130 years of temperature change on Earth


How did the temperature of the earth's surface? To answer this question, researchers gathered information about the temperature for 130 years from 1000 weather stations in different parts of the world and combined them with modern satellite data.

The result was an impressive video. In the mini-movie shows the temperature change on a global scale relative to the local average temperature of the mid-1900s. Red indicates warming, blue — cooling. According to the findings of scientists over the last 130 years the earth's temperature has risen nearly 1 degree Celsius. Many of the hottest periods occurred in recent years.

Formerly a student of the University of Minnesota-cellist Daniel Crawford has also attracted historical data on temperature changes from 1880 to 2012. Information expressed in figures, it turned into sound. Tonal shifts in this amazing melodies depend on the temperature of a year. The coldest year — 1909 — corresponds to the lowest note. All of the temperature curve has covered three octaves.

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