Belarus — one of 14 dissidents stranglers

June 15 in Geneva at the UN Council on Human Rights, the U.S. envoy Eileen Chamberlain Donagyu expressed concern about the repression of peaceful protests "in some countries." This is the BelaPAN to the website of the U.S. Mission to the UN.

According to Ms. Chamberlain Donagyu, "governments must be held accountable for the violation of fundamental freedoms" of their citizens — such as freedom of assembly, expression, conscience and expression.

Chamberlain Donagyu read out a list of the countries, the situation with human rights in the United States who are concerned. The list also appears Belarus.

"Belarus has awarded three opposition presidential candidate has given prison sentences and two more suspended sentences. At least 38 opposition activists were tried and convicted in trials that do not meet minimum standards of fair and independent judicial system, "- said the diplomat.

Except Belarus the list includes Bahrain, Burma, Venesuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Coconut Palm, China, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Sudan and Sri Lanka.

"The United States calls on all These countries respect the rights of its citizens ", — said Chamberlain Donagyu.

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