Who is the Arab Spring in Tatarstan?

Who is the "Arab Spring" in Tatarstan?On one of the resources found a short text summary of my presentation to the readers of Kazan. That is to say — look from the side.

"It is possible to write:"Our homeland 400 years as a whole each other roasted"

The shopping center "Ring" in the "New Book" at the end of last week's meeting was accomplished readers with the famous writer Nikolai Starikov. He presented his book and answered numerous questions. Correspondents "Business Online» listened on why Khrushchev stated that Stalin ruled the fighting on the globe, what are the contradictions between the President and the Prime Minister, what is held in the Russian Federation "cannibalization of state property."

"Seriously Khrushchev says that Stalin control an army on the globe"

As it turned out, fans of the famous writer and politician Nicholas Kazan Starikova much. They gathered for a meeting with his idol in the "New Book" store in the shopping center "The Ring." Naturally, in the allotted area is not all together — and stood between the two o'clock bookshelves, under the guise of "Business Books." The most intelligent dragged closer to the ladder and climbed on them, oh, well you can see everything on top of shelves …

Nikolai sat at a small table. At the rear, the wall — moderate exhibition of books: "From the Decembrists to the Mujahideen. Who fed our revolutionaries? "," Stalin. Wonderful World "," Cherche la oil "," Creasy $. How to do it … "

From the story about his book The Old Man and began the meeting. Said about the series of yellowish — these in the main about the economy, about the reddish series — here it is more about the stories … But, "of course, and yellowish, and the Reds have books crossing, interlocking, as telling about one impossible not to tell about the other ", — said the guest. And here he added: "Well, book" Stalin ", I hope, will be fascinating to those who are interested in history, and for those interested in economics" …

At the same time about Khrushchev said that "in all seriousness, was that Stalin ruled the fighting on the globe. This he said at the XX Congress. By the way, where Khrushchev took this globe? Stalin had in the dressing room, in front of his office in the Kremlin stood Globe … "

YOU do not forget that there is a simple fool

The questions were a huge number. About the marshy area (Old men recognized her opponent), about the part you want to make a writer, about Stalin, about the revolution in Egypt, about books, about the future of the Russian Federation, about the possibility of a global association of patriots across the country, and again — about Stalin … There were sudden questions, you can say, on the brink of a foul.

Who is the "Arab Spring" in Tatarstan?— There is a book — "The History of the Fatherland", produced in 2006 … There is a picture of where the three worst Tatar Russian fried … How things are permissible, inciting ethnic hatred?

— … The state has no business to issue books! — With obvious skepticism saw the old man replied. — It kept itself aloof. There is no censorship. There is no check books. No check on the historical accuracy of the no. Because you will not be surprised that there are Renders pictures — you be surprised that they are not painted, pictures and other kakih-nibud … Because this issue — in the plane of the general control over their information to their site, including the above book. Need to do this? Necessary. In what form? "Censorship" — something is not quite not a bad word. Public Committees, something else — is it necessary? Need to do. And the example that you have led — it's just one of the small pieces of a big puzzle that needs to be done …

Old people agreed that incite ethnic hatred, and said:

— And specifically in Tatarstan will kindle. Since the current Arab Spring in the Middle East is under the banner of Islam. An Islamic fundamentalism — is the new Bolshevism, which is designed to split the statehood states that oppose the Anglo-Saxons … If the ideology of class struggle, it was clear that they would bring in the workers' quarters, where they will then deliver Islamic fundamentalism? There where a lot of lives of people professing Islam. Well, then they look, of course, on the map …

Old men here present obviously disappointed, noting that one of the main sites — it Tatarstan. "Yes, God willing, will not work. But try … "

Another writer said:

— You do not forget that there is a fool. Here are just a fool who, though fool, but write the book … The films — also a fool from time to time, remove … for money, for the glory … Unfortunately, stupid people are too. No need to treat this as a deliberate provocation. It's just durnost, for what no one is responsible, no one controls …

Here who asked the question so sharp reader added that book was written on a grant from the Soros Fund.

— Look, there you have it and started with! — Old men exclaimed amid general laughter. — Clearly, Soros funded — and everything will fry each other, naturally. You can write the title: "Russia: 400 years, as all toasted each other."

"Cannibalization State property"

The next question was about the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and privatization. A burning — just yesterday the head of the federal government gave a great live interview …

— In my opinion, — said the old man, — I was able to find a good term to explain a more pleasant that the government proposes to do — "cannibalization of state property." Some actions in the economy associated with the ideology. Not having any economic sense and no economic background … It is now proposed to privatize and sell municipal property — ports, steel road … In other words, no factories circles of cotton candy, and the harsh big things. Equipment purchased from this are planned for 2013 — in some places 220 — 420 billion rubles … Lofty economists — have them jump to 200 billion numbers! Why sell such projects? Why sell the port? After all, the port and the port will be tomorrow, and the day after … He is unlikely to crumble, would not exist, heal all … These things sell in general, of course, is not necessary. But at least some motivation for their implementation provides the need for money … Look budget. Litsezreem that a trillion rubles Putin's order is sent to the emergency fund. Emergency fund is a stabilization fund is now so called, is such a bag. That is embedded in, of course — in the most reliable South American bonds. In other words, a computer-tac-toe. Question: what is more reliable — Toe in the South American computer or railways? It seems to me that if a South American computer things can happen, with steel road hardly …

There are different perspectives — THIS IS NOT BAD

Was question the contradictions between the President and the Prime Minister.

— Here hunt to say that the very existence of different points of view — it is not a
bad thing. It is bad when the point of view of one times. In other words, there may be different perspective. Poor another — that the process of developing a unified point of view imposed on the public. It must be there somewhere, behind closed doors, behind the scenes. Gathered government, managing the country. Discussed decided. Then all operate in the same band. Since all the same should be a single decision-making center. But when we litsezreem that kind of decision-making center is one, but we have a still a second center that the public begins to open a discussion on this, this is not good — take-out for public discussion of what should be done behind the scenes …


In the middle of the crowd were very many young people. Why did they come from? This reporter commented "Business Online» Nicholas Vushnyakov — a student of the Faculty of Philosophy at Kazan Federal Institute:

— I came to the meeting with Starikov, as ideas that presents Nikolai, as public organizations, of which he is the co-founder, they are very close to me … I have at the moment all the failures in Russia due to the fact that the government does not have full sovereignty. Ways to solve the problems of our country, which offers Old Men, they are original and are not identical to those that offer those who were on Bolotnaya Square all in Russia change through revolution by force. I believe, as well as Nicolai that we all can change the quiet, relaxed. RF needed municipal ideology that reinforces patriotism. At the moment, to call himself a patriot somehow even uncomfortable. And it is necessary that it has become the norm — to be a patriot, to serve for the good of their country. Old men expressed such thoughts in their own books, on its own website, they are close to me. And not just me — I communicate with my friends, most agree with the thoughts Starikova. I think these thoughts — the future of Russia.

Another young man, who identified himself as Nail and "readers", as it turns out, a very close look at the website Starikova, finds his performances on YouTube at the meetings in various towns of the Russian Federation:

— How different it is responsible for, it would seem, the same questions. Under a different angle. With various historical examples … This meeting has given to me a lot …

Questions, questions the guest … They seemed to have no end. I had to finish, so to speak, administrative and coercive methods.

— Now — autograph session — smiled guest.

Fully all his books with a shield made out Minutka three. They also did not have the … table, behind which was sitting Old Men, took the ring. To the writer lined up in three, and where and in four rows. It seems that almost everyone who came to the meeting and wished to get an autograph. Some — a few books at once: for yourself, friends, family … Old men sympathetically asked, "Who?" — And said: "Damir on memory …"

And on the sidelines patiently waiting (had to wait 40 minutes) fans who want to take pictures with the idol …

After the autograph session shared with a reporter Old Men "Business Online» impression of Kazan public:

— My readers — always attentive, intelligent, well-read, interested in people. In this sense, Kazan readers do not differ in any way from St. Petersburg, Samara, Omsk either. I get tremendous pleasure from communicating in any town where I come. As for the questions that I'm asking now — they may not like or do not like it. People are asking questions about what they are worried. If they ask is, I have to answer them … "

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