Compact machines (Article III): OC-11 Tiss, 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M Whirlwind

In past articles about compact machines described model guns that get better "standard" 5,45 x39. It is a tool intended to equip those troops who use it only as a means of self-defense, and not as the main type of weapon. Despite the fact that the competition "Modern" has been completed and as a result of the meeting there was a compact machine gun AKS-74U, known popularly as the "Xenia", far not all were satisfied with this result. Specifically, because of this there was still a few samples of compact machines, among which there were quite notable instances. With this tool, I propose to explore in this article, even though it may be, many seem sour.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Immediately it should be noted that the new models of compact machines are created by several other requirements, if an instrument of competition "Modern". So, if earlier small size guns is because it was necessary to keep inside the armored vehicles and without any problems take as needed, but now the weight and dimensions of the instrument stipulated the constant wearing of a compact machine. Created such machines, as a tool that could be nestled right to wear and great to use this on protected targets and objectives for the light shelters. In addition, the gun required a confident defeat the enemy when hit, and a relatively small range in order to avoid the introduction of random victims. In other words, machine had to use quite a massive munitions, with the heaviest bullet that can penetrate a means of personal body armor. Well, of course, that the 5,45 x39 such qualities could not brag. To reduce costs, it was decided not to develop new ammo, and take a more suitable one available, they had little ammunition 9h39. It is natural that these bullets were not quite a cheap, well, effective range of tools using such ammunition does not exclude the midst of civilian casualties over a distance of 200-300 meters from the shooter, but in general they are certainly a better fit for the intended purpose in relation to the 5.45 x 39. I think that with an introduction to guns and ammunition to start.

Initially, special ammo 9h39, of course, were created for entirely different purposes, not for compact machines. These munitions were designed, first for the silent weapon, which would be great "works" protected by means of personal protection purposes. As is clear, the sound of the shot is composed of several components: the equalization of the pressure of powder gases with pressure medium, the sound of the automation, and the sound of a bullet, that is, if the bullet is moving at a velocity greater than the speed of sound. For example, if a powder gases can beat silencer device, automation can be silent or rather a very quiet, the bullet for services should move without a sound effect at subsonic speed. Work on the ammunition for the guns silent is already a very long time, but in order not to make an article about compact machines in the article about the cartridges, cartridges confine predecessor 9h39.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"For the successful implementation tools, coupled with devices silencer still in the middle of the last century has been designed cartridge h39US 7.62, bullet which had the lowest rate, in comparison with standard cartridges. These munitions were fully effective for firing at the enemy insecure means of personal body armor at ranges below average, but because the body armor get all the huge popularity and become more perfect, then there was the issue of modernization of these cartridges to improve their features. One of the main features of the tool holder is the kinetic energy of the bullet, which is dependent on the 2-characteristics: the speed of the bullet and its weight. Because the speed of a bullet to increase the speed of sound can not be the only way out is to increase its mass, but it also means increasing the size of the bullet. The caliber of the new cartridges became equal to 9 millimeters, and here it was not so simple. Just increment pool "crap" came not because of its armor-piercing properties left much to be desired, so I had to work on the design and the bullet, that it was effective when hit by flak jackets. But first things first, especially because there are 3 types of ammunition 9h39.

1st 9h39 option holder has the designation SP-5. This ammunition is considered a "sniper" and is recommended for use when the target is not protected by means of personal body armor. Speaking frankly, this cartridge I would not attribute to precision, but because 9h39 in the middle of his bullet points more than the highest specifications for accuracy, then so be it, let there be a "sniper". A bullet cartridge SP-5 has a weight of 16 grams, has armor-piercing core, hidden under a bimetallic shell. The length of the bullet is 36 millimeters, which was close to the standard, so that when it is provided with respect to the highest weight ballistic properties. Cartridge SP-6 is already one purely piercing. He has more than a longish bullet weighing 16.2 grams and the core protruding from the shell of bullets sprayed in a dark color. So Makar, these two cartridges were divided into "sniper" and "armor", now propose to compare as it is reasonable. The speed of both rounds of bullets kept subsonic limit, the kinetic energy of the bullet does not exceed 700 Joules, SP-6 is guaranteed to hit steel sheet width of 8 mm at a distance of 100 meters, the same characteristics and SP-5, but with a sheet of steel of 6 mm . So Makarov, it seems to me that the SP-6 is nothing else as the development of SP-5 cartridge, in which just gave preference to the most disruptive opportunities, slightly reducing the accuracy. In addition to these 2-ammo variants, and a third PAB-9 (armor-piercing submachine gun cartridge). Made this munition as the future development of SP-6, in which the bullet weight was increased to 17 grams, and has a speed increase, but it is even more aggravated by grouping properties, so usually this cartridge considered the worst and some unknown reason more a cheap option ammunition 9h39. All these cartridges are used in the weapon, which is designed with the expectation of the use of noise-free, so the speed of bullets bullets below sound, and because the weight of the bullet can not increase endlessly, then the kinetic energy of the bullet is still quite small. All this is more or less acceptable in the silent weapon, but in fact concerns the use in compact machines, so I, for example, it is unclear why it was impossible to add bullets these cartridges "meters per second" to the eyeballs. In general, all as previously limited by the fact that the machines are discussed below were to possess a range of acts a bit higher than submachine guns, but more than the highest efficiency, and so Target could work with one or two hits and reduce the number of random victims.

In fact, that's so here we come to the discussion of compact machines for data cartridges. I note that there will be no BCC and the AU, which is usually associated data ammo, and will be completely mundane weapon, if it can be called compact machi
nes. And start with almost a Kalashnikov under this munition, so how is the instrument had a very great chance to go to mass production, but, surprisingly, it did not work, and even that did not help that the establishment is almost ready for mass production of the machine. We are talking about a compact machine OC-11 or "Yew".

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Read a lot about this weapon will not, because the Kalashnikov is known to all. In fact, the fact that the tool is very unified with vserasprostranennym prototype AKS-74U and hoped the designers, because we all understand the reluctance to establish the creation of new designs, and everything is almost ready, just give the go-ahead to start. The designers of this tool are the Teles and Lebedev, or rather in this case, they did not have designed and adapted for the new ammo, which also can be complicated if there is a desire that the acquired modifications worked long and trouble-free. Completion of the modernization was published in 1993, specifically by the time the cannon was quite ready. In the same year, was created around hundreds of machines, which were referred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the "break-in". The gun has received a lot of positive reviews, separately mentioned the highest performance machines in comparison with the AKS-74U, but for some unknown reason, the creation of a series tool never launched. Although it seems that in this case, the standard compact machine is destined for success, thanks to the almost complete self-similarity with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, the creation of which has long been established and utilized.

Of course, that is absolutely not done without changes. In the gun barrel was replaced, nadulnoe device nekordinalno changed shutter, also claimed the substitution of a store that has a capacity of 20 rounds. For the rest, it was accurate to the smallest detail AKS-74U. Gun worked through the removal of gases from the barrel, the barrel closes the shutter when turning on the two lugs. Separately, it should be noted that the iron sights were modified guns that have become more comfortable.

Compact automatic OC-11 "Tiss" profitably different from "Susie" new ammunition, which gave less bounce, possessed tremendous stopping power and a high penetration, and gun had the least impact, increasing accuracy in the management of automatic fire. In addition, a complete similarity with the AKS-74U in the maintenance and management tool made it really promising prototype, but did not grow together. Circumstances that can be identified at once more, but most all the same was the apparent lack of money. In addition, the gun did not fit slightly under the requirements of the hidden relation, so that in the end, "Tiss" proparhal as plywood over Paris, breaking the myth that adopted only accepted AK or what looks like AK. As it turns out, not only the similarity with the Kalashnikov plays a role, and the availability of funds.

Second model, which propose to meet, is more fun, because it absolutely is designed from the ground up, and, in my modest opinion, is the best of all the three presented in this article are compact machines. In reality, this compact machine designers managed to achieve what could not reach the competition "Modern" — machine size and weight equal submachine gun. So, just imagine a compact machine with the name of 9A-91 chambered 9h39.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"From the first sight of this instrument is very hard to find that before you submachine gun or compact machine, except that the shop gives you tools which munitions are used in it. This compact machine is really very small and light, its length with folded butt is only 383 mm, with well laid out his butt length grows to 604 mm. Is noteworthy that the very butt folded up, and when folded is very difficult at all to find his presence, so it fits well and never speaks. By the way, the instrument generally came out very small-sized and without bulging far beyond parts, so that if there is a decent physique, you can read about the concealed carrying of standard compact machine, in general, regardless of the size and design for the shelter wearing body should be very good and odezhka should be adapted to ensure that it is a tool to hide from prying eyes — not all the same gun.

This compact machine was developed in parallel a known reference SR-3 "Whirlwind", but not Klimovskikh designers, and of Tula KBP. This model was designed specifically for employees of the Interior Ministry and security, despite the rather expensive ammo used in weapons. As a result, arms makers managed to do relatively powerful and certainly compact version of guns with an effective range of fire up to 200 meters at enemies protected by means of personal protection and shelter located behind the light. Despite the not the most widely known of the standard compact machine 9A-91, it really is a serial prototype from 1994 that says about him as a really good swatch tool that can compete for the championship with the same more famous "Whirlwind."

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"The basis of the new weapon was automatic, working on the powder gases bled from the barrel machine. The barrel is locked by turning the gun is the gate for 4 lugs. In fact, the system is fully automatic clear, and you can even say "classic" does not stand out from the crowd guns. But the controls are really implemented curious instrument, in order to reduce the size of a compact machine. First, it is necessary to mention all the butt, which I mentioned earlier. The fact that he really go so that immediately and do not understand that it is. It is not completely what is warranted, even if you try to do it on purpose, and most importantly, it does not prevent the use weapon in the folded position. 2nd fascinating element — is a slider switch fuse and fire mode. This is indeed the slider are mixed horizontally while it is placed so makarom that it can be switched in both directions forefinger hand holding the pistol handle, which is particularly comfortable for the reduction in alertness tool when it is required to make instant. Well, on the trigger and latch the store, I think it would be superfluous to read. In its own initial version compact 9A-91 machine equipped with a flame arrester, from which the following have refused, with little or no damage to the gun. It should also be noted that, despite its own is not the greatest weight of 2.1 kilograms, it is an instrument made in metal, the only plastic parts are the halves of the forend and pistol grip that provides a higher mechanical arms rather sturdiness even in the most barbaric appeal. But in terms of reliability in harsh criteria was all far not as smooth. The fact is that almost all open insides compact machine 9A-91 has made it very, very susceptible to va
rious kinds of pollution. Of course, a little dust and a small amount of sand gun carries, but generally refers to a very bad though what the outside "stimulus." In general, if you think logically, the purpose of guns anticipates its introduction almost a "sterile" criteria, although in store reliability 9A-91 apparently was not excessive, but would like prirekany about it is not.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Based on the above, one can conclude that the gun did not work out that a lot of small-sized, so also very comfortable to use. Perhaps the only drawback of this compact machine can be called only iron sights, which are made very malehankih and pretty rather short sighting line, but it fully enough to maintain an effective fire at a distance of 200 meters. In addition to iron sights, consisting of a rear sight and front sight with the left side of the instrument is placed landing for extra sighting devices that are able to make the instrument more comfortable to operate. In addition, we can not bypass the direct store guns with a capacity of 20 rounds, which simply can fit in the pocket and does not have any protruding parts that can catch on odezhku during removal. So anyway, as this compact machine meets all the requirements.

Catchy that regular patron for a given machine are not SP-5 or SP-6 and PAB-9. It happened as in the production of this round a bit cheaper materials, although the creation of such a time-consuming. In view of this, in the adoption of a compact machine 9A-91, we decided to at least save a little. In general, the fact that out of all three ammunition PAB-9 is the patron of a lower accuracy of fire, almost not reflected in the practical application of the tools of up to 200 meters. So, this cartridge bullet pierces body armor to all third grade, inclusive, is also able to punch sheet steel of up to 8 mm at a distance of 100 meters, then to perform the tasks that are put in front of such an instrument, grabs the head.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Catchy and also the fact that in addition to options for cartridges 9h39, were developed and economical options guns chambered 5.45 and 7.62 ("Budget" in the price of ammunition), as an export version chambered for the 5.56 NATO, but the spread of these options compact machine is not got. On the development of tools for different cartridges designers were not satisfied and decided to equip this compact automatic device silencers, as WARNING! grenade launcher. In general, the latter failed in mind the low mass means and its design, which, though withstand shot from a grenade launcher, but that's not the shooter. So Makar, before that same "whirlwind" compact machine 9A-91 has a tangible benefit of having your own device silencer and a wide range of ammunition. In addition, this compact machine has become the basis for the creation of such tools as the VSC-94, which is an obvious rival BCC, though lost in some cases. In general, in my opinion, 9A-91 is the obvious favorite in the middle of a compact machine for cartridges 9h39.

And finally, the last compact machine in this article and in the whole series — CP-3 "Whirlwind." Created this compact machine for all the same purposes as the past, a key requirement in the development of this tool were its small size and weight, which the designers managed to fully achieve, at least in the first version of the gun. This compact machine was to become the main tool for the protection of municipal entities, conducting counterterrorism operations, also in the future to change the AKS-74U in service with the army as a personal weapon crews of armored vehicles, drivers and so on, which because of the highest rates of ammunition 9h39 compared with 5.45 × 39 did not work and will not happen, that can not disappoint. All the same, compact machine "Whirlwind" is a fairly well-known prototype weapon, in the main due to the enthusiasm of patrons 9h39, but this is not a standard tool of silent, in contrast to the AU and the BCC without PBS, at least.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"This compact machine is made on the basis of a special machine "Val", which he had borrowed a huge number of parts, including automation, which is based on removal of powder gases from the barrel guns, admits firing as single shots and queue. The bore is closed by turning the bolt on the 6 parts. In general, speaking honestly, "Whirlwind" and can be called "Shaft" with insignificant changes that have been made in the absence of quietness and reduce the size of the gun. Thus, a compact machine barrel has openings for removal of powder gases, and reduced receiver, where it can be. Mass of the compact machine SR-3 "Whirlwind" is 2 pounds, with all the length of the gun with butt folded equals 360 millimeters, with a decayed — 610. The length of the gun barrel is 156 mm. Automatic feeds from detachable stores with 10 and 20 rounds, the rate of fire of 900 rounds per gun per minute. The effective range of compact machine is 200 meters, which does not hit with the barrel 156 mm.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Noticeable point is that CP-3 does not have the capacity to install the device silencers, in contrast to his own later modifications. The butt is a compact machine folds up and does not get to lead a fairly effective fire when folded. Gun barrel flash hider is undeveloped. The trigger gun trigger absolutely similar machine "Val", but the controls were changed. Thus, the switch fuse imposed on both sides of the gun and made more comfortable and easily accessible to the switch. A switch fire mode is a button for the trigger, which moves across the guns, which, in my opinion, very uncomfortable, but it's a matter of taste and habit. Handle bolt gun was replaced with 2 tabs that have been brought forward and placed on the fore-end tool, which is also not quite the best solution, because you can just pinch your fingers in an unsuccessful clutching his forearm. So in this case, plus the thickness of the smallest guns quite controversial, although recharge with such controls far more comfortable for a compact machine. Of plastic parts in the weapon has only pistol grip and fore-end, all the more iron, despite the low weight tools, which makes this compact machine is quite strong. Sights are simple tools consist of the rear sight and front sight with a rather short line of sight, which, in principle, quite in order to maintain an effective fire at ran
ges up to 200 meters. Height sights may seem superfluous, but it is made in order to ensure availability when the gun butt is complex, so that the height of the rear sight and front sight is fully justified.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Despite all of the above "Whirlwind" very long existed in this form. After the adoption of a compact machine into service, the FSB, effectively immediately put forward new requirements for the compact reference. And the requirements were impractical to implement, because they had to confer "Whirlwind" abilities and traits in machine "Val" and the special precision sniper rifles "Vintorez." Because the requirements have been put forward as the designers were able to meet them, sacrificing a weapon almost everything that made it unique in its own way. So there was a CP-3M.

First, the configuration touched the weight and dimensions guns. Length compact machine has grown to 410 mm with butt folded and unfolded with up to 675, with all this myself in the butt now formed the left side and was taken from a special machine "Shaft." With all of this curious sights that have remained the same from the highest CP-3, but other than their guns on the left side there was mounting bracket for additional devices. Naturally, the opportunity to install the device silent shooting, with which weapon length equal to 970 millimeters with the buttstock and 700 millimeters with a folded. Firing from a gun with butt folded remained likely, but overlaps the butt forearm, which made holding a compact machine quite awkward, so to tsevyu further tightened the handle.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"Almost all left and no configurations. Thus, automation tools also worked on all the powder gases bled from the barrel, and the barrel bore closed by turning the bolt on the 6 parts. The trigger mechanism was also from a special machine "Val", Admission firing single shots and bursts. Derived forward projections gate was changed to a single handle, located on its own "classical" location. Switch fuse in a position where absolutely not dangerous weapon, placed in such a Makarov that the delay until the end of the bolt does not seem likely. Switch fire mode is designed as a rocker in the transverse plane of the lever, located just behind the trigger of the gun. In addition, there were stores of weapons greater capacity to 30 rounds, and the last options on the 10 and 20 cartridges can be used.

Small machines (Article III): OC-11 "Tiss", 9A-91, CP-3 and CP-3M "Whirlwind"So Makarov, left such a mutant, striving for universality, which, as you know, in a gun case can not be achieved, and the desire for this universality is completed just the result, which is described. The result is not the most reasonable demands that have been put forward in the modernization of the CP-3 instrument has lost its main advantages over 9A-91, making him the top pick in the middle of a compact machine for cartridges 9h39. With all this 9A-91 initially had the opportunity to install the device silencers, allowing him to jump ahead a bit of CP-3. Yet, both are compact machine performed serially and are in service, although from an economic point of view, "Whirlwind" all the same is advantageous because it is very tightly unified with a special gun "Val". On the other side, and 9A-91 can brag that he is not alone, thanks to the SSC-94. But if a VSC-94 is not all because I would like to designers, here in the middle of a compact machine for cartridges 9h39 they won unquestioning victory. In general, you can not talk about the fact that someone bothered better than someone else. Both the standard that came out completely worthy of, well, then, that the "Whirlwind" as a compact machine loses 9A-91 can be confusing to explain the requirements that have been put forward in arms designers. Plus, do not forget that at the time the gun was produced, such a lovely thing as "modularity" just started to think we have, and that's actually possible to create the first and in some places clumsy steps in this direction. Also, do not forget that the time of creation of this instrument had at the beginning of the 90s, and the time was quite difficult, including for "defense".

I was not I would have if I did not remember about the matter, which pops up in each of the 3 articles of compact machines. This question is applicable as a weapon in the city limits of peaceful town, and it appears as the first PPP arms just one compact machine competition "Modern" — AKS-74U. The views here may be at least two: the world just inhabitant of the town and of the world who is armed with such a weapon, for whom the world that will shoot, I think, can not be viewed. The gun uses the 5.45 × 39 cartridge, in other words a real munition that even with a short barrel "Susie" can fly far enough and with good speed, so if you are out for some bread and half a kilometer from you is used similar tools, in other words, a chance to catch the unexpected unexpectedly bullet that for you all is not designed for. Accordingly, the probability of such a civilian world amateur bread is a similar weapon to very negative. Not the most positive outlook will be the shooter, who used a gun, because in-1's, later he will have a long and dreary explained why the bullet flew not go where he wanted, and in-2, 5.45 far not perfect patron, who will be able to suspend the first hit of the enemy. So that the arrows from that guns are not in ecstasy, respectively, in this case the best option would be a sub-machine gun with any "evil" bullets that are all inside a U-turn when hit, but do not fly across huge distances. The only disadvantage of such weapons bet is that if the enemy is protected by body armor, the faster the bullet just so it does not break. In general, there are two arguments in opposition: offenders in flak jackets strolling not so often, well, after being hit by a bullet in the vest exclusively in the movie hero is capable and did not notice results. It is better, however, things 9h39 with ammunition and gun under it. Flies in a straight line nearby, has good armor-piercing and good versus 5.45 Stops the effect, but also weapons and ammunition are an expensive pleasure. Well, despite the fact that the speed of a bullet small, and small holder range still continues to be "machine-gun" with all the ensuing consequences. From this we can conclude that the compact machines can be used solely in a military environment, and are not made for weapons of mass at the Interior Ministry. In the end, it is possible to adopt a sub-machine gun chambered 9×21, equip it with a conventional ammunition, and just in case, keep the store with armor-piercing, more expensive cartridges. Obviously, the Interior Ministry and the real needs and compact and special machines, but they should not be used ever
ywhere, like it's inexpensive, and it was not hard. But this is only my vision of the world on the issue of the distribution of compact machines.

In this series of articles on compact machines can be terminated. Obviously, were considered far not all the instruments of differing standards of small-size dimensions and feeding "automaton" cartridges, but I think that the most worthy of attention and vserasprostranennye I managed to pick out. If, however, raise the question of when in the middle of analogues zabugornyh models, they are, of course, there will be, but we have similar standards were much more common and almost formed a regular class implements inter vsepolnotsennymi machine guns and pistols, machine guns. No wonder these compact machines are often referred to as PP especially in the West, but we have people competent and ordering tools will not break. In general, if they like to refer to the standards of our sub-machine guns, then you're welcome, so we will have an advantage in that the obvious class of guns, because no one cartridge, designed for the pistol fails to compete with vsepolnotsennym "automaton" ammunition.

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