Ghosts. Dream or reality?

When we hear the word "cast" before the eyes there is a certain image — ethereal figure, possessing supernatural abilities, such as: walk through walls, disappear and reappear at any moment, soar above the earth, and others. It is believed that the souls of dead people who came back to finish some of his worldly affairs or holding something in this world.

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May be a way to bring not only people but also animals, and parts of the body, and mutated humans — with one foot, with butterfly wings, with the head of an animal. Ghosts — it is not only figures that appear in front of witnesses. This unexplained reflections, strange sounds, persons appearing in the photos that were not there at the time of shooting. In short, this is all that a person can not be explained from a scientific point of view.

There are many stories, stories, movies, legends, myths, and much more associated with ghosts. There are special places that bring tourists and sentimental stories told about the souls of the dead who have returned and are now wandering around. Bringing along with pumpkins and vampires, has become a symbol of the holiday is Halloween. But, most of all, this is a real phenomenon, which is not yet known to science. There are theories that it is people from a parallel reality of the future or the past.

There is also a version of the ghosts — a kind of psychometrics. This theory is that a person in a state of shock produces the noosphere telepathic signal, and after a while the other person sees the signal in the form of a visual image. But so far it's only a theory, which found no clear scientific evidence.

However, do not take it to heart. Ghosts do not need to be afraid, do not bully their children. Usually people see ghosts in a state of extreme psychological stress, and in this state, which just does not see.

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