Instant kick from near-Earth space

Latest news about aerospace developments in the United States may indicate the occurrence of there overall system of high-precision weapons, space-based air. In this concept fits and nedavneshnee test orbiter unmanned X-37B.

Successfully ended a flight drone X-37B has left more questions than answers. What makes this unit for 244 days in orbit, what is its purpose and what capabilities it can provide a South American military? What is the reason the revival of the concept of military "space plane" and how it interfaces with the strategic plans of the Pentagon?

The secrecy shrouding these tests, in totality with the

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The new UAZ


New special cars UAZ T-REX up to 3.5 tonnes will be produced on demand to the needs of the road construction sector, government agencies, as well as emergency


special vehicles for use in hard to reach areas.


Spetsavtomobili T-REX with dimensions of 5230mm x 1900mm x 2495mm and a wheelbase of 3450 mm differ excellent cross. They will have a system of four-wheel drive, high ground clearance (290 mm) and a sturdy frame.



Moreover, a significant advantage is the presence of multi-car transfer gearbox with

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Cure or prayer?

Society In order not to rely solely on the statement of the experiment, doctors have used special equipment. It was found that two people had improved the quality of hearing, and three people — sight. Researchers cite examples of the impact of prayers. For example, one elderly woman with Mozambique, which could not see the hand of a man at a distance of one foot, vision improved significantly after eye she put a hand on the man who prayed for her. Similar results were observed in experiments in Brazil.

Research scientists from Indiana caused a wide resonance.

Many people,

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Interior Ministry: Ministry of Defence have allowed employees to organize in Moscow dump

RIA Announcements. Employees of the Interior Ministry stopped activity of a group of senior officials Defense, who are suspected of organizing an illegal landfill in the suburbs, the harm of which amounted to 13 billion rubles, the report in the Sun Glaucus economic security and anti-corruption Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Illegal Hard waste landfill was established in Solnechnogorsky district of Moscow region.

"In 2006, officials Defense was illegally handed over to use one of the commercial structures to federal accessories, consisting of 18 acres of forested land, belonging to the Ministry of Defense. Then the forest

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The new Kalashnikov AK-12 adapted for use with just one hand

The designers of "Izhmash" new machine adapted to make full use of only one hand.


The successor of the famous AK-74, from the procurement of which the Ministry of Defence refused to be assembled in the factory "Izhmash" and demonstrated to the military in early December. Picture it while secretly, but some details of the "Izvestia" managed to find out. How to tell the designers of the plant, the main feature of the new items will be a "one-armed man" — that is, the opportunity to take any action with the mechanics of the machine can

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The police were concerned shirt Homel activist

Society Gomel social activist, a member of the United Civil Party, Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh received a summons to appear Aug. 10 at 15 pm in the Central district police station. As said, for the decoration of the administrative case. What specific — not specified.

As suggested by the activist, the call likely connected with his T-shirt with the inscription "For Belarus without Lukashenko." Because of her Nepomnyashchikh, by the way, a retired police officer, the staff of the Central police station arrested July 27 — the feast day of Belarusian independence:

"Prydralisya to my t-shirt that says," For Belarus without Lukashenka

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Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady. The Last Kiss watch online

The movie knows about one of the most beautiful love stories of the 20th century. According to the views of all those who witnessed the relationship between the well-known French actress Marina Vlady and stately Russian poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, it was the unusual love, which we usually only read about in books.


Historical figures, people of destiny

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MIA: go to fight some old?

A lot of enthusiasm caused by those permutations that have taken place in the Ministry of the Interior. After the left post your own minister-"Reformer" Rashid Nurgaliyev, and took his seat Vladimir Kolokoltchev, many began to realize that with the "suite" of Rashid Nurgaliev, which went to newcomer heritage minister, he (Kolokoltchev) hardly worked. With regard to that, what is so useful katigorichnye changes in the higher circles of the Interior Ministry, there are several views at once, and one of these views clearly prevails.

Experts believe that Vladimir Kolokoltchev he said "up" that longs to work with his own

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Snow leopards live in the area of the gas pipeline through the Altai Ukok — WWF

Environmentalists believe that in the area of the gas pipeline in the Altai Mountains live at least two to four Red Snow Leopard, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

According to the Fund, in August, the Altai reserve and regional public organization "Arhar" with the financial support of WWF-Russia examined hrebtyTabyn Bogda Ola and Southern Altai, located on the border of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, and framing the mountain plateau Ukok, and found in upper reaches of the river Ak-Alakha traces of the snow leopard.

"For the first time spent in Southern Altai mountain range reconnaissance survey reveals

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Reported poetry contest winners named Larissa Heniyush

Society Poetry contest was announced in March to support talented youth. The contest was organized association of Christian writers "Ringing of church bells." Participation in the competition was nearly three dozen artists from all over Belarus.

The authors evaluated the ability of a jury of journalist Paul Sevyarinets, poet Branches Korzeniowski and writer Nicholas Trofimchuk. As a result, were declared winners of two special awards, seven winners and seven winners.

Spetspryzami awarded Galina Yaroshevich from Baranovichi — the author of a song cycle on poems of Larissa Heniyush, as well as historical and patriotic club "Heritage" from village

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