Brownie in the apartment

Brownie lives in an apartment of people who themselves live in the home Bole seven years. That brownie comes when people saturate the walls of their energy and their feelings, their feelings and love.

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To determine that the house-resident of the apartment is quite simple: it moves, it's the noise that may not issue the residents of the home. Upon detection of the brownie, it must cajole and talk to him respectfully. You can appease brownie with honey, it is necessary to put a small dish of honey for brownie also candy.

For example, folklore recommends brownie affectionately called, for example, to use such a wonderful common noun, like my grandfather. When households are willing to personally talk to him, it is better to call it by name, introduce yourself in person, he is sure to appreciate. Brownie needs of the apartment in order to keep the apartment and the atmosphere in the house, also protects the house and family members from the adverse effects of the nature and properties of the bad thoughts of other people who do not live with the household.

If a person comes to the house with the intentions of the evil or bad character against the household. That brownie can do everything so that this evil man soon left. Brownie need to feed and need to protect it. It has been said that it is necessary to feed the brownie offer it, but the sweets and honey, and even milk, vodichku.

You should know the holidays brownies: birthday — February 10, April 12 at night — Brownie loves pokurolesit, have a good time in full, and on June 9 — not sweeping the floor, as in the day house-like nap on a broom. If you have a good brownie in the house, save it, do not forget it, and then he would be offended and would be bad to make fun of you until you achieve it again good mood.

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