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In Belarus, for the last day eliminated 6 peat fires in the area 1.24 ha.

"For the last day in Belarus was 9 fires — 6 on the moors and 3 — because of a fire of dry grass and bushes. All fires are eliminated, "- said agentstvu" Interfax-West "in the ministry.

There clarified that "one of the peat fire was in the Brest region — one in Grodno and four — in Gomel, the total area was 1.24 ha."

Depth pragarannya peatlands in Belarus This year, up to 10 cm "This is not a situation where peatlands burn through a meter or more. most difficult situation with the burning of peat bogs in Belarus wasand in 1999, when the peat bogs in the area Pukhovichi burn through 2 meters, "- recalled in emergency situations.

Now Belarus third severity of fires on a 5-point scale. Almost everywhere is limited, and in many areas and prohibited visit forests. Because of the danger of forest fires on the terms of hunting birds migrated from August 7 at the time, when will the dangerous period.

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