The Libyan government is ready for talks with global powers

Authorities Libya ready to open a discussion with global powers towards a political solution to the crisis in this country, the Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.

His speech to foreign journalists in Tripoli gave a live English TV channel "Sky News" reports ITAR-TASS.

Ibrahim said the Libyan authorities "are ready to open a discussion of the political system reform, elections or a referendum."

But, he added, Ibrahim, Muammar Gaddafi must remain at the head of the country as well as the "only he can manage it during the transition period, as the guarantor of unity Libya. "

Ibrahim also identified

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Helsinki-75: predictable and unpredictable consequences

Society Helsinki agreement August 1, 1975 signed by 35 countries — almost all the states of Europe, and the United States, Canada and the Soviet Union.

At the time of the agreement were seen as an important step in reducing international tensions "cold war", but also as a diplomatic victory for the Soviet Union, as the agreement declared the inviolability of borders and territorial integrity, political dimension that meant the recognition of the division of Europe into spheres of influence. The document recognized the borders of Europe, as they were at the end of the Second World War.


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Libyan version will not. On the big stage of the war

Already a couple of years, Western politicians and media hold the world in suspense — whether large war in the Middle East? Attacked a NATO and Israel Iran or not? For some reason all used that NATO and Israel threaten unprovoked anger sovereign state in defiance of the UN Charter and all norms of international law.

What are the claims put forward NATO and Israel? Iran's nuclear programm. But whether Tehran least one nuclear bomb? To say "yes" do not dare even the most rabid hawks in the Pentagon. Yes, they say, Iran is in a position to make

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News Bogdan Motors


Listopad 15, 2011, 14:57

Korporatsіya "Bogdan" Got to Namir kіntsya 2011 roku an opened serіyne virobnitstvo avtobusіv small Klas serії A20 at agregatnіy bazі Hyundai. Zhovtnya 07, 2011, 12:08

Korporatsіya "Bogdan" s one naybіlshih sub'єktіv avtomobіlnogo Rinku of Ukraine, has put on at Mіnіsterstva regіonalnogo rozvitku that zhitlovo and communal gospodarstva AP Cream pershі 5 troleybusіv under contract postachannya 56 nizkopіdlogovih troleybusіv.

Zhovtnya 5, 2011, 12:46

We veresnі stream rock virobnitstvo avtobusіv i troleybusіv on bearing-down "Avtomobіlnoї kompanії" Bogdan Motors "zroslo to 92.86% in porіvnyannі s serpnem i sklalo 27 one. (Serpen 2011

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Libyan rebels accused of mass murder of prisoners of war

International human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) found in the Libyan town of Sirte body supporters of former Libyan favorite and called to investigate the murder of the total.

In an abandoned hotel in Sirte, 53 bodies were found with their hands tied and gunshot wounds. Littered with empty shops near by Kalashnikov rifles and FN-1. It says that they were killed immediately. In appearance bodies can imagine that they were shot between 14 and 19 October. HRW calls on the Libyan authorities to immediately investigate the sin and bring the guilty to justice, says RBC.

In the

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5 million euros universities in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Society The European Commission has allocated within the framework of the program "Erasmus" 5,000,000 euros University in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. In Belarus, the participants of the program — the Belarusian State University and Brest State University. 65 Belarusian students and teachers will be able to to participate in exchange programs with European countries.Belarusian State University reported that while no information on the amount of the grant and the number of seats. A representative of the international activities of the BSU Lyudmila Katka said BSU participates in the said program for three years and every year a competition is announced.

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Novi shvidkіsny potyag passes Ukrayinsky virobnitstva pochne kursuvati s Kharkova to 1 h of Kyiv kvіtnya

Novi shvidkіsny potyag passes lokomotivnoї traction virobnitstva PAT "Kryukіvsky vagonobudіvny plant" (Kremenchug, Poltava Oblast.) Pochne ekspluatuvatisya on dіlyantsі Kyiv-Kharkiv 1 kvіtnya. About Tse povіdomiv zhurnalіstam chief Pіvdennoї zalіznitsі Viktor Ostapchuk. For yogo words, potyag passes bude goes zamіst a cast of "Metropolitan Expres" Kyiv-Kharkiv. Kohli will be put into ekspluatatsіyu shvidkіsnі potyag passes "Hyundai", Kryukіvsky warehouse Bodo goes to Sіmferopolya.

Yak zaznachiv V.Ostapchuk, tsіni on Kvitki in poїzdah formuyut at Mіnіsterstvі Transport DAZT that "Ukrainian Railways." "Nashі poperednі rozrahunki pokazuyut scho Rate Kvitka bude comfortable for prostoї Lyudina. Napriklad, with VIP-8 coupe kryukіvskogo poїzda mіsts, Cena Kvitka becoming

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The occurrence of open sabotage U.S. against Russia

One example of

A few days ago the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission, Michael McFaul, spoke to the students of the Higher School of Economics.

And he made some hard-hitting statements about Russia. In particular, accused Moscow of bribing authorities in Kyrgyzstan to those "thrown" American airbase "Manas".

This was followed by the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry said: The words of Ambassador in form goes far beyond the bounds of diplomatic etiquette. And are a number of aspects of deliberate distortion of the Russian-American dialogue.

Michael McFaul responded to the allegations.

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Greed — What do we drink to watch online

People are ruining the beer is ruining people's water! Indeed whether mineral water extracted from medical sources?

The other films

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The child became ill, What you can not do

The child became ill. It is always stressful for parents. Moms tend to alleviate the suffering of the child in every way possible, aided by the universal availability of drugs. This often leads to disastrous consequences.


At high temperatures,:

Not worth wiping baby vinegar, alcohol or obkladyvat cold water bottles. Alcohol is very well absorbed through the skin and can cause poisoning the child's body. Do not let the temperature rise above 38°With a child with a history of febrile convulsions with severe birth trauma, epilepsy, increased intracranial pressure. Before the arrival of the doctor necessarily reduce the

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