids in Egypt, Central America and China are far superior to the size of a modest "lake pyramid", which is so carefully measured Knowle, find in Rock Lake harbored an unresolved puzzle. The public is again "missed the" sensational discovery of the pyramid and forgotten.

July 30, 1967, a good thirty years on Lake Rock settled a group of seven divers. One of them was a diving instructor Lambard. He was the most experienced in the group and the longest remained under water. When he has ended oxygen, scuba diver suddenly seen protruding a half meters above the bottom of the lake area of about 6 × 12 meters. Lambard quickly surfaced, triumphantly raising his head above the three pieces of stone, hastily Break off of this site.

The discovery of the pyramid

Lambard had failed to prove that the stones lifted from underwater ruins, and many of his colleagues have declared a fraud. At a symposium in diving in 1968, a fellow diver with confidence insisted: "Where we were looking for, not a pyramid!" Meanwhile, many swimmers and fishermen have seen some ruins in the lake.

For example, the chairman of the group diving Craig Scott researched the devices bottom of the lake and found a rock structures. The diver John Shuljak also managed to reach them. He said: "I'm no good searched the Rock Lake for six years, then used the sonar, electronics, and pyramids appeared in front of me one by one. I especially remember the two of them, both in the middle of the lake. One has a width of about four meters and a length of 30. This pyramid rises above the muddy bottom at 2.43 meters. It is built of stones of various sizes, with the largest laid in the foundation, and the smallest are the top. Stones carefully fitted together and then stitched composition similar to concrete. " Dr. James Scherz, an engineer at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, said of the pyramid Rock Lake as a "fantastic find". He suggested that from the top priests and astrologers' observed the sun, moon, planets and stars in their perpetual motion "and that" underwater pyramid is oriented due north. "

Journal of Skin Diver diving in the January issue of 1970 wrote about the mystery of Rock Lake: "These pyramids absolutely incredible, impossible — they are too old and are in a place where no one could build. From the point of view of logic, they can not exist, but the story is rarely subject to the correct logic.

Why Pyramid Rock Lake called "incredible", it is easy to understand: after all someone has built 13 pyramids, in addition not under water, not on the bottom of the lake, and on land. Hence, the pyramid was built when the lake at this place did not exist, then there are at least 12,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age.

Other ways to make dating even more stunning results — about 16,000 years ago! At this time, gradually retreating glaciers, melting away and left behind numerous lakes and rivers, as part of the American continent was still under ice. Great Lakes on the border between the United States and Canada have arisen during this period. Since then, the depression, which is a quiet lake Rock has always been filled with water. If this area during the ice age has been covered with a thick layer of ice, it is unclear how the pyramids could withstand the pressure of the ice masses?