New boats GCC Vympel

5 September launching of the upgraded boat project 12150A "Mongoose" (serial number 02684).


This is the second boat series built for the Russian Navy this year. After passing the mooring and boat factory sea trials will be transported to the place of service.

The modernization project was carried out by specialists of the enterprise together with the CMDB "Diamond". Interior layout has been changed ship, increased superstructure mounted combat remotely controlled module. The result has been to improve the modernization of combat, tactical, maritime and performance boats, as well as significantly improved

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How is life Belarusian pensioners?

Society In Belarus 2,464,000 pensioners — every fourth resident of the country. A quarter of older Belarusians, reaching retirement age, continue to work. As far as socially protected feel Belarusian pensioners?On August 1, pensions in Belarus increased by about 12%. Thus, the pension will increase by an average of 58,600 rubles ($ 19) and the amount to 528,000 rubles (176 dollars). This is the second increase this year: in January, pensions rose by 9%.

Noticed any increase in pensions pensioners themselves?

In the People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko pension is not very different from the usual retirement Belarusian: "Oh,

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In Russia — the police. And in Belarus — police

Society Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed to rename the police to the police.

"On the I think, it's time to bring back its former police naymenavanne and call in the future our law enforcement by the police, "- said D.Myadvedev at the meeting on amendments to the law" On Police ", RIA Novosti reported.


Russia, Medvedev

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New boats for fisheries Russia

On "Kostroma Marine Engineering Plant" passed the test fishery protection boats KC-110, built in the framework of the federal target program "Improving the efficiency of resource use and development potential of the Fisheries Industry in 2009-2012" for the purposes of fisheries.

Federal Agency for Fishery Commission adopted two boats, which will soon be sent to the regional offices Rosrybolovstva Lena (Yakutsk) and regional offices Nizhneobskoe Fishery Agency (Tyumen).

Until the end of 2012 it is planned to build seven boats in this class.

Specifications KS-110

Body length 13.32 m

Housing width, 3.22 m

Depth, m 0.98

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Tiny, but the fundamental thing. What makes the Russian fleet in the Horn of Africa

Another detachment of the Russian Navy went to the Gulf of Aden Nov. 2, 2012. From Vladivostok released "Crown" — BOD "Marshal Shaposhnikov", accompanied by the tanker "Irkut" and salvage tug "Alatau". The ships, other than full-time crews are marine units and BOC also has both full-time helicopter.

This is the eighth hike "pirates" for the Navy's Pacific Fleet, and the second — for the "Shaposhnikov." With all of this in the past, their own roads in the spring of 2010, "Shaposhnikov" distinguished: specifically his squad of marines, planted with motor boats and a helicopter, occupied by pirates freed

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Submachine gun FN P90

Article about SMGs Bison revealed great enthusiasm in the midst of the guests website submachine gun FN P90. I think that is completely reasonable to do a little review of this gun. Many correlate this submachine gun with the other standards that have store large capacity, but it is far not the main feature of this tool, in my opinion, is much more enthusiastic munition that is used in this sub-machine guns. Specifically defines the main features of ammo guns himself P90 submachine gun it’s all just a means of implementing these features, although this facility to their abilities

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Near the solar system discovered objects of unknown origin

In the neighborhood of the solar system discovered several objects of unknown origin — the sources of cosmic rays, which are "fired" our planet protons, alpha particles and nuclei of heavier elements, says the Russian-Italian project "Pamela" in an article published in the journal Science. The "Pamela" (PAMELA — Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics, "scientific instruments to search for antimatter and the study of light nuclei Astrophysics") was launched in June 2006, when on board the Russian satellite "Resource-DK1" designed to photographing the Earth, in orbit went cpektrometr PAMELA, which is capable of detecting cosmic particles and

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Aliens among us — autistics

Some mistakenly believe these children are disabled or mentally ill, simply because their thinking is not like other perceptions of the world, but in fact they are simply special. This autism — Children who are growing up brilliant scientists, poets, and even leading experts huge companies. Microsoft, for example …

Autism is called a disease of the 21st century, and the statistics show impressive figures: one in a hundred children is born with the problem of the autistic spectrum.

What is this disease that causes people to be

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New research on the mechanism lightning


The mechanism of occurrence of lightning keeps a lot of secrets. However, thanks to the work of Academician Alexander V. Gurevich some of them managed to resolve, to lift the veil of mystery and explaining all the slender, but very subtle physics. On the new research mechanism lightning Academy Gurevich told himself.

The fact that lightning is nothing like an electric discharge in the middle of XVII century proved in the works by Benjamin Franklin. However, after the creation of the theory of electricity and the study of phenomena in a gas discharge, a new

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Schoolgirls have photographed UFOs (video)


In Khakassia two schoolgirls managed to make incredible shots. They managed to capture a flying saucer. Eyewitnesses have no doubt that they had seen a UFO. The object shape was what on Earth aircraft not yet attached.

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