International aerospace and defense exhibition in Seoul

Exhibition at the military airport of Seoul opened October 18, 2011. According to organizers, this exhibition opens advertising capabilities for defense contractors, and diplomatic abilities to the highest military ranks.

1. "Black Falcons" aerobatic team of South Korean Air Force T-50 aircraft at the opening of an international exhibition in Seoul.

2. Model unmanned helicopter MQ-8B Fire Scout of Northrop Grumman, the exhibition in Seoul, October 18, 2011. This week presented armored vehicles, aircraft and weapons training. Korea is trying to triple the performance of the yearly export of military products in the coming 10 years. (SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg)

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Young Belarus wants to legalize

The founding congress of the Society "Young Belarus" took place on July 10 2010 in Minsk.

"We have applied for registration in order for everyone to understand our desire and good will to act within the legal framework", — said the leader of the "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich.

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Between the U.S. and the Afghan Taliban talks began

Official representatives of the Taliban and the United States began in Qatar talks. On Sunday said the publishing house The New York Times. As long as both sides are very careful in assessing the prospects of the negotiation process: in Washington did not refute the fact that the start of negotiations, and the representatives of the "Taliban" emphasize that at this stage is about establishing trust, and not of peace initiatives.

Long-term goal of the talks are the measures that will be focused on ending the war and achieving mutual trust. But the Taliban are willing to agree to start

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Ratings of Putin and Medvedev fires do not damage

Society This was stated in an interview with Radio Liberty, the Russian expert sociological institution "Levada-Center" Denis Volkov. He denies the facts of the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", which on Tuesday wrote that the ratings of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin allegedly impaired:

"Newspaper" Vedomosti "is not quite correct to use our data, because, if you look at the trend, according to data lipenskimi the contrary, we have recorded some increase in ratings of Putin and Medvedev. Comparing the data of May and June, then there really is a drop in the four Interest Putin and Medvedev in one. For

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A new kindergarten opened in Altai Territory

In the district center of Altai Krai Mamontovo a kindergarten "Rainbow" for 140 seats. Construction of the new pre-school funded by the federal and regional budgets. Construction costs amounted to 18 million rubles.


Commissioning of the kindergarten "Rainbow" — the last stage of the solutions in the area Mamontovskoye challenge of places in pre-school educational establishments of children aged 3 to 7 years old by September 1, 2013. Here, all children older than three years will be required before studying at the school socialization skills will enhance the collective behavior, will gain the necessary knowledge.

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New kindergarten opens in Vladivostok

Private kindergarten "Top of the Montessori" for 100 children.This former school building, which many years ago was rented. However, for many years the building was empty and destroyed. In 2010, the Administration of Vladivostok returned room at their disposal.

"It was not the room, and the ruins, — said Igor Pushkarev — on his recovery required millions. At this time, we received an offer from a private entrepreneur. He was ready to renovate the building at their own expense, if he will give it out, and make its private kindergarten. To my mind, the City must not only build a

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Prevention of impairment while working on computer

The recommendations of the majority of physicians were mainly to limit computer time, the correct location of the monitor and mandatory breaks during work. Also important is the "right" monitor.

Here's what requirements must comply with the "right" monitor:

monitor should not be less than 17 inches; refresh rate of at least 85 Hz; grain size does notshould greater than 0.28 mm. The smaller the grain of the monitor, the sharper the image and is easier on the eyes; to exclude the presence of various reflections on the screen. To check the availability of anti-reflective coatings for buying,

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January 4, 2012 13:43

Several hundred years of world science centers — Universities are struggling with decoding "Celtic problem."

In world history, the name stuck for the numerous tribes who inhabited the territory of Europe. On a modern map of the Celtic tribes would take over France, the British Isles, Austria, Switzerland, much of Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The most important tribes of the Celts were Helvets, Belgium, Sequani, lingony, edui, bituringi, Arverne, allobrogi, Senonian, Trever, bellovaki.

Magic held an important place in the life of the ancient Celts. In early religious teachings Gauls nature and

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Diamond missile system. Fortress in space

Missile complex "Diamond" , his fate, like the fate of its founder Vladimir Chelomeya and members of the secret space unit was tragic. If it was possible to realize this project to the end, now in Earth orbit flew to space dozen fortresses, able not only to conduct reconnaissance, but also destroy enemy spacecraft, bombing the objects on the surface of the earth, and their crews would conduct a full-scale sabotage operations in space. "Space Odyssey" Lucas could well be a reality

The system, which began designing in KB Chelomeya

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The concentration of dust in Yerevan three times higher than normal

Average concentration of dust in Yerevan in June of this year exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of 3.1 times, said on Wednesday the news site referring to the Ministry of Environment of Armenia.

In addition, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the Armenian capital exceeded the norm by 2.6 times, nitrogen monoxide and sulfur dioxide are within acceptable limits.

For comparison, the average concentration of dust in the second largest city of the Republic of Gyumri in June exceeded MPC by 1.9 times (compared to May concentration increased 1.4 times).

In other cities, the concentration of dust is

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