Belarusian opposition and Russian money


This subject is now perhaps the most popular. How much noise at the time caused a publication in Newsweek with sensational reports that the rate of Moscow on the Belarusian elections — Andrei Sannikov. Mr. Sannikov himself mysteriously smoked his pipe, not patsvyarzhyuchy, but nor denying the sensation that in the eyes of some made her even more believable.

Other recipients of countless millions of the Moscow Kremlin and thus creature rumored dubbed the leader of the "Tell the Truth" Vladimir Neklyaeva. Now and foreign experts pick her: American expert Govbl Paul says: "Who can be a pro-Russian candidate — is still unknown. Many in Minsk of the opinion that it would be Nyaklyayeu "by Slovakian researchers Balazs Yarabik "It is directed against Lukashenko campaign" Tell the Truth ", launched in February this year, in fact — a" soft "Russian project".

Hypothesis, evaluation, and even links to Minsk rumors in the texts of foreigners returned to Minsk (in Moscow, by the way) is as the ultimate truth — well, where else but in the West, just know that there think of themselves Putin with Medvedev?

"Creature of Moscow" as a media effect

The fight against "creature of Moscow", brought by some publications and political parties (see the last statement BPF), in fact only actualizes the idea of Moscow Rates — well not be such a serious and respected people get so excited from scratch.

Maybe the place is not really empty, about the candle above. But imagine for a moment that is empty. And how can you refute the opinion, which was already pretty stable? Moscow refute it? Well, first of all, something not-to-face, and secondly, to refute some time ago through its ambassador Surikov.

So what stopped the spread and consolidation of judgment? One iota. For those who believe in the hearing, any denial of Moscow — Byzantine tricks to hide their multiple intrigue.

In other words, there is a media effect, a few well-made information injections, the result of which lives its own life, and any attempt to stop it from spreading only help him.

And who needs it? And why is that? But this — the promised analogy.

Serbiya-2000 — Belarus-2010

Why the West in 2000, put in Serbia Vojislav Kostunica? Would it not be in the Serbian opposition politicians whose views were much closer to the standard Western values? They were. Of all the democratic opposition, the views were Kostunica from this standard is not just whether the most far. What is one of the theses of his campaign that "the neck of the Serbian people two loops — Milosevic and NATO." By the way, his Serbian nationalism has been a long and sincere — in 1974, a young graduate of the University Byalgradkaga Vojislav Kostunica was fired from his job for a public protest against giving Kosovo autonomy.

But Western politicians and analysts have concluded that in the context of Yugoslavia in 2000 (and not in those who would like to be) with the Serbian people, which existed at that time (and not one that I would like to see it) and it is only a policies, as Kostunica could achieve what they wanted, and other Serbian Democrats and the West. And to put on the opposition, whose views coincided perfectly with the Western democratic catechism — maybe he would even now he repeated the catechism in the opposition, and the country and still managed to Milosevic.

A nationalist Kostunica could defeat the nationalist Milosevic. With Western support, among other things. Where, in what form, so I did not hold a candle there — say, if any.

The analogy is seemingly complicated. Serbian nationalism is similar to the Belarusian praraseyskasts, Serbiya 2000 — not 2010 Belarus etc. It is something else: the fact that almost 10 years ago, the West made a bid for the policy whose views were far from those that prevailed in Washington and Brussels, but that could change the situation in their country. Change in the condition in these capitals is considered better than the one that is. That could mean? And even then — in the most basic understanding of democracy that could not please byalgradkih coterie of liberals, and millions of Serbs.

Who is that necessary?

The authors, who are now in Belarus reveal a creature of the Kremlin, complete their analysis and conclusion of journalism — such candidates are not required. And the people of Belarus? Maybe someone thought (or counted), and it is these needs, and partly because they do not need honorable colleagues who write about it. And considered (counted) certainly not in Moscow but in the very same Washington and Brussels. In this case, because you can not just find a person with proper qualifications, these qualities can give him. Image, in principle, be constructed.

So Moscow will understand in what capacity it is used. So, what does? Refute? So please circle the rumors roll faster. And what Moscow worry — this game it is not to the detriment of pay is really not it.

Come and witness against the "hand of Moscow" and seeking Russian money in the plan granted and reserved a place of honor — they are absolutely sincere create the effect of the presence of this "hands on", and it is in the form in which it is necessary screenwriter.

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